Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The tinkering runs in the family

Someone asked what will happen to the house. Actually, there are two houses on the property. One is the original house that my parents moved to the farm when they bought it in 1956. Hmm—I had better check that date—but it's somewhere in that era. Perhaps I can ask Mom today because I probably know, but yet I don't know. 

That house was heated with a wood kitchen stove and two oil burners—one in the living room and one in one of the bedrooms. There was no bathroom and no running water. I lived there until I was 16! My parents bought a house from North Battleford that needed to be moved to make way for some apartment buildings, and they had it moved to the farm. 

I spent hours in the "new" house when I was a teen—trust me—I couldn't wait to move in when I could have my own room, running water, a proper furnace, and a BATHROOM. I refinished the kitchen cupboards, plastered cracks in the walls, and I'm not sure what else. I think I moved my stuff in way before anyone else moved into the house. 

Both houses became storage units! Especially after the kids moved out. 

The farm has been sold—that deal was finalized at the end of last year. Neither house is worth saving—there is tons of mold. So they will be bulldozed and then burnt. I don't want to be there that day! We all know that will happen, along with all the remaining contents. It's the way they work on the farm. 

There are some smaller outbuildings on the property, two of which will be moved soon, and the remaining small buildings will be sold if they can. The new owner is being very accommodating in letting us continue to "harvest" the crap off the property. 

I know they are chomping at the bit, as they have already bulldozed 1/3 of the hedge that surrounds the house so they can easily access the HUGE garden, which they will seed. After today, I'm washing my hands of the situation and leaving my older brother to remove the rest of the stuff since most of what's left is his. I hope that he will be finished by the end of this year, but it's not my issue. 

Eventually, that homestead will likely cease to exist. We drove past some older farmsteads that I remember visiting as a kid, and they were gone. The homestead area is now a field. That will be the same for this property. It takes little time once they get in there with the heavy equipment, take it down, burn it, and plow up the land. 

I'm flying out tonight, so I have a few things to take care of today. The car has been full and then empty, and then it had more stuff and then it didn't. So I have a few more things to dispose of today, and then I can put my suitcase in, and that's it. 

I have to pack this morning, but I think my small suitcase will fit into the large one and still include the few things I'm taking back. Yeah me!!!!

What did I do yesterday? We had some papers that needed to be dealt with, and I'm happy everything worked out at the bank. I did not have all the information, so all is good. There is no need to fly off the handle if you don't know all the details. 

I had a quilt of Mom's that she wanted me to quilt, but it was made of lining, and I didn't want to touch it with the longarm. So, I made arrangements yesterday with a group of hand quilters who will take on the project. I had to get batting and backing and will drop that off today. I had to wash the backing last night, but all is ready. 

Then I spent the afternoon with this. 

A serger

My aunt has a serger that she couldn't get to work, so I tackled it. At first, nothing moved. Was it seized up, or was it the rust, or was there humidity in it? I fiddled and fiddled, and then I could see things loosen, and then VOILA -- the entire mechanism started to move. OK -- we're over the first hurdle. Then, inserting a needle was challenging as debris was in the needle holes. I got that working and then went on to thread it. It was relatively simple, but I couldn't get it to stitch properly. Hmmm! I tinkered around with that for a couple of hours and had a good visit with my aunt. 

So I checked out a video last night, which didn't help because the one part I wanted to see wasn't visible. Let's just say if you're going to post a video on how to thread a serger, you should be thorough. They had a piece of fabric on the serger that partially covered the insides, precisely on the spot I wanted to see, so the video was useless!! People -- if you are making videos -- review them and make sure you cover ALL the details. 

I gleaned one little tip from the video and hope to return today to try that out. 

I spent part of the morning working on the files on the hard disk I brought. Oh my gosh—what a huge mess, exactly like the house. The problem is that you know exactly where that file is supposed to go, but it's at home. So, I'll have to devise an efficient system to move the data. 

It makes no sense to keep going over the same stuff—deal with it once and move on. That's how my brain functions. 

I found a 2015 to-do list. I'm sure there are still things on the list that need to be done! 

To-do from 2015

I have a folder with Things to Keep. That was my method while I was looking at all the other files. Now, I've deleted everything I didn't need from this USB, and I believe only two files are in that folder. Oh yes -- I can do this!!!!

One folder with two files 

Then I tackled that hard disk and made good headway as I sorted rogue files into folders and deleted a lot of stuff. 

A clean file structure

I think my biggest issue is going to be dealing with duplication. I know there is a ton of duplication, and not only do I need to clean that up, but I also need to prevent it in the future. Hmmm—how do I prevent that? It's mostly files from work that are duplicated, so I'll try to devise some way to keep track of the files without duplicating them. 

So, all is good, and it's an excellent task to take along on a trip, so when I have some downtime, I can tackle a few more files. 

OH -- look at the price of cotton at the Fabricland here. It's always been crazy, but the deep discounts to members make the price reasonable. I happened to be in this Fabricland several times yesterday, and both times, people were trying to get the member price without an actual card. "I'll get someone to send me a picture of the card because I don't have it with me." Someone just purchased a card but didn't have it with them, but they happened to have the receipt. Three separate incidents. Hmmm -- perhaps they all share the same card!!!

$30 a meter for Oh Canada fabric

While we were cleaning out the house, my aunt spotted these. I never paid attention to them and brought them in so Mom could salvage the yarn. She said she wasn't doing that as they were sweaters and then asked if I recognized them. OH GOSH—I knit those when I was about 16. 

A sweater I knit when I was 16

Another sweater

The happy news is that I easily fit in both of them! After how many years? But the yarn is pretty scratchy, and I could never wear them. So they are donated. 

I have a bit of stuff to go through this morning. I wish I could go through this with my Mom and let her enjoy some of her stuff one last time, but I know she'll want it. So I'm taking some pictures and potentially removing some small items, but then it returns to the house. 

WAIT A MINUTE—there is something else I'm cleaning today at the apartment. I'll try to take a picture before I start. What drives me crazy is that she keeps it if she doesn't know what to do with it. Well, ASK!!!!! And then she gets mad at my dad if he doesn't know the answer, and stuff around the house is not his department. Sigh. I must remember to keep asking if there are things she doesn't know what to deal with. 

But at least we are making forward progress with her thoughts, and that's all that counts. I guess when I'm back, I'll have to start going through the cupboards and closets to see what I can get rid of. I know I have a big job ahead of me when I return, but I won't have to go to the farm for that. Well, technically, it's no longer our farm!!! 

On that note, I'm getting hungry, and it's time for breakfast. 

Have a super day!


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