Saturday, May 4, 2024

What you can accomplish with focusing!

I cannot say enough about focusing! WOW—I surpassed my expectations as to what I could get done in a day. I had hopes, but knowing my history and how long it takes to do anything in the quilt world, I kept revising Plan B in my head in case I couldn't meet my goal. 

Well, I'm shocked at what I managed to do in two days. I had other things to do during the day, so the day wasn't completely devoted to the Tequila Lime project. 

I can't share it with you yet as our Tequila Lime class is this morning, but I'll share it tomorrow. 

It shows that a lot can happen if you ignore (or put away) all the mess in the sewing space and make space for just one project. A good audiobook helps me to pass the time. But I had to rewind numerous times as my mind was wandering! 

Now I have a bit of a dilemma. I have TWO projects that need to be done as they have deadlines. 

Do I work on this huge basket of stuff? 

Project A

Of this smaller group? 

Project B

I'll have to pick one later today and get to work. I have a list (Plan A) made out for both, so I won't have to waste time with that. 

I know you are thinking—it's easy—pick the one with the closest deadline. Well, these two projects don't work that way. One has a drop-dead date, and the other is for writing blog posts. I'll work it out after my two Zoom calls this morning. 

One of the presentations for this morning is ready to go, and the other is not. But it will be. I can only say that while I miss Mr. Bear, he was time-consuming, especially on mornings when I had presentations. Without him, I get loads done in the morning. But I was going back through pictures this morning, and I miss the little guy!!

However, I have my two girls to keep me entertained. This is Murphy when she comes back in from her walk. She ran to the water dish and stretched out with her tummy on the cold ceramic floor to drink water! It's not even hot outside yet! 

MOM -- I'm so thirsty

And there is Lexi tied to a tree in the forest while I groom her! She is NOT pleased, but I think she likes it, as I'm trying to get rid of that winter coat of hers. There is a lot of dog hair in the forest. Why don't I do it at home? When I open the back door, oodles of dog hair flies around, and I don't want it in the house! The forest works for us! 

MOM -- I love it when you groom me, but let's go!!!

While she stands there without squiggling because she secretly likes it, she says, "I'm in the forest—let's walk!"

Speaking of the forest, I'm amazing at the leaves. They seemed to pop overnight, and the leaf canopy is almost back!! Let the forest bathing begin, although one doesn't need the leaves for that. 

The leaves are coming in fast

I should have plunked myself on a log earlier this week to let nature work its way through my head! Next time -- remind me to get my butt into the forest to relax!!

I will spare you the gross picture of the crap in the dishwasher, but you would think I'd learn by now. The F11 error happens whenever I put a spaghetti sauce pot in the dishwasher. The combination of the fat, tomatoes, and perhaps a wee piece of veggie is more than our dishwasher wants to handle. But it takes so little time now to fix, but a quick rinse would avoid that. 

Oh -- and this is what you do if you're a dog and it's a lazy rainy afternoon. You nap, of course!!!

MOM --- privacy, please!

Murphy tries to push the boundaries and work her way in there, especially when Lexi is trying to get away from her, but Murphy would NEVER go in there. The same goes for her refusal to eat Lexi's food. She cleans the bowl once Lexi is done, but she will never touch her food. Yep—despite all the "issues" we have with Murphy, she knows boundaries. 

And when we get to a street corner where we have to wait for a light, she automatically plunks her butt on the ground. Yep -- she's a keeper! Well, at this point, no one else wants her! But she really could curb her enthusiasm!! And the leash walking, while better, is still a problem. But it's a minor issue now, not a major one. 

There is one strange thing about her. There is one dog in our neighborhood that she hates! We can pass oodles of dogs on the walk with no issues. She sees that dog in the distance and is ready to attack. Why is that? And I don't mean attack ferociously - but she'll bark her head off if you let her. Just one dog! 

They've never had a bad interaction. 

Are you like me, who used to be terrified of going to the dentist? I hated it as a kid and even as an adult, which you think would be incentive enough to care for one's teeth. Well, I have a few cavities and some of them needed to be fixed. Yesterday, I had two repaired. 

Off I walked to the dentist, and I have to say that I was feeling pretty relaxed. Yep, dental work does NOT hurt anymore. OK, I felt some discomfort when he put the needle in. Thankfully, it was at the back of my mouth—there is no way to get rid of the pain if it's in the front. Trust me—I know!

Then he drilled, poked, and prodded, and within minutes, I was out of there and felt nothing! OK, so it was 30 minutes. It took forever for the freezing to go away. Hmm—there must be a note in my chart—give her lots of freezing so she doesn't squirm. I'm OK with that. Then I walked home, and that was part of my daily walk. 

Have you noticed what's happening in the world of cars? I mean, the color of cars. Years ago, we had a huge variety of colors, and people weren't afraid to buy them. Then it went to black, white, and grey. 

I noticed it when we were in Hawaii, but now I'm seeing it here as well. There are many NETURAL colors, like taupe, puce, and other shades of brown. 

What an ugly car color

I'm not a fan of black, white, and grey, and I definitely do not like these new colors. 

But the other cool color I've seen is opalescent. We have an orange opalescent car in the area, and the other day, I saw a pearl opalescent. They change colors in the light. It's quite cool, but I can imagine how much extra that costs. 

We have completed 13 of the 24 puzzles in the EXIT Game Advent Calendar, and it might be a while before we get back to it. I LOVE it!!!! If you love puzzles, you'll love these games. If you're not into puzzles, don't bother! No clues either -- some of them are so easy, but I can see where some people could struggle to connect A to B. 

On that note, I'd better get moving. The girls are waiting, and so is that final presentation. 

Have a great day!!!!




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