Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Saying good-bye

I'm home! I can't even call it a travel day since I did a lot during the day and my flight was at 7:15 p.m. The plane arrived, and we left early. We arrived 22 minutes early last night, but with the time change, I wasn't home until 1 a.m. I think a nap will be in order today!

We arrived at the same gate we left at, and let's say the airport was deserted at that late hour. Another flight had arrived shortly before us, and our baggage was coming at the same carousel, but it was dead in that airport. 

The airport is dead at midnight

When I arrived in Saskatoon, my luggage took 20 minutes to arrive, but I had barely gotten to the carousel last night before it appeared. Yep—it was quick! Even the Uber stand was uncongested, so arriving at that hour was good, except I'm tired! 

Let's say two thrilled girls were waiting for me at the door. Even Lexi was excited, which says a lot!

I ran the self-clean on Mom's oven, so that was a nasty job done. When I returned to town, I barely had time to give it a quick wipe and be off! I spent the afternoon at the farm to get a couple of last-minute things. I feel bad (only a small teeny tiny bit) that some of the stuff Mom has asked for isn't there. We know where it is, but she doesn't need to know that! 

Then she complained that we didn't tell her anything, and I felt a slight twinge of guilt, but at the beginning, if you mentioned any item, she wanted it. So we've got into the habit of bending the truth—a lot! While she may not want the items now, we still don't bring up many things!

What amazes me is that after eight years, she can keep remembering stuff, and she knows exactly where it was—and it's still there! Sigh.

There is one thing I would love to find, and I didn't have a chance before I had to leave, so I may go back (oh gosh -- did I just say that?) 

I shouted GOOD-BYE inside the house several times before I left. I thought I would be more emotional than I was—I didn't shed a tear. Oh gosh—does that mean I'll go back? I met one of the new owners of the farm, and she is MUCH YOUNGER than I had imagined. They are not in a rush to deal with the yard for this year, and who knows what next year will bring. 

My Dad and two brothers were still there but left shortly after I did. I stopped twice to take pictures. This first one was from the top of the hill, looking back to the farmyard. It's far enough away that I don't see anything! I'm OK with that. 

Looking back at the farmyard

If I go back for curiosity's sake, the next time I'm out, and I might (so help me!), the yard is going to look a whole lot different. Buildings will be gone, and that's OK. 

I stopped on top of one of the hills on my way to town for my favorite view. Cameras do not do justice to the view, which stretches on for miles. If you had binoculars, you would see the highway across the river. 

Looking across the river valley

But look at those skies! I ran into rain and hail on the drive back to town. But it wasn't that much. 

Here's another shot of the storm on the highway to the airport. 

Those wide-open skies

Thankfully, the storm had passed by the time I got to the airport, and I had timed it perfectly. I dropped off my bag; the few things I took, and my small suitcase, all fit inside the large suitcase, and all was good on the weight side. I had forgotten to bring my scale. 

I got to go through a bit more before I left the farm. I laughed when I went through some cards. This was an anniversary card from an aunt. She used the same card more than once! You wouldn't know that until you see them all in one spot! 

And how about this to save design money? It's the same card, with a different picture and a different message (both anniversary). 

Saving money on card design

And that's a wrap on another trip to visit the parents! I have to say it went better than expected from many points of view, and next time, I get to work on the apartment. I can see by discussing some stuff with Mom before I left that it's going to be baby steps. But we have a task laid out, and let's hope she doesn't change her mind when I get there. 

Remember that huge pile of cushions on the floor? My aunt came to help me, and we managed to get the pillow forms out of all of them, except for a couple of small ones, which I was OK with taking in. But we did a great job, so thank you so much for all the help—it was greatly appreciated, and we also had a good visit. 

Now, here's the thing that irks me to no end. And I know this will never change, and I guess I've come to terms with it, but it still irks me. Mom said before I left, oh -- don't worry about taking the forms out of the cushions. I can do that, and Dad can return them to the farm. We are taking FORTY pillow forms made from foam, which are hideous! 

Can you imagine the number of trips from the car to the house and back again? And where would she store such a mess while she did it? She has NO CLUE about the amount of work that would involve, and I just wonder how grateful she is for what we did. I know that sounds totally petty, but she does not comprehend the amount of time everyone has spent cleaning up her mess! NONE! 

And seriously? For Dad to take them back? She definitely doesn't appreciate him, but she should because he's her lifeline! Without him, she can't live in the apartment! 

Oh gosh—I have a doctor's appointment today. Now, why the heck did I make that? Oh yes—two things I need to pass by her. I'll be spending the remainder of the day working on my presentation for tomorrow, which is the Facebook live on decorative stitches. I might get one or two more samples done, but I'm not sure how much of a nap I'm going to need. That gazebo is looking pretty inviting at the moment!

But first, the girls need their walks! That's the only thing they missed me for!

Remember the decluttering and tidying thing. I need to try and take care of something every day. Grabbing some papers that should be thrown out or something. But I should try to address something each day because every piece of paper that is dealt with is another piece of paper gone! Those accumulated pieces of paper or other useless stuff in our houses do nothing to help us each day. The cluttered house creates a cluttered mind, which is unhealthy. So be sure to look around your house and see what you can eliminate today!

I set aside a small bundle of papers that I should be able to process today. 

While it is exhausting to travel at night - simply because of the lack of sleep, it's good to be home this morning and I can hit the day running! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. YAY! CONGRATULATIONS! WELL-DONE! I suspect that you are now looking at your own home through eyes wide open. I have no doubt you will meet your goals with tenacity! Consider 3d on your calendar to aggressively attack like you did at the farm? Imagine the progress.

  2. I am trying to see my house through the eyes of the person who will have to do an estate sale of my stuff. And I am not liking what I see. Like many who sew or craft, I have collected too much. Right now, I am putting off my second knee surgery. I have pain and lack of mobility. So, it may be a while before I make much progress. But I am trying to take at least some steps toward my goal of being organized.