Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hot food - coming through.......................

Wow - what a day!!!!   Normally I take hand work to Monday. When we were at the Hobby Horse - there was no room for me to take a sewing machine and so I would often spend the day cutting. Then when we moved to the church, I started to take handwork. Well I have a deadline and I decided to take my sewing machine yesterday. WOW - I might just have to take my machine more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's the story - I am writing my article for A Needle Pulling Thread - the topic is baby quilts. At the last moment, I decided that I needed THREE baby quilts to help illustrate the article. The first quilt is a panel. (You will HAVE to buy the magazine to get the REAL SCOOP on the quilts)

When I was preparing to quilt the panel on the weekend, I came across a LONG STRIP of batting that if I cut in half would be the PERFECT size for the panel. BUT - what is the best way to join the HIGH LOFT polyester batting???   Well I put on my badge of bravery (or threw caution to the wind!) and cut some lightweight fusible interfacing and VERY CAREFULLY ironed the strips to join the batting. I was careful because I did NOT want to melt the batting, nor did I want to flatten it! (It will melt into itself and is icky!!)

Experiment worked PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panel got loaded (looks so TINY)
And now just needs to be trimmed and bound. 

Then I got busy and got the blocks sewn for the pieced baby quilt. When I went to Monday Motivators, this one just needed ONE more border strip sewn on. Did you note the MITERED corners?????

I did buy fabric for the narrow blue strip. There just wasn't anything in the yardage that I had that would work. So the border got put on yesterday and when I arrived home - I threw it on the machine and VOILA - quilted before dinner!!!!!

Baby quilt number two - QUILTED - just needs to be trimmed and bound. 

Detail of quilting

The question now is the colour of binding. I did have some yellow leftover from making the quilts, but I'm thinking that blue might be better and I only bought enough to make TWO small borders?????   ACK - I may have to go to HH today to get more of that blue. CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!!!!

So yesterday during Monday Motivators - I laid out these squares for baby quilt number three. I was going to do a pattern, but decided that random was better and easier to sew!!!

All the squares - sewn and now just needs two borders!

Here is border number two  - a melange of all the leftovers!!!!

This is border number one (the blue). The yellow was supposed to be the binding (and may still be) and the big pink - I had to buy on the weekend for the backing of this baby quilt. 

 I am happy with the progress, but those three quilts NEED to be done soon. I will be hand stitching today and quilting and piecing!  Plus I have TWO customer quilts that have to be done by tomorrow. Well - a typical day for me!!!!!!!!!!!

On the weekend, I taught a class on making a fabric wreath from Happy Hollow. Before the class I was looking for some fabric to make a few samples. I was looking in the green baskets. As I was going through them, I decided that NOW was the time to start culling those UGLIES that I will never use.

So yes - some of the greens that I will NEVER use - got thrown in the (SCRAP CUTTING) basket and will get cut into strips for making scrap quilts - and then I will use them!!!!!!!!!!
Obviously I didn't throw out much because there still looks like a LOT of green fabric!!!!!   But it isn't crazy and overflowing!!!   (like a few others!!)

Remember, I went through my pressing cabinet looking for that little iron? Well - no iron, but look what I did find in there.

TWO ironing board covers for a ironing board size that I don't even use!!!!!!!!!    Hmmm - better check the situation and see where they can be used. I don't think DH would appreciate the one on the left for his ironing board!!!!!   (I do have a spare ironing board that gets used sometimes)
Containers for putting water in the iron (obviously I am a hoarder of those!! BUT they are all together!!!!)  
LOTS of pressing sheets - both cloth and teflon
And if ever they stop making this iron cleaner - I have LOTS!!!   OK - so I don't need any more of this for a while!!!!
Yesterday I also got the strips for Clue Number One of the mystery quilt that I designed. I had better make it as well!!!!   So I got the strips sewn, but now I need to press and cut them. 
Also got a few more blocks done on this scrap quilt. Just a few left to make!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did cut a few more pieces, but I think I am still missing a few darks!
Here is the wreathe that we were making in the wreath class. Karen was going to add in another section so those prairie points will lie a bit flatter. 
BUT instead of pins - do you see what she is using????   Those little binding clips!!!!

I decided I had better get finished with this book since I need to return it this week. Perhaps I can learn some new tips?????   I doubt it - but you never know. 

Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter by Carolyn Woods

Well I love this part - THE CAUSES OF CLUTTER

Not enough surface space (NOPE - not an issue at my house)
Too much surface space (OK - I have to agree with this one)
Too many projects at once (ARE YOU KIDDING ME - that causes clutter????? - who knew!!!)
Unfinished cleanup (USED to be a problem - now I am VERY diligent about cleaning up)
Inaccessible storage (NOPE - not a problem either)
No designated home (USED to be a problem, but I have learned - NOTHING is homeless at my house)

So far, I AGREE with everything she has mentioned, although I am not very far into the book. The biggest problem with this whole organizing thing is that it takes time - LOADS and LOADS of time. BUT if you start in one area - start small, it will get easier and then it becomes a habit and next thing you know - you are in good shape.

Lots of people ask for advice and the BEST piece of advice that I could give to anyone who wants to organize/clean their sewing room. Start by sorting and putting LIKE things together. Well - there are tons of other advice, but this is the place to start!!!!!

I don`t mind the clutter - and almost all of mine is that I take those TOO MANY PROJECTS at once and lay them on my TOO MUCH SURFACE SPACE and it looks messy. But I can have the space clear for people to sew in about a half hour. I don`t think that is bad at all!!!!!

Oh yes - let`s not forget the winter sampler. I did get some sewing done and also the next group of blocks are cut and ready to go!!!!

I know - you are thinking that NONE of the above had anything to do with food. Well I am NOT one for making and taking my lunch anywhere. I usually buy it, but lately, I have been trying to be good and take lunch, especially to Monday Motivators. So I put my lunch (leftovers from dinner the other night at the restaurant) in my little microwaveable container. At lunch, I loosened the lid and put it in the microwave to heat it up. I must have heated it a bit too much as it was hot and I went to put the lid on and being too much in a hurry, it wouldn't snap down properly.

I grabbed the container and OH CRAP - it is hot. I turned to put it on the counter and WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - that little HOT MISSILE of a container just sailed out of my hands. Now - you are thinking - OH DEAR what a mess. NOPE - it sailed right into the BIG OPEN garbage container. I just stood there - HEY - what happened?????   Now if that container had of landed FACE UP - I probably would have picked it out (the garbage bag was BRAND NEW), but OH NO - that little container landed face down and I LOST MY LUNCH!!!!

Well by this time, I am laughing so hard, the tears are rolling down my face and when I went back to the sewing room, I could NOT stop laughing. I guess it was the kind of moment that has to happen to you. Oh my gosh - it was the funniest thing ever!!!!!

Judy saved the day (and gave me half of her sandwich) although I insisted that I had chocolate with me and didn't need the sandwich!!!!   Thanks Judy.

Oh yes - I did another project at Monday. Shoot - I can't find it right now but I will and take a picture for tomorrow.

Have you ever noticed how people react to advice that you give them? Well - I try not to give advice to a specific person or scenario (I used to and I am trying to keep my mouth shut!!), but from time to time people will ask for advice - how would YOU quilt this, how would you design this, how would you charge for this, how would you approach this, etc. etc.   And I have to laugh because EVERY TIME I give MY advice (and reluctantly I might add), my advice gets questioned!!!   Really???  You would do that???   You would charge that much????   Well - DO NOT ask for my advice if you don't want it.   BUT I HATE HATE HATE (that is such a strong word), but when people ask ME for advice on how to quilt something. I LOVE LOVE LOVE free motion and I know these people have NO INTEREST in doing free motion. Don't ask me - we have different styles!!!!!  Anyway - I will continue to give (if asked) but THINK before you ask - you may not like the answer!!!!!    (I will dish out TONS of general advice - like organizing - well there is a time and place to dish out advice) - OH dear it is a complicated line to draw!!!!

Don't get me wrong - I think it is a good idea for people to discuss things - it helps to clarify the situation. I love to do that as well. But don't say -  Oh really? - - do you think that is OK??   Well I wouldn't have said it if I didn't think it was OK!!!!   ;)    

On that note - I am out of here. I better get some e-mails answered, make labels and a few other paperwork things before I hit the sewing and quilting machines.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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