Thursday, November 7, 2013

Breaking up is hard to do!

Oh my - DH is away (until Tuesday!!!!!!   - I know I had to refrain from jumping up and down when he announced he was extending his business trip over the weekend to play golf) and M is already off to school so I took advantage of the empty house and got my quilt of the day quilted and it isn't even 9 AM!!!!!   But I have loads to do and someone is coming to use the machine - hence, get the quilt of the day DONE early!

Have you ever tolerated something because it was easier than changing? Well it has been that way with me with my RADIO STATION. I know - this is absolutely stupid. But when I moved to Toronto in 1991 or somewhere around there, I searched for a radio station to listen to. As I am too lazy to make play lists (and they did not exist in 1991), I just listen to the radio - I don't really pay attention most times, but it makes a nice ambiance to work by.

I used to listen to CHOM-FM in Montreal (where I lived before coming to Toronto), so I automatically went to their sister station in Toronto - CHUM-FM. Easy - right? Easy is good.

Well I have listened to that station for MANY MANY years. BUT in the last couple of years, I have become less and less excited about listening to certain people on the station. To the extent that I find myself yelling at the radio. OK - this is NOT good.

After chatting with some of my friends yesterday while we embroidered our hearts out (there were EIGHT of us), I have decided to bite the bullet and change the station that I listen to. ACK ACK ACK!!!!!   I DON'T like change!!!!

So I am in the car last night on my way to a class. I punch in a different radio station and listen to that for my trip. Hmmmmm   - they are advertising a local CHRISTMAS craft sale. Yikes - where is this station????   Ah - Guelph!  Well  I would like a station a BIT closer to home. I am now auditioning CHFI.  The music is quite different (well just older which is fine by me) and I'm liking the morning show!

BUT what ticked me off was that I have ONE CD left in this HUGE book (15 CDs) that I have been trying to finish. It is a great book, but I could have popped that CD in the car on my way to class. Oh dear - I am NOT thinking.

And M says that she and Berke will help me with a play list. The only problem with just listening to play lists is that I would shut off ALL contact with the world. I don't watch TV (so no news there), I do not read newspapers (other than our local paper) and if I don't get the news on the radio - well - the world could be tumbling around me and I would be clueless. I guess I could listen to the radio news first thing and then play lists the rest of the day????

Well wish me luck with the new radio station. I really liked some of the people on the other station and I feel like I am breaking up with them!!!!   But in my new philosophy of trying to eliminate things around me that I don't like or are negative  - the radio station had to go!!!!!

No time for pictures this morning, but I have tons. Maybe when I take a break later today I will put some up.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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