Thursday, June 9, 2011


And NOT because of the heat - I can handle that. It is the darn STORMS. Started off with a late night at bingo! No - I was NOT playing. I helped out the swim team as they were short a person on Monday night. I got to bed at 1 and at 4, Sparky was standing by my bed quivering, slobbering and generally NOT happy. She just could not settle down so I did not get much sleep the rest of the night.

The next night - I got to bed at a somewhat decent time, but ANOTHER storm and yep - there was Sparky quivering, panting, slobbering standing by my bed. This time she did settle down rather quickly after I made sure all the blinds in M's room were closed tight so she could NOT see the lightening.

But what a storm - these just seem to go on and on.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the roof - it is supposed to be windy today - I bet I lose more shingles. I think I have come up with the contractor and hopefully by end of today - everything will be signed.

So I had a look around my studio and HEY - I do have small vignettes around, but none of them as cool as in the magazines!!!   But they work for me I guess.

Magnet board over the cutting table. Pens and paper at the ready - got these magnetic accessories in the SCHOOL section of Staples. They are made for lockers, but perfect for this board. 

Cute picture frames, but NO pictures in them. Hmmmm - let's find some quilting photos and get in those frames. Did you notice my BIKE!!!

Oh look - a picture NOT in a quilting frame. I think I could put this picture in  one of the frames.  And that little quilt frame needs a quilt!!!!!

Hmmmmm - this needs more work. Pretty sad!!!

Another magnetic board - got to be tidied up!
Judys - I love these. Maybe I should start a collection!  These ones are about 12 - 15 inches high. 

These are my textiles from other countries. On the left are molas (both intricate and basic) from Panama, two hand painted pieces from Canada, shibori from Japan, a fur piece from Nunavut, a hand made felt piece from Inuvik and a small piece of work from Bulgaria (I think)

OK - so I have some work to do in order to get these little areas looking spiffy. However it isn't high on my priority list at the moment.

I did find something I could work on - hard to see in the first picture above - I found a wooden letter E. Then I remembered that I have another letter e - different shape. I could do something cool with the letter E and put those around.

Yes - those are things I will do on my fun day that I have to schedule for the fall.

Yesterday morning I was searching for something in a closet that is filled with quilting stuff. OH MY GOD - why am I buying new stuff????   There is so much there and a LOT of it is so close to being finished. Blocks for quilts - the blocks are done - they just need to be sewn together. Tons of half square triangles - trimmed and ready to be sewn together. I vowed then and there NO MORE STUFF. OOOoops - look what I just bought in the last couple of weeks - I am a FAKE - a LIAR - a FARCE!!!!!!!   Of course - I purchased the following BEFORE I came face to face with this stuff.

Gorgeous BRIGHTS - got to figure out what to do with these

Pinks and greens - beautiful. I have a couple of ideas for these - that is why I bought them. 

Gorgeous solids - couldn't leave those behind

Cute bright flannels - the price was right on this one

I have been thinking about this kit for weeks and finally (there was a sale!!!!) decided that I would regret not buying it

And instructions to make quilted floor mats. 

I think Marian had the same wake-up call yesterday. However I think she is going to get rid of some of the stuff.  WAIT - I get FIRST DIBS on her stuff. The rest????   - Well maybe we will sell it here on the blog. Stuff that is ALMOST finished - Oh yes - I know what that is all about. Stay tuned to see how serious she is about getting rid of that stuff.

Me - I can't get rid of anything yet. I do not dislike anything I started so far!!!!

So happy to NOT doing any training for the next two days. Time off in preparation for the BIG ride this weekend. Let's just hope the weather is decent. I'll go with rain, but a gentle rain - not torrential downpours, although I did ride in that last yea and survived. But I have a TON of stuff to do. More quilts to quilt, applique to cut out, homework to prepare for the summer months and articles to write for magazines. And I am supposed to get that all done BEFORE I go on vacation. That is why I HATE vacations until the moment I am on the plane - then I can start to enjoy it. All this prep is a pain.

Oh yes - signed a contract for the roof yesterday - let's see how quickly they can schedule me in and now I have to call the others to tell them I choose someone else. I hate that part.

On that note - I am out of here and off to the quilting machine.

Have a great day!!!!


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