Friday, November 22, 2013

Who is really in charge???

I have been a slug for the last couple of weeks. The tooth thing and well it hasn't taken much for me to MISS the spin class. Not sure why I was so lazy, but I got my butt back there this morning and half way through the workout when I am tired and sweaty - my endorphins kicked in and I am thinking THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Mary and Linda came over so we could chat about our ART. Yes - we are trying to branch out and let me say that those couple of hours of inspiration is AWESOME. I just love seeing what the others are doing, getting confirmation of what I am doing and then planning for moving forward. Don't really have any art stuff to show you (YET) - I am going to focus on paper COLLAGE for my art and I made some steps yesterday and more thoughts about it in spin class this morning. My BIGGEST problem is that I get ideas and I don't write them down so I can create that cool journal that I want so bad. So I will have to set aside some time later today to make that happen.

Mary got her top together (the kitchen one) and it is stunning...........

Mary's kitchen quilt - I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Then Katheleen was over to work on a HUGE quilt on the machine. She settled in and got that thing quilted in no time. Might have to hire her to do my quilts!!!!

So after Mary and Linda left and Katheleen was using the machine, I got busy trying to clean up stuff.

I managed to get this accomplished...............

The binding and top were done for this quilt, and the backing selected, but NOW the backing is DONE!!!!

Still have to design something to use the leftovers from this project. I already have something in mind, but it is NOT a priority right now. 

Thanks to Jeanette, I got the backings done for BOTH of the spring sampler quilts. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I managed to get the backing and binding done for the scrap quilt

I think it was time this fabric got used - do you see the date on there?????   1992
Had to use two different fabrics for the back - no worries it is a scrap quilt.

If you were careful when you read the above, you know what dilemma I am now facing. Did you guess????   YUP - now there are FOUR more quilts to be quilted. So I have to put them in the tubs and label them.

WELL - I had a mutiny on my hands when I attempted that. That scrap quilt put up such a fuss - it said NO WAY LADY - I AM NOT GOING IN THE TUB to wait for years before you quilt me. No that quilt JUMPED ONTO THE QUILT MACHINE and VOILA - it got quilted.

Scrap quilt - QUILTED

Detail of quilting

And it helps when M is out to the drive-in (it is discount night at the drive-in - well so she tells me) and DH works very late so I am HOME ALONE. I can do whatever I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So  I only have to add THREE quilts to the tubs, not four!!!!   Now all the customer quilts are MAD that they got bumped by a SCRAP quilt!!!!!

For the list makers and organizers - here is a task for the weekend


1. Make a list
2. Be realistic
3. Cull the list
4. Put away EVERYTHING else that is NON-CRITICAL
5. Pick ONE of the critical projects and FOCUS ON THAT until it is done.

Guess what I will also be doing this weekend????   Oh yes - I'll be making a list and checking it twice - the crunch time has arrived and there is NO TIME for fiddling around.

On that note - I have Sit n Sew today and there are six ladies on their way over. I get to do their pressing and ripping today!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh - it is going to be fun!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!   (NO - have an AWESOME day - it is those darn endorphins talking!!)


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