Friday, June 3, 2011

Stuck in a RUT!!!!!

I woke up early again this morning but not because I remembered where something was (and sorry - I don't do house calls to find missing patterns!!!!!) no - this time I woke up with visions of SHINGLES dancing in my head.  Have to make a decision about the roof before it starts leaking. I was on the internet last night doing research. I have so many questions - I will be on the phone all day!!!

Speaking of phones - my home phone DOES NOT work again. What happens I have no idea. I have unplugged all the phones - those that are attached to a jack and those that are not. Then I plugged in only ONE phone and still no dial tone. I can only assume that it is a Bell problem. However we cannot find TWO handsets, but I doubt that they could be causing the problem unless they are on, but I can't hear anything on the line. Why or why do we have so much trouble with this phone. I am happy to report that any calls to the home phone are forwarded to my cell if unanswered, however that can become expensive. The phones will be the death of me!!!!!  Oh yes - did I mention that I purchased NEW phones not that long ago!!!!!!

I've been up for hours doing paperwork. Maybe that is the secret - instead of sewing at 5, I must do paperwork. I got a lot accomplished and a bit more to do today and I would be happy.

And Marian (bless her heart) took one of my projects off my TO DO list before I leave. I was asking her a question about an upcoming challenge. However it appears that I JUST missed the deadline. Ooops - well there goes that project. I already filed the fabric in the appropriate place and crossed that project off the list. Yeah!!!!!!!

Yes I had company yesterday. Marian was over and working on her THOUSANDS (well not that many) of hour glass blocks.

Marian and her THOUSANDS of hour glass blocks

While she may not have accomplished heaps of work - she did move forward and that is all that counts. This is a hobby after all.

And of course Miss K had to visit. That dog thinks the pond is fair game and yes - there she was - traipsing through the water again. She must think she is GOD and can walk on water.

My dogs being the well, respecting dogs that they are - decided to sleep on the floor and squished into a small bed.......

Sammy and Sparky (behind the ironing board)

while the GUEST had EVERYTHING - the toys, the comfy bed, the quilt.


So what was I working on - why a RADIANT star. Someone guessed Blazing Star - close enough!! Good call.

I managed to get all the strip sets complete and ONE point done.

One star point from Radiant Star
As I put this on the design wall - something struck me. Can you see what I saw???????

Design wall - do you see the RUT???
Yes - SAME colouring as the one block wonder!!!!!!   Oh crap. And if I look at my Elm Creek Quilt - those colours are the same as well. Much less vibrant, but same colour scheme.

Elm Creek Quilt - My colours

That was another thing I thought of immediately when I woke up - the NEXT quilt is going to be blue/purple and green!!!!!!!     With the number of quilts I make, it is hard to come up with new colour schemes. I am going to have to start looking for ideas in magazines, photos, etc. and putting them in an inspiration book so I can easily figure out new and different colour schemes.

While Marian was here - we did take a quick trip to Ruti's to find a background fabric for my Radiant Star. I put it on black - not bad, but not right. Brown - horrible. Marian had her heart set on TURQUOISE and we did find one or two blues that were very nice and made that star pop. However this is what we choose and as soon as we put the point on - we all said YES.

Background for Radiant Star
Oh yeah - this quilt is going to knock your socks off!!!!!!

Although I have lots more to share with you - I've got to get my butt in gear. It's High Altitude Simulation training time.

Have a great day!!!


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  1. Oh, yes, I agree, that green is perfect! Hope your roof and your phones all get fixed soon! Your pups are such good hosts! (still haven't found my pattern!)