Friday, June 17, 2011

Isn't Facebook FUN!!!!

Facebook - you either love it or hate it. Initially I signed up for Facebook so I could play Scrabble since you have to be a Facebook subscriber to get to Scrabble - no other way. And while I am NOT an active member, it is amazing who else is on Facebook. I have got connected with my ex in-laws from Quebec, family members who I haven't seen for years in Western Canada and NOW my GREAT AUNT!!!!!!!   Who would have thought!!!!!!!!   It was Aunt Molly's birthday yesterday - not sure how old she is, but she must be well into her 80s. How cool is that!!!!!

Got TONS done yesterday. Hmmmm -  can I share any of it with you? Well can't show you the blocks I am making for the Elm Creek class next week. No that wouldn't do to show the work in advance. You will see them all next week once the class happens. Only 30 blocks to make before Tuesday. I have three complete and one more almost done. These little blocks are fiddly because they are only 6 inches, but I am rewriting most of the patterns to avoid the use of templates and paper piecing. I know - a crazy person. I am thinking of starting a class for Dear Jane next year (I know - even crazier person since we will NOT be done Elm Creek when we start Dear Jane) - HOWEVER the blocks for Dear Jane are in Electric Quilt. Hopefully that will save me tons of time. Maybe we can have a virtual quilt along - anyone up for doing 10 blocks a month with Dear Jane??????

I was VERY focused yesterday and got a large quilt almost quilted. Got to finish it today. A very tight schedule and after this quilt - there are TWO more to complete before I leave. Almost got the binding sewn on the one quilt that has to be finished for tomorrow. Speaking of binding - look what I am using one of those baskets for.....

Supplies for hand stitching. See the blue THINGY in there!!!   A lot easier to find in the basket!!!!   Of course - now I have to keep it in the basket!!!!!

Yes - there is no rest for the wicked.

High altitude training AND the gym. And why am I NOT losing any weight??????   Alwin says I need to shock my system - it is quite happy at this weight. Hopefully the bike trip will be the trick for that.

I am LOVING the audio books. And while I don't mind the audio book on CDs, I LOVE the audio books on the iPad. I can take the book ANYWHERE. The other night I was sitting in my backyard. It was a gorgeous evening. Quiet, no wind, the temperature was perfect, no mosquitos and I sat in the lawn chair and stitched a good part of that binding down and listened to the audio book. Then while doing the high altitude training - I can listen to the audio book. Last night while sitting in the Lazyboy - I listened to the audio book. If it were on CDs - I would be stuck where the CD player is (yes I know there are portable CD players, but I don't have one - well mine is a boom box).

BUT there is one problem with audio books. I am too cheap to buy them so I pick them from the library. That means my choice is often limited and I picked this one that I thought was a mystery - well it is a mystery. However it is  Harlequin Romance meets J.D. Robb meets James Patterson. There are a LOT of steamy scenes and I can't imagine listening to that without my Bluetooth headphones on!!!!!  Can't have anyone overhear what I am listening to!!!!!!  The "reader" is a man - I just think it must feel weird to read those words out loud. OK - call me a PRUDE!!!!!  

Well that it is for today - back to the garden to get more weeding done. And the pruning - not sure if I will get to that before I leave. I may come home to a jungle!!!!!

Oh - should I tell you what that BAD DOG Kaylee did yesterday. I called Marian to borrow a tent and an air mattress for tonight - I'll tell you that story tomorrow. When I arrived to pick the stuff up - Kaylee had pulled the air mattress from the bag (how the heck did she do that??????). She chewed the strings on the bag and I'm pretty sure there is now a hole or two in that air mattress. What a dog!!!!!!!   And guess who is coming to visit today - better Kaylee proof the house before she comes.

Have a great day!!!!


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