Friday, June 24, 2011

Vacation is a FOUR letter word!!!!!!

Like everyone else I like to go on vacation, however I HATE the stress of getting ready to leave. I am losing weight, no time for proper meals, big cold sore on my lip and my body heat regulator is like a strobe light. I don't feel stressed and I am not running around like an idiot, so that means I am internalizing it. NOT GOOD. Well only a few more days and then I'm out of here. I CANNOT wait.

Let's see - I am managing to get TONS done.....

1. The tie quilts are GONE!!!!!   I delivered the last two yesterday, but only after I finished the binding and made the two cute little labels for the back. I think I showed you these before, but here goes again.

TWO envelope labels

The outside (pre folding)

The inside (pre folding)

Fold the two sides in

Fold the bottom up (I used 1/4" steam a seam along the inside edges of this bottom flap to secure the envelope

Steam a seam a small label on the inside - the customer is going to write a small note  to insert in each envelope
Yes - it was with great relief that I dropped them off - the customer LOVED them. Then the day went down hill from there. I took a short cut from his house to the Gardiner made a WRONG turn which took me ONE HOUR to fix. Yes - I got on Gardiner East (not west) and no place to get off except to go all the way down town. You are KIDDING ME!!!!!   Then it is pouring rain - traffic is heavy - my air conditioning in the car isn't working - my leg hurts from sitting so long. Well it was a STUPID STUPID STUPID mistake. I deep breathed a LOT on that trip. And I knew as I passed my exit what I had done, but no way (except backing up) to fix it. Well it happens.

The good news was while I was in the car - I got a call that my new lens for my bike glasses were in. They were on back order and they didn't think they would come in before I left. That was good timing!!!!

2. Got another customer quilt done. Actually it was done a couple of days ago, but customer wanted me to put the binding on as well.

Customer quilt with binding on - she is going to hand stitch it down

Lots of people DO NOT like to sew on binding. Here is my machine set up for binding. A TIP - note the table on the left hand side. It sticks out from the sewing machine table to form an "L" and supports the quilt while it is being bound. Saves a lot of hassle with the quilt and where to put it while sewing on the binding (note my shoe on the floor!!!!)

Two more binding tips - I use a glove on my left hand - gives me better control of the quilt - less pressure on the shoulders and I also use a walking foot to put that binding on. 

That quilt was delivered last night. PHEW!!!!

3. Tinners - had to finish off the block for the tinners project. Here is my block......

The theme of this tinners (an exchange) was Oh Canada. My inukshuk has  RED Olympic mittens on!!!!!

Some of the blocks

The rest of the blocks

The reason I am showing you these blocks now (normally you don't get to see until done). Well the project is done and I delivered that to the owner last night as well. PHEW!!!!!!

So that was a THREE CHECK MARK day. Yeah!!!!!!   There are only THREE things left on the quilting list. Two are going to have to wait until I get back and the third one is a quilt that is currently on the machine. I am going to try to get it done - it is big (what customer quilt isn't big???), it is custom (goes relatively fast, but needs to be marked) and it is for a wedding and the customer is in Mexico right now!!!!!   Crap. I might have to put the binding on for her because it is her sons wedding and she will be stressed when she gets back and getting ready for the wedding. Hmmmm - going to call the husband today and get the date of the wedding.

Let's see - oh yes - got the studio cleaned up as the Elm Creek girls are coming today. And I'm trying to get my article written for the magazine. Speaking of which - the Summer 2011 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread is on the newsstands now. Go and check it out - because of the mail strike - I have not received my copy yet. The topic is classroom etiquette (oh yes - we all need that!!!) and there is a cool picture of one of my classes in it.

On that note - I have to rock n roll!!!!!   or should I say disco (with the strobe lights flashing!!!!!!)

Have a great day!!!


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