Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OOOPS - that was EASY!!!!!

Ever have one of those moments when you want to rewind the clock - even a couple of nano seconds????

Yep - I had one of those this morning. Getting ready for my Elm Creek class this morning. I knew the memory card was FULL on the camera. 2 GB in less than 2 months, but most are just pictures taken for the blog.

Anyway - I went to delete an EMPTY folder that somehow appeared on the card. I click YES to delete and then sat and watched ALL 548 pictures get deleted. By the time I realized what was happening - TOO LATE. Appears that I went one level too high on the file structure!!!!!!

Lesson learned - DO NOT attempt to delete pictures (I was trying to make room for the show n tell today) when you are NOT fully awake!!!!!

Drat - while most of the pictures were nothing special - I really did want to have the choice about what to delete and what NOT to delete.

Well - just get over it - they are just pictures!!!!!!  

But I really really need to get my memory cards organized. When one is full - I tend to just buy a new one and there are TONS of pictures that should be deleted while there are a few gems. Well - I have my pictures that are loaded on the blog - heck - I'm not worried at all.

I LOVE Barbara's idea of putting the helmet cam on Kaylee - AWESOME idea!!!!   BUT after the vacation!!!!   And for those of you who watched the video - wasn't it awesome even if it was just a boring video down the street. Imagine going through the mountains - up the long stretches - may not tape those - you will hear me huffing and puffing!!!   But those downhills - well that should be spectacular!!!!

I took pictures for show n tell from Monday yesterday - well there is NO show n tell. And Welcome to the North Pole - the one session that I DID NOT put show n tell on the blog - well it isn't going to happen now.

The next three days are going to be WORK days. I did start to pack last night after a quick trip to Mountain Equipment Co-op to pick up a few pieces that I was missing. My goodness - everything is getting smaller and lighter. It is all spread out in the living room - I'll show you when I get myself organized.

Anyway - I must run as I have a bit more homework to get completed before my class this morning.

Have a great day!!!!


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