Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Does this count as a UFO????

I am very happy to report that the "hand" quilt for the Seniors home is DONE!!!   Ooops - I just have to sew the label on after I do the blog. Now this is uncharted territory for me. Do I get to count this as a completed UFO????   We only started to work on it a couple of months ago and I guess it never really sat around. Hey - I guess it does NOT get classified as a UFO. This is a start to finish - get it done project.  Going to have to come up with a catchy acronym for that!!!!   If only I could have MORE of those.

The hand quilt project

The quilt was embellished with buttons that each senior chose to personalize their hand
I normally cut off the shank from the buttons before they get hot glued on . Since Caroline glued them at school, I never  even thought about it. No worry - not the end of the world, but they would have laid a whole lot flatter with the shanks off. Lesson learned: think the ENTIRE project through before you make a move, especially if part of it will be done somewhere else.

I will get the label made and sewn on and deliver the quilt to the school on my way to teach this morning. And THEN - I get to check this project off my "MUST DO before I leave on vacation" list. Yeah!!!!!

Remember that bowl I purchased a while back?????    I can say that I am using it, but now that it is full - what do I do with it?????   Well I will give it to Robin who is making fabric birds and she can make fake nests for them. 

Yummy looking scraps in the coiled basket

Anyway - I loved the basket so much that I bought TWO more.

New basket

And how could I leave an orange one behind?????
Not sure what use these ones will get yet, but I am sure I will come up with something soon. Actually as I sit here, a couple of ideas come to mind. I'll show you tomorrow.

I taught a class a week ago - Radiant Star. The students were asked to precut their strips. If you thought I was organized - this beats EVERYTHING.

Hmmmm - what is in the box????   (yes I know - lots of little boxes) and what is in the little boxes???

Each little box contained a separate  set of strips. Very neat - very  organized. Way to go Micaela!!!!!

Yesterday was one of those stupid days - went to the Altitude Training, then home - relax - have a cup of tea. Then out to buy a new bag for the bike (no -  sleeping on it wasn't going to work this time). Realized I hadn't given M money for lunch so stopped by the school, then realized that I was supposed to be at the gym in TEN minutes. Off to the gym (thank god I hadn't changed from the altitude training). Then back home - have lunch and then spend the next couple of hours picking up stuff that people had called to tell me was ready to pick up!!!!!    Well it all needed to be done so wasn't the end of the world and then paperwork which I made good progress on.

That means that TODAY after my class, I have a lot to do on the quilting machine. And more quilts to bind - well that list just doesn't seem to be getting smaller. Actually I am making good progress on it.

And my finger - finally healing. Good grief - that was a small cut, but took a LONG time to heal. And now that it is closed - it doesn't hurt any more. Good - because I am going out to pull more weeds in a minute.

Finally healing!!!!!
 I found this picture in the editor. Look - it's Miss K having a cooling off session in the river beside the leash free park.

Miss K - looking for STICKS!!!
This water is NOT very deep. I wonder if she would swim if she had a chance??????

Oh and Wendy - the moral of this blog is NOT have a nap because you can't find something. You need to SLEEP on it. It requires several hours of DEEP sleep.

Well - that's it for me.

Have a great day!!!!


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  1. The hand quilt turned out great, so special! Love the orange basket! Micaela is crazy organized!