Monday, November 4, 2013

How to build a NEW quilter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When M went to the local high school, she had one of the BEST teachers I have seen in a long time. This teacher was involved with her students, she cared about them and spent a lot of time with them, making herself available at off class times, etc.

Who is this awesome lady????   Well - it is Miss Bamford!!!!   (and she is a quilter!!!!)

Have a look at this web site (and make sure you watch the video) and see what her students are up to. (The students MADE the video). If you want to support them financially, or you have stuff you can donate or they can purchase (with their raised funds) that are appropriate to new quilters - there is a contact on the web site. Please contact them directly via e-mail (it is on the web site) as they know exactly what they want..

Community Project

What is MORE exciting is the great experience the students will get with this project and can we dare hope that they will become future quilters????  

As much as quilting is experiencing a "resurgence", and yes there are some new young and exciting blood in the industry, but we need to support programs like this at the local level and in our communities. Otherwise - there will be no GUILDS in the future. Next time you go to your local guild - check out the audience.

Hmmm - how many of them are under 50?????   Now we may not see a high school student become a crazy quilter immediately, but hopefully this program will encourage them at some point to become a quilter.

Of course I am EXCITED about the program even though it is NOT my program!!!!

Good luck Miss Bamford and all your students. I wish you MUCH SUCCESS with your program. You are going to have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!    (I'm jealous!!!!!)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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