Thursday, May 2, 2024

It's time to get things in order!

Thanks for the comments. I need to respond to them, but I seem never to get to that. I read them! And YES—the statement stamped on my carabiner is to protect them from liability. It's sad we live in a society where we have to make those statements. And you know, whenever you see a warning about something, someone has tried it. There are probably people out there who search for opportunities so they can sue the companies. 

Did anyone ever think about how much that adds to the costs of products? They have to be on their toes to protect us and themselves, and all that adds up! Extra packaging, extra employees, extra production costs, or whatever. 

I used to be a sales computer company, and I worked with corporate clients. I took weeks of sales training, and YES, we had to develop creative ideas for selling products. We were taught all kinds of "tricks" to encourage the customer to buy, and I'm talking about extensive systems with a long sales cycle. Imagine if those same sales tactics are used on consumers and impulse purchases. Oh yes --- it adds up! 

Buzz Words, actions, samples, and information lead to increased sales. 

Here's another story that blows my mind. I was in a class about sewing machine needles, and the instructor represented a major needle company. I have no idea how many SKUs (different products to sell) they have, but it's many! There are various types of needles (topstitch, Microtex, universal, etc.) and sizes (6 - 16). So, the world of needles is already confusing, right? 

This representative told the class that their METALLIC needles are, in fact, just topstitch needles labeled METALLIC. I checked the wording on their webpage, and yep—it pretty much says exactly that. The wording is almost identical for both. I'm intentionally NOT providing links, as I don't want to be associated with passing along that information. 

Why are they branded differently? Well, it means the consumer has to buy another package of needles! Are they deceiving the consumer? I don't think so, and I would guess if you asked anyone at the company, they would say they are trying to assist the consumer. Let's face it: Most people would grab their Universal needles and attempt to sew metallic thread. If they run into difficulty, they would not think of a topstitch needle because many people do not understand the difference between needle types. 

But if they see the word METALLIC on the needle packages and are having difficulty with metallic thread, guess what they will buy? But if they saw topstitch, they would not equate that to helping them with metallic thread. 

This is the same scenario with many products. The moment a different use is put on the packaging, people begin to realize how they could use it or think it is the best thing when, in fact, the product has not changed. I know there are instances of this, but my brain isn't working this morning.

Back to the fusibles from yesterday. In the class yesterday, we used an older fusible with paper that is no longer available. It was made way before digital cutters were a thing. We had one minor hiccup because of its tacky nature, but it worked on the digital cutters like a charm. This helps to solidify my stance that ANY fusible will work on a digital cutter as long as you know and understand the properties of fusibles and how to load them on the mat. 

Speaking of yesterday, things went very well. My samples were done, and they were well received. So that's a positive. I got home late, and the girls were thrilled to see me. Then I had a good rest in the evening and a great sleep and guess what? I FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS this morning. 

Thankfully, I'm out of my funk because it wasn't pretty. I've spent the morning putting away the stuff in those final two suitcases from last week -- I'm almost done, but they are both empty, at least. 

This morning, it was time to tackle Studio B. I have a lot of work to do in the next week, and the workspace was not conducive to working. 

This is the area where my quilt tops are stored. I needed some of the tops for my presentation last week, and look at the mess! How can anyone find anything there? 

What a mess!!!

This is what it looks like after I finished. 

All tidied up!

There is still a lot of stuff, but at least I can walk through it, and everything is back in its tub. 

I had a box that needed to go into the storage room. I have a "cold" room under the front step. I use this space to store all the boxes from the sewing machines and other sewing-related products I have on loan. The boxes must be kept since the products do NOT belong to me. 

Empty boxes that I NEED to keep

One of my big machines did NOT come with a box. Thank goodness, because I'm running out of space!

And I found this on the lid of a tin. THANKS - Linda!!!!

A note from a student!

The lid and the bottom of the tin were in use, but I put away the items in the lid, so now the lid is back on the bottom. 

I got the vacuum and Swifter out and swept the floor once I removed the "debris" from it. I swept the stairs to the basement, and for the most part, the work tables are now clear. I have THREE projects that I need to work on, and I don't have a lot of time for any of them, so I have to be very mindful of my time. I'll get them done—there won't be much extra time. 

I've walked almost 2,000 steps in that cleaning process, and I haven't even left the house!

It's going to be good to be home, and I'm home for one entire week! Yeah!! The girls were not happy yesterday when I was writing my blog. I tried to get a picture of the two of them together, but I couldn't, so I had Murphy attached to my chair on one side. 

MOM -- don't leave us!!!!

And Lexi, on the other! When I left, they were NOT happy, to say the least. 

MOM -- we miss you!!!!

Do you see how good of a girl Murphy is? She was intently staring out the window. AHA -- there's a rabbit out there taunting her, but she just looked. She did NOT bark or jump at the window. Murphy -- good girl!!!

RABBIT -- you're lucky I can't get outside! 

And look at the cute dog that came home with me yesterday. Thank you, Brenda!! He's adorable and so soft and cuddly. He's my new mascot for Studio B, but I have to come up with a name!

A mascot for Studio B

It feels so good to be back to my usual self, and even my shoulder feels so much better. I'm trying to be careful and not lift anything, although I lifted lots yesterday. 

Today is all about the sewing machine, a few errands, and one Zoom meeting.  

On that note, have a super day!!!



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