Sunday, May 19, 2024

A quiet day at the quilt retreat

The sun is shining and burning off the mist, and it looks like it's going to be a glorious day! 

My vertigo seems to be somewhat better this morning, which is good, but I had one bout that made me want to throw up and die. It can do nasty things to your head. Once I'm up, I'm OK, so get up! 

I didn't have a chance to follow up on some advice I received yesterday, but hopefully, today will be a slower day! We had some visitors, and someone else joined us here at the retreat, and we've had much catching up to do. 

We saw a wild turkey sitting on the fence. 

Wild turkey

We saw one hummingbird at the bird feeder and then spotted a Baltimore Oriole with its bright yellow chest. He was feeding at the hummingbird feeder. I'm unsure how he managed, but he returned several times. 

The hummingbird posed on top of the feeder instead of buzzing around feeding! Perhaps he was checking us out in the house as we watched him. 

The hummingbird at the feeder

I completed one more post for QUILTsocial. I got some work done on the next one, which is written but needs to be edited. 

I got my UFO ready for this morning. That was a bit dicey, and I really want this project to be done! But I'm one step closer to completing it. I've cut some of the applique shapes using the digital cutter, which worked well. Then, there were times when I was ready to throw the cutter away. I just did the remainder by hand, and that worked well. 

We also took a drive to the Ye Olde Fabric Shoppe in Stratford. What a maze of fabrics at that store! I didn't intend to buy anything, but I went with a list—I need a new seam ripper for my retreat box, and I wanted to try that crackle material that you put in cloth books. I found both, and I found some fabric (on sale) for a backing and one or two other small things. Under $100! 

But look what someone else found. This is a beautiful bundle of fat quarters, and it was half-price! $70 for 27 fat quarters!

A beautiful fat quarter bundle


We have the UFO club this morning, and the presentations are ready for that. We also booked our retreats for 2026. It's incredible that we have to book them so far in advance, but one of the places we go to was almost completely booked! 

It's going to be short today, but things are well. After all the running around in the last couple of weeks, I'm tired, so I napped on the couch in the morning. 

On that note, Have a great day!!



  1. Try taking a decongestant for the vertigo. You. may have fluid build up in your inner ears. It is allergy season. J

  2. When my husband was suffering from vertigo, the doctor sent him to the physical therapist, who taught him what to do in the future. That has been so useful! My husband had an issue with the crystals being out of place. I just asked him about it and he said that there are videos on YouTube that show you what to do. I hope you get over this quickly.