Saturday, June 18, 2011

F is for Friday and FINISHING!!!!!!

Yes - it was a GREAT day yesterday. Not only does F stand for Friday and Finishing, but how about FOUR!!!!!   Yep - I got FOUR things done. It was a pretty exciting day!!!!

Started off with an amazing session on the High Altitude Training. I am not sure if I will continue with it when I get back. It is very time consuming!

Then back home and guess who came to visit - Miss K and her handler (that would be Marian!!!)  Marian was driving someone to their appointment and had to wait - FIVE hours!!!!  Since it was close to my house - she came and hung out with me.

Now I know you are thinking - how did I get FOUR things done even though Miss K and Marian were here????   Well - it happened. We settled ourselves at the kitchen table - I was working on my homework for Welcome to the North Pole (my class this morning). Tracing, choosing fabric (had LOTS of help there!!!!), cutting, ironing - well it was a very relaxing day and had to be done. I won't show you the homework until tomorrow when we have the proper show n tell.

And once Marian left - I hit the quilting machine as I really really wanted to get the next customer quilt DONE and I did. I am so much more focused these days - is it the impending deadline or just want to get things done?????   I hope it is NOT the former. Anyway - here is the quilt.......

Customer quilt

Close up of quilting
I think she will be happy with the quilt. She wanted a loose design (lots of stippling). It is very soft and cute.

Then onto the next project - a binding. Remember our quilt show at the beginning of May - well I had a number of projects in that show that were for sale. Also had a number of projects that had the binding down with my fusing trick!  Oooops - one of the ones for sale also had the binding trick and wouldn't you know it - it SOLD. So now I had to actually get that binding stitched down. DRAT!!!!!!   I got it finished yesterday.

Snowman fleece

Quilting design on Snowman fleece
Actually isn't a pieced top, but a LARGE fleece panel. I threw some fleece on the back (no batting) and quilted it with this snow flake pattern. The intention was to machine stitch the flannel binding down, but NO I did not get time before the show and it was going to be hard - I always say what a good way to do it, but hate the look. Anyway while I listened to my audio book - I got the binding hand stitched down. I am seeing the person today who purchased the quilt so better get it out of my house and into hers!!!!!

Let's see - customer quilt - check
                homework done for the class - check
               binding on quilt - check

Hmmm - what was the fourth thing????   Oh yes - I finished my audiobook!!!!!  I feel guilty listening to that audio book. I just plug in my headset (it fits neatly under my hair so you can't see I have my head phones on) and then I clean house, do the dishes, bind quilts or whatever. Oh - yes - even quilt customer quilts!!!!!!   I made GOOD use of my time yesterday.

Of course when DH came home - I am trying to listen to the book and he is trying to talk to me!!!!!   Go away!!!

All that got done despite the fact that Miss K was here. As Marian says - good thing that dog is CUTE. I brought the toy box up and over the course of the day - she pretty much dispersed all the toys over the kitchen floor (Marian was too quick and cleaned up BEFORE I could take pictures). She had taken the stuffing and squeakers out of at least ONE toy. Had a little accident ON PURPOSE in one of the dog beds (not sure what happened there - a territory thing?????) Had fun playing in the pond (she can walk in the water along the back edge on the rocks - just enough to get her feet wet) and then came skidding into the house - hit the TV tray where Marian's EMPTY cup was sitting. Good bye cup!!  Well - it was an exciting afternoon to say the least. She was too quick with the cup as well - no picture.

See the rocks submerged in the back - that is what she likes to walk on. Silly girl!!!!!
And then there is the "I'm too lazy to chew my bone on the floor - I will put it on a chair" routine. She did this on several surfaces in the house. Just a WEIRD dog!!!!!

Chewing a bone on a chair!!!!

GOD I am SO BORED!!!!!!   
Funny - this particular bed used to be Kaylee's at her house. But Marian gave it to me cause Kaylee NEVER slept in it. However it is her favourite bed at our house!!!

And what about the girls on TWO FEET. It seems that Caroline and M are now inseparable. They are either at her house, our house or the park or wherever. Well how about camping????   Oh yes - the girls decided to camp - URBAN style.

Setting up the tent. They did a great job and with NO instructions managed to get  the tent up and  only goofed on the poles once - well twice. Although they said a picture of the tent in the UP position would have helped a LOT. 

Can't get too FAR from home. Wouldn't do to be without a charged iPhone!!!!!

The guard dogs who were totally ticked off that they were NOT allowed in the tent!!!!!

I see that I still have some time to pop back in the garden to get more stuff cleaned up. I really really need to get into the garden in the spring to get all the dead stuff out of the way before the new stuff grows. OK - I am better this year than last. One of these years I will get it right!!!!!

Then off to my class and home to hopefully get another quilt quilted. Only TWO more to quilt, one quilt to bind - two labels and THREE classes to prep for. Yikes - it is going to be an insane week because at some point - I have to pack for FIVE weeks - clothes, camping stuff and a bike!!!!  Never mind the paperwork and appointments that still have to be taken care of this coming week. What am I sitting here for????????

Have a great day!!!!!


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