Friday, March 22, 2024

Where are my favorite grocery store items?

I have ONE Zoom left for my day job! My, how time flies when you're having fun! There is lots of stuff to put away, but I don't have time to deal with it today. 

I still have an in-person event this weekend for anyone who has recently purchased a Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic 3, and there are two Zooms on Sunday. All the material is prepared for everything; it's just a question of putting it into a presentation or pulling out the appropriate equipment from the jumble!

Speaking of jumbles, I mentioned that I found a solution for Studio B. Even better, I found a CHEAPER solution than initially planned! Wait for that story; it should all come together later today so I can share it tomorrow. It sure pays to be in the right place at the right time! And it involves renting a van! 

Did you ever think that writing was an easy task? My blog is pretty easy. I get up in the morning, turn on the computer, and decide what to write about! I know—who knew that I could come up with so many things to write about? Oh—wait for it—I have a number of topics that I've been saving—curious things, so watch for those posts in the coming weeks. 

Writing for is a whole different ball game. If I make something up on my blog—by that, I mean I don't check facts. Well, that's not true. I try to research to find the truth behind most of what I say unless it's a personal opinion, in which case, I don't need to check the facts—I AM the facts! 

But when you're writing about a sewing machine, I want to use the correct terms for the various presser feet or the functions of the sewing machine. Taking pictures? That's a whole other story. I'm editing/proofing the next post as I need to get it out today, and I was checking the photos. OH MY GOSH --- through the arm of the sewing machine, I can see the name of the sister brand in the background! I couldn't even edit that out, so back to take another picture!!

I got a chuckle out of that. I wonder if the editors would have caught that? So I spend a lot of time preparing the projects (which I never seem to finish), a lot of time writing them, and then more time checking the facts, editing, and proofing. But you know what? I LOVE doing it! I've learned so much from all that research on the sewing machine and the writing department! 

Yesterday, I had a service person look at the security system, including one of our smoke detectors, which has been useless for months. DO NOT YELL at me! 

Here's the deal -- remember that beeping I mentioned MONTHS ago? The system has provided a gentle beep every 30 minutes for FIVE months. We didn't even know where the beeping was coming from for at least a month. Yep --- we are pretty tolerant people. I was getting notifications: "The side door sensor needs a new battery. "Five minutes later, I would get another notification, "Side-door sensor fixed." Quite frankly, I just want this alarm thing to go away. 

We pay a monitoring fee every month, and they can see those notifications as well. They certainly knew that the system had been beeping for five months. It's a gentle reminder that something is wrong. So, if they are monitoring and they can see exactly what is wrong, do you think they would call the homeowner to schedule maintenance? Nope—they'll only monitor and alert if there's an emergency!

Anyway, the service person came and stayed for at least an hour while testing everything out. We got a new smoke detector, new sensors, and new batteries all around. And I was left with the debris!

The debris from the components of the alarm system

Which was added to the debris from the new door handle and screening installed the day before. 

More debris from the door handle replacement

I find it disturbing that they did not call, considering the issue had gone on for quite some time, and the messages were erratic. I must have received hundreds of notifications about the door sensor, which I ignored because it was on a door we never use. It's all just silly if you ask me. I have THREE dogs in the house right now, and they are always here. If someone so much as walks past my house, I'm alerted! I do NOT need an alarm system. OK -- smoke detector, yes, but alarm? No!

Look at the size of the paper that comes with the sensor! It's bigger than the sensor, and the batteries in those little devices are HUGE!!! It takes up half the sensor. 

The paperwork is larger than the sensor

The bottom line is that everything that needed urgent repair is now repaired, and I shall try to keep on top of it next time. I hate being so busy that I don't have time for those essential things. As I said -- I do NOT need a lecture on that!! We have other smoke detectors in the house!

What's with the grocery stores these days? I like a certain type of cheese (Jalapeno Havarti), and it's become hit-and-miss as to whether they have it. When I see it, I buy multiple packages. But it's very rare. Now that I think of it, they no longer sell the spicy hummus I like, although I can get it at another grocery store nearby. 

Where's my favorite cheese?

And what's with the Ryvita? The shelves have been empty of my favorite one (Muesli) for several weeks. 

Empty shelves

There was also an issue with getting the soup I wanted. I could get Pea Soup, but not with ham, yet I can get it at another store with no problem. I noticed that the soup with ham is back in stock. It's bizarre how the shelves are being stocked these days. 

I had a little tidying session the other day, and I have a few things I no longer need or want. This is InvisiGRIP, which you put on the back of your rulers to prevent them from slipping. I'm not a fan, and I think I had it on the back of ONE ruler, and that was it for me. It got peeled off, so the roll should be pretty full. If anyone wants it -- let me know. 

InvisiGRIP is up for grabs

I also have TWO WACOM pen tablets. They are older models, but both work just fine. I bought a large one. Where would you use this? Well, it's used instead of a mouse. I plan to use it for my embroidery software where I need a pen-like touch to edit. So those are both up for grabs as well. 

One of TWO WACOM pen tablets

As I was finishing with stuff, it got put on the stairs, and then when I went up, some of the items came with me. It's all cleared off now, so no need to yell at me for putting things on the stairs. Trust me - I am the MOST cautious person on the stairs, as I've heard of too many people who have fallen. I hold the handrail with a death grip (or so it seems some days!). 

Things to be moved upstairs

I think back to the days when I could run up those stairs two at a time with no issues. Now, I take my time, as I don't trust my knees! 

I attempted to give Bear a bath yesterday. Seriously? This should be easy, but I give him a bath, I use shampoo, and he still seems dirty! Sigh................  I'm trying! He's a trooper, and he's very patient! 

Here he was this morning, all curled up in his bed, SNORING!!! Not much of a helper!


I think he's due for another professional grooming. Well, maybe in a week or two. 

For the most part, Murphy is a good dog! But she can test your patience at times. Even though she's eight or thereabouts (I never remember that stuff, and god forbid I know what date or even time they were born!), she's boisterous and enthusiastic. 

And for the most part, I love her to death. EXCEPT when it's 8 PM, and she's running back and forth along the fence in the backyard, happily barking at the top of her lungs because SOMETHING is moving in the forest—likely a raccoon. 

She is like that naughty child who does something they know they shouldn't, but they do it because it's FUN to see Mom running after them. She just stays out of reach, doesn't listen, and is generally a pain! Eventually, she tires of the game and lets me grab her and bring her into the house. 

So she has lost the privilege of being outside, alone in the evening. She'll go on a leash for a before-bedtime pee and then back in the house! Oh, Murphy! You would test the patience of a saint!!!

On that note, I need to get them out for a walk today. We didn't have time yesterday because of the timing of the alarm service guy, and then my afternoon was filled as well. They are anxious, and I can "hardly" wait! 

OH -- here's the link to the Virtual Retreat on Saturday evening, starting at 6 PM. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 898 1648 3795
Passcode: 248667

Have a super day!!!!


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