Monday, June 6, 2011


I sure feel like a turtle these days. Slow slow and even slower!!!!!!   Actually I think a turtle would be faster than me. And why????  That is the mystery - I'm just slow. It must be hot chocolate withdrawal - funny I don't really think about it much, but I could have one RIGHT NOW!!!  or it could be withdrawal from the pressures of the quilt show.

Haven't done much sewing which is virtually unheard of for me. I did manage to work on some hand applique.

This has been a LONG and SLOW process for me. I was listening to my audio book in the evening, and I was making good progress. But I think it has been months since I worked on this particular project. I have EIGHT hearts left to stitch down. Yeah!!!!!!   Maybe tonight??????

Also working on those last TWO blocks for The Patchwork Sampler, but neither are complete. Maybe tomorrow?????

I am reading a book called The Bone Cage. It is about two aging (they are not even thirty!!!) Olympic athletes. It is a novel about a swimmer and a wrestler and the struggle as they prepare for the Olympics. GOD - I feel like them right now. Between the gym, where Alwin takes no pity UNLESS I am injured (which happened this morning) and this High Altitude Training - my mornings are pretty much wiped out. And I am HUNGRY all the time. I'm going to bloom right up if I don't watch it!!!!

Anyway - hopefully the injury is minimal - a pulled calf muscle?????  Happened to be going to the chiro right after and they shot electrodes through it. Oh yeah - I feel like an athlete. A tired, cranky, hungry athlete.

And what about quilting???????   Well I was working on a quilt yesterday - and I have to do some ripping today and try a different approach. I HATE when that happens, but that is how we learn. I HATE learning!!!!!

I have plowed through a LOT of paperwork this past week so that is a good thing. DID NOT find the receipt I was looking for, but managed without it. And so the paperwork crap will sit for another month. No time - too many tops to quilt and too many pieces of fabric sitting here waiting to be sewn together.

For the nature enthusiasts - here are some pictures of SPRING!!!!!!

Too bad they all do not last longer!!!

Oh yes and look at this cool fabric I found the other day.

Cool bike fabric!!!!

 I had a dentist appointment yesterday and I got our my TOWNIE bike and rode there. It was so AWESOME. VERY windy though. I felt like an absolute idiot riding that bike with it's cute little basket (with my stuff in it). But boy what a feeling!!!!!   I LOVE IT and must get it out more especially with the price of gas!!!!

And I was searching through my beautifully organized stash room for something for an upcoming project. Now that I think of it - I have spent a LOT of time searching for just the right fabrics for a couple of upcoming challenges. You know what that means - YEP - can't share them with you!!!!!!   But look at what else I found in the stash room!!!   I didn't even know it was missing - we have four of the silly phones and while cordless is good - I never seem to find one when I need it!!!!!

A missing phone - but I didn't even know it was missing!!!

Well that is about it for today. Got a lot of work to do.

Have a great day!!


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