Monday, June 20, 2011


For the quilters among you - bear with me as I boast about my new NON-quilting toy, although I am sure I could find uses for this in the quilting world. And I will - but not this week.

So what is the new toy?????  ANOTHER CAMERA!!!!!!!!

HELMET cam by GoPro. This camera will fit on pretty much anything!!!!!   Takes video and stills. 

A TINY little thing (until you have it on your head!!!!!)

Actually the case is way heavier than the camera. Fits into this watertight  plastic box

The camera on the helmet - yep - looks like an alien sitting up there!!!!
And what does it do?????   Well have a look at this........


Hopefully that link takes you to the right spot. No - you don't have to watch the entire thing - I have been trying to figure out to edit the video but it was enough to load the editing software ( Adobe Premiere) which I already had and once the software was loaded - it took a bit of time to figure out how to bring the video into the software. And I'm still working on the editing!!!!!  I took another video in the country and it's pretty cool - especially the part when I take a drink of water and waving to cyclists or signaling a turn. Well I am sure you will see lots of that in the future!!!!!   But I have to figure out how to edit and right now - that is NOT a priority!!!

Is that not the COOLEST thing?????   I realize it has audio and I didn't say anything, but next time - I shall try to entertain you!!!!   My goal is to take video of some of the interesting scenes and roads that we will travel - including some DESCENTS through the mountains. Should be loads of fun - I am not sure if I will be able to upload the video while away, but we will see how it goes. And the list of NECESSARY technology grows!!!!

Now - I could do quilting demonstrations with that thing on my head - oh yes - there is a strap if you just want it on your head and no need for a helmet which I wouldn't need when quilting (I hope!!!)

I tried out my other toy yesterday as well, but it needed a new battery which I suspected. I will get it working this week. It is NOTHING as exciting as the camera.

But I had a GREAT ride yesterday - my fastest ever. 50 K in TWO HOURS!!!!  And there was a pretty decent head wind for most of the way which was VERY ANNOYING!!!!!!   But it was a gorgeous day. Let's hope our trip will have weather like that and did you know that when you go uphill - there is NO WIND. Well usually!!!!   I remember my first year cycling - hmmmmm - that would be four summers ago????   M and I did the Healing Cycle ride (that I am doing 100 MILES in this Sunday) - anyway - we rode the 50K ride and we did it in three hours!!!!!   Of course M was only 11 at the time which was a fabulous accomplishment for her!!!!!   I probably could have done it faster - but anyway - I am excited about my time even though the roads were pretty flat - that wind more than made up for the hills.

And now back to the garden or the editing - OK - I'll be responsible and get to the garden.

Have a great day!!!!



  1. That little camera did great! I felt like I was right there! So glad you avoided the construction mess!


  2. I bet you could get some interesting video if you put the camera on Kaylee's head. Of course, the camera probably wouldn't survive long.