Saturday, November 30, 2013

Quilting FRENZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the things that I NEED to set as a goal for 2014 is BETTER TIME SCHEDULING. I don't really need time management skills (although scheduling is probably part of it), but I am always running around like an idiot trying to meet a deadline when I have had loads of time to get things done.

And the worst culprit is scheduling quilts to be quilted. I am a pushover. I NEED A SCHEDULE and I need to adhere to it!!!!!   And I need to say that I will quilt on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (or whatever I come up with and STICK TO IT!!!!)

In light of the above, I was married to the machine yesterday as I got SIX small quilts done.

Panel wall hanging

Customer quilt

Another panel with a border

Mantel quilt

Table runner (LOVE THIS ONE - I wonder why!!!)

Table topper

Even though they were small, it still requires that the quilt get loaded on the machine. I have to load a pattern if I am working from a pattern, wind bobbins, pick thread and thread the machine. Doesn't sound like much, but it all takes time!!!!   I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day. Or maybe I am just getting old!!!!

I also had to go to the dentist to get the last part of the root canal done. CRAP - I didn't get the massage chair this time. Apparently they only have ONE and it is in the GRAY room - I was in a different room. But I was FINE - after I got rid of the shakes that I got when the dentist inserted the freezing. Not sure where that came from, but I used my calming techniques and then I am actually falling asleep as he worked on the tooth. That has NEVER happened at the dentist. I am really mellowing out!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier in the week, I got this quilt done.

High Strung - customer quilt

Detail of quilting

More detail

Yes - I still have a HUGE pile of stuff to quilt and will be back at it this afternoon.

Now I wasn't working like a slave all day - I did manage to get out for a bit and I finished another novel. A GREAT one, by Phillip Margolin - The Last Innocent Man. Wow - lots of ethical questions in this one!!!!

As I am working on the quilts or walking the dogs, I am seriously thinking about this goal setting thing for next year. I have decided the easiest way to tackle the problem is to look at the various categories of projects that I have and then I will set goals within each category.

So what are the categories?????
1. Customer quilts (While I can't plan what I don't have - I will just be scheduling some time each week for that activity) - the question is - two days or three days a week?????
2. My quilts to be quilted - already talked about this one - I will do TWO quilts of mine each month
3. BBB (borders, backings and bindings) - I will do ONE per week (did this in 2012 and it is doable)
4. Exchanges - only participating in ONE - a post card exchange (I am in two groups of it) - that is my LIMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. The rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (I will split it further into categories)
                A. $10 quilts   (past and present)
                B. Customer (making quilts for other people)
                C. Samples
                D. All the rest (no rush on any of that!)
                E. New stuff
                F. Block of the month and mystery quilt (I have designed both - just need to finish them up)

So now it is a question of figuring out the measurable goals in all the categories and then make it happen. I will be setting up a schedule for the year. Now it will have flexibility built in - I am NOT that rigid, but I do like having a plan.

Now I don't imagine that your goal setting will be quite that involved. But get SERIOUS about it - do you have one project that you NEED to get done, that you WANT to get done, that you would feel so much better if it were done???????  

Well look at the categories above or look at your own. Make lists, File stuff away or bring it out, but the important thing - get working on this. There is ONE MONTH left in order to get organized.

And if anyone needs more specific help, let me know. I would be happy to sit down and help you figure it out. Once you have the project or projects, we need to set a schedule on getting it done!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. We have our BIG REVEAL of TEN YEARS OF TEN DOLLAR quilts this morning. I am packed and ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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