Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elm Creek Quilts- June reveal

Yes - it is time for the show and tell from Elm Creek Quilts - Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. We are working our way through all 140 blocks but doing 10 blocks a month. Yes some of us could whip through the blocks faster than that, but this is a learning experience and it is also a social experience. And there is that little thing called LIFE!!!!  It sure seems to get in the way of sewing - has for me lately. And what about all those other projects that we have to work on???????

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler - The book










Mary Jane

The blocks are looking AWESOME. Some people are having a bit of difficulty with a couple of the blocks - OK - LOTS of them are NOT easy even with the rewritten instructions. When you have to cut TWENTY FIVE 1 11/16" squares for one block and hope it measures 6 1/2" at the end can be a tad challenging!!!!

So I did TWO things for the girls. First instead of giving them 30 blocks to do over the summer - they only got 10. OK - so I did not have time to get the other 20 done either!!!!   And I have a day scheduled tomorrow where they are coming to work on the blocks they are having trouble with. It should be a great day. Yes - it cuts into my critical time frame, but I want them to be able to catch up over the summer instead of being frustrated.

Of course with losing my pictures - I can't show them how the next set of blocks go together, but I didn't take that many pictures anyway - they were pretty straight forward blocks - just cut weird sizes.

Yes - thanks to Ronda - I took my storage card into Black's and for a PRICE they are going to recover the data for me.

OK - the mad dash is about to begin for today. I do have a bit more to blog but will do it later when I need a break.

Have a great day!!!!!

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