Sunday, June 26, 2011

What will you be doing in twelve hours?????

Me - I should be one hour into a plane ride. Still have to finish packing - still have a 100K bike ride - still have a few things to tidy up around the house - still have to have a shower - still have a couple of paperwork things to do.


Yes - I know this trip is going to be about biking but that doesn't mean there won't be something for the quilters.

There is a quilt store in the first little town we camp in overnight. Here's the game plan. Arrive in Vancouver - cab it to the hotel (yeah - we wimped out on the first night - but it will be latish by the time we arrive). Then first thing Monday morning - cab it to the campground. Unpack the bike - assemble the bike and ride the bike to the quilt store which is very close to the camp ground.

Hopefully I can find a neat pattern and I would like to shop for that pattern (fabric) throughout the trip. Anna and I will have to critique and take pictures of all the stores we visit and we hope there are lots. Not a lot of room to pack fabric, but I am sure we can find a few nooks and crannies and did you see the size of the pockets in those cycling jerseys??????   I went for function over fashion on this trip and ALL jerseys have ample pockets!!!!!

Today will be a whirlwind of activity and I CANNOT wait to get to the airport, check in my bags and just sit and veg with NOTHING to do but wait. Can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I had better use my time wisely, but I have a back pack FULL of technology stuff to keep you up to date - THREE cameras, THREE GPS (I know - but do not forget that I will be traveling around for a bit in a car after - well you have to wait for that), TWO computers (well one is the iPad) and enough power cords and cables to start a store!!!!!

Sorry - no pictures this morning as I have packed the PHOTO ADAPTER which was one of the things I forgot last time and I am NOT forgetting it this time. I will take photos and then update when I get a chance.

Have a GREAT day!!!!!!


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