Friday, November 1, 2013

I need THERAPY!!!

SCRAP therapy that is!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh dear - my obsession just gets worse every day!  And I just can't seem to control it!

For some reason, I decided to get out that BIG box of scraps that still needs to be gone through...........

The BOX - definitely BIGGER than a shoe box. This is going to take a BIT of time
Part of the problem is that I was the recipient of ANOTHER bag of scraps the other day. I felt "sorry" for them so I had to accept them!!!!!

Let's open the box. Hmmmm - there is a bit of stuff that I recognize as mine. But what is in this bag right on top????

Oh my god - it is more batiks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Empty the bag - sort out the NON-batiks........  They go back in the box and I managed to shove the new bag into the box and it is in the middle of the floor. Oh yes - it is going to get cut up. 

Managed to cut 238 squares. That brings me up to something like 1,324 squares. I KNOW - enough is enough!!!!   I have enough of those squares to make TWO of the quilts that I am going to make on Saturday. BUT I will likely only make one and then pick one of the patterns that were in the batik strip box. 

So here is the batik strip box - looking all spiffy. 

As I was putting that box back on the shelf in the stash room and removing the big box of scraps, I spotted something on the floor. Hmmmmm.........................

I did have my flannel scraps on the shelf with the rest of the scrap boxes, but then the lids exploded and there was no longer room for them. There are THREE boxes of flannel scraps and they reside on the floor.

Scraps of flannel

HEY - I am looking for some scraps for the SECOND quilt on the list for tomorrow.

The flannel had been sorted and this was mostly floral/burgundy. There is a LOT of fabric in that basket!!!!!

Sorted out the bits of binding (top right corner of the basket), the half square triangles (bottom right) and the yardage

That left a bunch of squares and strips and this little bit in the front that is sort of a match, but not really. 

I got busy cutting and sorting and look what I came up with.....................

These are the rectangles that we need for the second scrap quilt, but have I cut them evenly - lights and darks?????

When I sorted them - yep - I have pretty much the same amount of lights as darks!!!!   How about that!!!!    I still need to cut some more rectangles and squares, but I wasn't able to buy as much background as required, so I may have to make the quilt a bit smaller. I think I will wait before I cut more of this. 

BUT - there was a LOT of scraps so I decided to start cutting for another quilt as well. This is the second quilt we received at our monthly meeting..............

Here are strips - 1 1/2" by 6 1/2" - all sorted in my cutlery trays!!!!!

And YET another quilt - these strips are 2" by 7"  (don't worry - you will see the construction as it happens)

And my little bits - not sure what I will do with them yet. 

Still have these strips to cut and then have to deal with the yardage. 

And this is the more pinky stuff that I left out of this project

YES - I may have to buy a bit of backgrounds to go with them, but if I am careful in how much I buy - I won't be adding to the problem!!!!   AND I get rid of that basket of flannel - it was right by the door and with it gone - it feels so much more open in that stash room. I have to think of those flannel scraps for the next couple of quilts so I can get them all used up or at least get them back in ONE box that will go back on the shelf!!!!!!

Yesterday was a crazy day at our house....................

Not only was it Halloween, but we had a special birthday..................

I think that signs says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And M wrote a beautiful letter to her Dad. It was a nice touch!!!!
While I was digging out my batik strips - I came across this lunch pail. My Halloween decorated lunch box!!!   And in the background you can see my Halloween cup!!!!   (Thanks Ronda)
We even got the girls in the act
Wait! - oh god - Sammy's tongue is LONG!!!!!   Is she flirting with Berke????
So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sparky loved dressing up and she looked cute

Sammy - not so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cake! 

A very RICH chocolate fudge cake!!!

M on her way to a party

Love those lashes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lest you think I got nothing done but cut scraps - that is not true.

I did manage to get a customer quilt done. 
And because those bright bits were 3 dimensional - I had to stop at every edge and get the foot over the lip without it flipping back. Takes a bit more time, but I got it done!!!!!

Also finished a book. Has anyone read this author????   Diane Mott Davidson????   I have read all her books. Now I have to say that the main character - while I like Goldy - she is a nervous wreck and worries about WAY TOO MUCH. A real parent like that would be dead with all the worry.

Well - I wasn't that thrilled with this latest book. The book itself was not bad - a good story - very complex, but the ending was very weak. Anyone read it???

Well, I am finding that the more I read, the more "sophisticated" my reads need to be. That may not be the right word, but reading fluff just doesn't cut it any more. Now I don't know that I will ever get into the classics or even stuff like Ken Follett, but there has to be some substance or I don't enjoy it. I wonder if it has to do with me? or the fact that these series books are HARD to keep the reader interested?????  

On that note - I must get to work. I have a bit more cutting, some designing to see how much cutting I have to do, more quilts, more sewing, more, more, more, more, more....................

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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