Friday, June 10, 2011

I am NOT a Nurse

For those who know me well - they know that I am squeamish at the sight of blood - NO - I am squeamish at the thought of blood and wounds and body parts and all that.

So last night while washing dishes, I can attest to how sharp our kitchen knives are. Yep - a slight slip and wham - my finger is bleeding like a fountain. OK - I'm exaggerating a little, but it was bleeding quite nicely. What to do - what to do?????   Help?????   Of course there was NO ONE to help me. But amazing how instinct kicks in. Apply pressure - of course that made it hurt a whole lot less so that was a good thing. Actually it did NOT bleed for very long and I got DH to put a band aid on it. Yes - me the ANTI-band aid person with a real live band aid on my finger.

It doesn't hurt any more EXCEPT when I went to do something this morning and put pressure directly on the cut. OK - THAT HURT!!!!!   Maybe I'll take the band aid off later today. I'm afraid to see what it looks like!!!!!   And won't it hurt when I take the band aid off.

It has been a VERY PRODUCTIVE couple of days. I managed to get not one, but TWO gigantic customer quilts done.

Customer quilt

Customer quilt

Both are these are HUGE. Just have one left to trim.

And on my list of things to do - I had volunteered (well I am getting paid) to help out one of M's friends make a quilt for school. Well - it is time to get it complete. Yikes - there is still so much to do. I have spent the last couple of evenings working on that.

Hand quilt - on Wednesday PM

Detail of hand quilt - the little bags are full of buttons that will be hot glued on once the quilt is done

The hand quilt - Friday AM
Nothing like leaving stuff to the last minute. I know - I know!!!!   However I am feeling very calm about the entire process. Just focus focus focus. Yesterday I had to print the photos for the quilt. I must say that I am getting very good with Photoshop Elements because the process of sizing and placing the photos was effortless. It pays to know exactly how the software works. DUH!!!!!   And using these fabric sheets - EQ Printables makes the process seamless!!!!   Open the package - remove all paper - hit print and VOILA - fabulous pictures.  I would be hard pressed to make my own fabric sheets any more unless - unless - well unless I wanted it on a specific fabric.

EQ Printables
 The quality of the photos is pretty decent and I am sure with a newer printer - they would be even better. This one has been washed. The only thing I do NOT like about the EQ printables is the fabric is very THICK and a tad stiff. Not such a big deal for piecing, but when you applique the fabric down (even with a brand new needle), you can hear it punching through. Just have to keep the background fabric a bit taut and it works just fine.

Sample of EQ Printables 

My job today is to finish the applique and then get it quilted and hopefully stitch the binding on. It will get hand stitched on Monday and delivered on Tuesday and be presented to the senior's home on Wednesday.

No time to work on it this weekend because it is Ride to Conquer Cancer. Yes I have been resting up (trying to get lots of sleep, including naps) to get ready for the ride. Had pasta last night and will again tonight. Got to remember to keep drinking as well.

I have to say we have an EXCITING back yard. Well NOT that exciting, but lots of good photo ops. Here are some recent sightings of "wild" life in the back yard.

First bloom of the lily pad (there are now three)

A mini lilac bush (I didn't even remember this was here!!!)

The fish cowering under the lily pads

Very active fish - playing the algae

What's that????   A black bear?????

Ooops - only Sparky. She dug out a nice hole in the dirt to keep cool on the hot days

A FEROCIOUS dog eating her bone (also known as cute little Sammy)

And cute little Sammy found a much more comfortable spot to eat her bone!!!!   DH - didn't even see her here. Men - they never see anything!!!!!

Speaking of my beautiful back yard - I have a bit of time this morning and I think I had better get out and attack the weeds again. Amazing how quickly they come and how FAST they grow. I really really need to get a handle on it BEFORE I leave cause it will be very bad when I come back.

Have a GREAT day!!!!!   (and don't you just love this weather - one day sweating like crazy and the next day freezing!!)


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