Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hidden in plain view!!!

Ever had one of those days when you can't find something?  Oh yes - all the time. And instead of moving on and waiting for the location to come to you - you mess up the entire day???  That was yesterday.

I got the binding on the hands quilt (the one for the senior home) and then when I went to hand stitch the binding down - I could NOT find my little "chatelaine" with the thimbles, needles and scissors. I could not find it anywhere - ripped the room apart - well almost. I was FRUSTRATED. Never mind the fact that I have LOTS of other needles and I had the thread and the clips for the binding. Oh no - I NEEDED that little thing.

And I figured the darn thing was with the last project that I worked on. But WHAT was that??????   I think I am still tired from the weekend and my brain wasn't processing properly!!!

Then I decided since I was in a search mode I would look for the small case that I am missing for my bike. Couldn't find the case and I ripped the garage apart.

Couldn't find the chatelaine so after dinner - loaded up a new audio book and dug out a new needle and started to stitch. Got about half the binding done. The sleeve is now on and waiting for hand stitching. I am dropping it off at the school today so they can glue the buttons on - then I will finish the binding tonight. It will be presented tomorrow.

Tired and went to bed.


at 4:55 AM - I woke up with a start. I remembered what the last project I was working on. Hmmmm - that is a start. Came down stairs and looked in the project box. Nope not in that project box - oh yes - I put everything in a ziploc bag. Where is the bag?  Ah - yes right here and VOILA - there is the chatelaine thing. God - I HATE when I waste time like that. The darn quilt could have been DONE by now.

Can you see it?????   Nope - neither could I!!

How about now?????

And now?????   Note that the bag was UPSIDE down in the box so the blue thing was NOT visible. 

My missing blue thing!!!!

I feel better already.

The bike bag - well I think that is gone. I did find the packaging from it so I hope that I can get the EXACT same thing - it was perfect and if I find the other one - I'll put it on one of the other bikes. It is a very valuable little bag and I missed it greatly this past trip. It is great to not have so much in your pockets as I kept having to empty the pockets to find the stuff that was in there!!!!

Oh yes - want to see more about my recent Zentangles class including a picture of me?????


Check it out!!!!!

Oh yes - yesterday was Monday and the girls were in full swing again. Here is some show n tell.....

Judy with her How the Grinch Stole Christmas quilt. Judy is becoming VERY scary. Previously she only made quilts with big panels - now she is cutting and sewing without patterns. Good thing since Judy is in CHARGE when I go away this summer. Way to go Judy - AWESOME job. 

Krystyna and her Critter quilt that she started YEARS ago. What is her incentive????   Well behind that quilt is a pregnant Krystyna!!!!   Yep - our FIRST Monday baby. The group is all about grand babies, not babies!!!!  Way to go Krystyna!!!!  

And here is Little Sammy chewing on a bone. I think this dog loves the "WILD". Nope - she doesn't want to lie on the deck to eat that bone - got to be in the grass - ooops make that the weeds!!!!

On that note - I am out of here - the next two weeks are going to be crazy and how I will manage to get everything done is beyond me. I think that is why I couldn't focus on finding that little blue thing. I am starting to set things aside for the trip. As I see or think about something - I put it out. If not - I will arrive with NOTHING. And please DO NOT remind me that Air Canada has a strike on - I am NOT thinking about it, but I have visions of checking my own bike in!!!!!!  Maybe I won't have to pay for it!!!!

And I am starting back on High Altitude Training today. So there goes TWO hours of every day!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!



  1. My husband always teases me about the thinking I get done in my sleep! Glad you found your thingy!


  2. I shared your beautiful quilt @ http://www.mommiesandbeyond.com. with credit and a link to you! Adorable!