Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas......................

Oh my - the season is upon us.

And how can you tell??????

Christmas artwork for sale - these belong to Judy M and are on display at the Georgetown Public Library

More Christmas artwork by Judy (also at the Library)

This brings to mind a question. Even though I do NOT have permission from the artist to post a picture of their work, it is on display in a PUBLIC place. And I have given credit to the maker and the location. I figure I am covered. Otherwise I am going to copyright hell for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

People are working on Christmas wall hangings. This belongs to Karen from MM. I think this would be awesome on a door. 

Christmas lights on houses

Christmas decorations!!!!!!!!   I was at Canadian Tire last night and noted that there are NO decorations in orange. Tons of blue/red/green/white/gold and even pink, but NO ORANGE. And then I found these giant snow flakes in orange. Well I had to have them. I bought all they had. Now can I put these on my tree outside or should I put them inside?????     and at only $3 each, maybe I need to check OTHER Canadian Tire stores. 

Woke up to our FIRST snow of the season. 

Little Sammy enjoying the snow. She HATES when the snow accumulates on her paws.

I did get a quilt done yesterday................

Customer quilt
Detail of quilting

My child (like ALL kids) just doesn't seem to understand that a jar is NOT empty until you scrap out the remaining bits. I see her buy new jars of salsa when there is still 1/4 left in the old one. Well - it is OK to buy a new one at that point, but then finish the old!!!!    This is the "NOTE" that I left her in the fridge yesterday when I discovered duplicates of not ONE item, but TWO.

A SPATULA - oh my god - what a concept to scrap out the jars!!!!!!

A while back I was showing you the tip for making vinyl "review" boards for quilting designs. Well I was having trouble with the pens (especially after I used a PERMANENT marker without thinking). Then I tried WASHABLE markers with little success.

Washable markers - not good

AH - but a dry erase marker works just fine and it erases!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Now I am all set with this. 

 And I am hanging my head in disgust. After all my raving about my Android tablet - it has given up the ghost. It is DEAD!!!!   It is permanent REBOOT mode. I went online to see how to reboot it, tried what they said. No luck. Went online to chat with a technician and still NO LUCK. Even though the little Android guy said it was cleaning the system.

Little Android guy working!!!!!!!!!!

No choice but to send it away (to North Bay) for repairs. CRAP CRAP CRAP.   The same thing happened to M with her new laptop. I swear we have some magnetic field in our house that causes this. We even had Hydro in a couple of years ago because things were crapping out at an alarming rate. We do have spikes in the electricity because we have one of those big green boxes in front of the house, but not enough to do anything (according to the hydro guy). We had a big serge protector put on the electrical panel and that helped a bit???   Anyway - just ONE MORE THING to do - get this bundled up and to the post office.

Have to pick fabric for a NEW quilt. Yes - a project that I am going to teach next year. I want it in BROWN as I do not have any brown quilts. I pulled out the basket of brown fabric this morning. YIKES - we have a problem here..................

A LOT of brown, but at least it seems to stay in the basket after I went through it. Before that it was all over the place. 

What I pulled out to start the quilt with. May need to go shopping and going to be at Ruti's this morning, so I had better look before I go so I don't have to do a second trip. 

This is what got culled................

And went into the "let's make scraps" bucket

These do NOT look like browns and got moved to the appropriate basket

This got pulled to put into the collage area
 Also working on the label issue. More on that tomorrow.

One more quilt with the label on
And another one with its label on

Here is the Monday basket with the NEXT project that is missing a label. This one needs the binding done as well

And what do you do with a label that you made a mistake on????   Well I cut it into four and will use it as a little scrap for starting to sew (like an ender and leader). My machine will NOT work without one, so might as well use up these scraps. 

I have run out of time this morning, so I must go and get ready for my class. I did a good/bad thing yesterday in the studio and I am VERY EXCITED about it. I will try to post it later today - but for sure tomorrow - all the pictures are ready to go.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. My goodness, you have been busy! I love the pictures of your snowy yard. I'm always dreaming of a white holiday here in California, but it never comes!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter