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Welcome to the North Pole reveal

I have been REMISS in that I FORGOT to do the show and tell for our Welcome to the North Pole last month. Drat - I knew there was something I was forgetting!!!!!   BUT - I am going to make you wait for that because I am going to do THIS months reveal first and then in a day (I hope), I will do the previous reveal.

In case you are NOT familiar with this pattern - it is by Piece o Cake - it's an old one, but still available and CUTE CUTE CUTE

Now this is a fairly straight forward applique quilt. Originally was hand applique, but then the pattern was released in 1997 and fusible applique wasn't all that popular (well maybe it was). Anyway most of the group are using fusible applique and that is where the similarities to each other STOPS. Have a peek at what they did this month.......   This is such a fun class - the girls are ALL crazy - they all have wild stories about their blocks and TONS and TONS of great ideas. I think we (including me) have learned a LOT!!!!!

The first block we worked on this past month was the North Pole Bakery
Jeanette with a cute little bakery on a GORGEOUS blue background. I COVET some of that fabric!!!!!

Karen - with her little fussy cut tree and her trim from MEXICO on the roof (I notice she hasn't offered to share the trim with us, nor to pay for a scouting trip for the teacher to get some for the class!!!!)  I also see she has worked ahead on that block beside the bakery!!!!!

Flo (on the left with her fussy cut Santa and some kind of bird in the window! - Hmmm - I wonder if it is a blackbird - you know - baked in a pie?????  - get it????)
Raili (on the right) with the cutest sign over the door - perfect for a bakery - I can't remember what it says, but appropriate for a bakery - I remember that much!!!!)

My block on the left (yes unfinished!!!! - the story of my life!!!)
Beth's block (on the right). While we love Beth's background - there are a few extra moons, so she is disguising as many as she can with extra trees and other things as appropriate - perhaps she needs to add some black birds!!!!!   

Kathy (on the left) with the cutest little cookie cutters and when asked where she got them - she replied at the booth that I was working at (at the CreativFestival!!!!!!) How funny is that. I think it is because we were so busy that by the time I got around to seeing what we had - everything was sold to people like Kathy!!!!!!  She has a little bag of buttons (flowers) to go in the window box.
Mary (on the right) with a lovely flower fussy cut door and don't you love the colours in all the houses. Hey did you notice that Kathy added insult to injury by making the bakery ORANGE!!!!!   and then STOLE those buttons from under my nose!!!!!!

Marlene (on the left) who bakery is still under MAJOR construction. She has a lot of neat ribbons and organzas and has used a nice netting organza on the moon
Judith (on the right) - fussy cut flowers in the flower box and the cutest SIGN over the door. She fussy cut some pie fabric and then wrote the sign with black pen - At first - I thought it was a fabric printed that way - it was PERFECT!!!!!

And last, but not least was Nancy's. What's this?????   What are those quilts doing in front of the bakery????   Ooops - this is NOT a bakery, but a quilt store!!!!!!!   Well I hope she doesn't expect the rest of us to supply her with pie!!!  She photo transferred pictures of quilts onto fabric and used this in the windows and on the HAND QUILTED (no less) quilts in the front yard. Oh sorry - only ONE of those quilts is hand quilted!!!! 

Karen's block from last month - she changed the beard from last month (is that right????) and the beard is the trim off a pillow cover. You never know where your next inspiration will come from!!!!!
 Whew - that was exhausting!!!!!  The next block was the Royal Toy Works, Candy Cane Factory/Hats and Mittens.
Karen (she attached the block to her previous blocks - I notice that the pregnant reindeer still hasn't had it baby yet!!!) Anyway did you notice the fabric she used for the candy cane factory. Does that look like a candy cane to you - yes it is striped, but where is the red and white????  Apparently, The Candy Cane Factory and Mr and Mrs Claus participated in a Trading Places episode and well - who knows what happened to Mr and Mrs Claus place of abode!!! We shall have to watch for that!!!!

Jeanette (on top) - I think Jeanette was the only person who  made the candy cane factory the correct way!!!!!  And the neatest writing - I need to hire someone to do my writing. Why can I not write something that small NEAT and cute??????   I guess I had better practice - practice - practice. And did you notice her FLYING Canadian flag. Very cute and perfectly scaled!!!!
Beth's on the bottom - looked like she had a trading places moment with her candy cane factory as well!!!!

Flo's - almost forget whose this was and then I remembered the FUSSY cut door. It is just stripes you say - AH - but those stripes are DEAD CENTERED - who else but Flo would do that!!!!  Hmmm - what did Flo do in her prior life?????   An engineer perhaps?????  A mathematician?????   Someone with a LOT of discipline for sure!!!!

Marlene - who CREATED her own castle fabric. She took a gray fabric and drew in the castle lines. Very clever and see her candy can factory fabric - very cool!!!!

Nancy who is hand appliquing by the way - that is probably why she made the quilt shop instead of the bakery. If she runs out of supplies - she can go to the quilt store!!!!   She was going to knit a hat for the Hat and Mittens store, but is toying with the idea of using felt - now to choose which one????

Mary - ooops - Mary also did the Candy Cane Factory the "right" way. Of course there is NO right way - I'm just kidding. Love that fabric for the Hats and Mittens. 

Kathy - OK - where did she get that little METAL door for the castle??????   I WANT to visit Kathy's stash of goodies. I am sure I will find some pretty cool stuff. And she has the cutest little metal Canada flag and cool fabric for the candy cane factory. Cute cute cute

Railis block (on top) - did you notice her lame snow!!!!   It must be a FULL MOON when she worked on her blocks as there is a LOT of sparkle!!!!
Judith (on the bottom) - a MAJOR construction zone happening here!!!!

Linda - who is a little ahead of everyone and decided to put the blocks together and THEN applique.  So far she is making out OK, but NOT the recommended way to do this!!!!   I think she is doing a LOT of renovations!!!!   

Marlene - who LOST her elf block from last month and decided to make an angel to replace it. 

I decided to lay all my blocks on the floor to see what it looks like so far and to decide the colour of those last houses. Here is what it looks like so far.
My quilt - yes - I notice that MOST of the blocks are NOT complete. I am really trying, but it is VERY difficult to keep up with FOUR monthly projects on top of everything else. When I am back from vacation I will make a concentrated effort to get it done.
 And that is it for show n tell. WAIT A MINUTE - we did NOT see Kristen's work. Well where is she anyway??????   OH MY GOD - here she is and look what she did last month........

Introducing Elliot. Kristen came in with her husband (who was a little freaked that his SON was going to a quilt store on one of his first - if not his first outings!!!!)  And I have forgotten her husband's name, but I think he better get used to the idea!!!!!  I have a feeling that Elliot is going to become VERY familiar with quilt stores!!!!   But he is allowed to bring his cars and dirt!!!!    Elliot was born last Monday - he isn't even a WEEK old. So cute and so TINY!!!!!!!   Oh my god - you forget how tiny they are and how fragile looking they are!!!!  Thanks Kristen for bringing him in - and yes - we did excuse Kristen for NOT having her homework done.

That is it for today - I have more pictures of show n tell from yesterday, but that will have to wait. I have to get out on my bike for a quick ride and I have a couple of new toys to play with this morning while I ride and must get them prepared!!!!   Yes - you will hear all about them later.

Have a great day!!!!!!!


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  1. Thanks for the great pictures, it was nice to see what I missed yesterday. Everyone's blocks look great! Thanks for all your kind and encouraging words. Yes Ryan is rather worried about how much time Elliot will spend in quilt shops, however I am equally worried about the number of trips to Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Rona!