Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ironman Challenge - Day THREE!!!!


How is the ironing board situation coming along at your house???   AH - you thought I wasn't serious about this? I am going to bug you the entire week!!!!     Helen Anne sent me pictures of her ironing board

This is the BEFORE picture. apparently the week before the board was a DISASTER.  So even though it gets to be the dumping ground, it looks like Helen Anne does a good job of clearing it off rather than just use a corner of the board to iron!!!

AFTER - but we both agree that she needs a new ironing board cover. Actually I wonder what would happen if you  washed it????   Hers isn't ripped and mine isn't ripped, but very badly stained with water.  I will check out the instructions to see if I can wash it or look at getting a new one. 

In light of the topic of the week - I dug out ALL my ironing/pressing supplies.

Yes - there are FIVE jugs of distilled water and I bet by Christmas - most of that will be gone. I am going to go through these supplies this week (or it may be next since I am going away for the weekend. But I have a feeling that there are a few things that I don't need. Now I have to say that this isn't that bad, but there has to be a better way to keep track of it all. I'll walk you through that process hopefully tomorrow. 

I took my sewing machine to Monday Motivators yesterday and I was on a roll. I don't have a picture of what I worked on, but I was fired up when I got home and kept sewing. This is what I have got done in the last couple of days.

Another one of our community projects quilted!!!!

This basket is TOPS for the MM community project that need to be quilted!!!!   And there are TWO HUGE tubs of fabric that needs to be dealt with, but I need to get the tops out of the way before we make more!!!!

The binding is now on and I will give it to someone at MM to hand stitch that binding down. 
Oh - here I am working on the mystery quilt for the Halton Hills guild

Here is my Bag One and Bag Two for the mystery - all done!!!!    Got the next clue cut out and ready to sew (well almost). But I'm not sharing that until it goes out in the newsletter!!!!
Cut some of the white triangles needed to make half square triangles with those red cut off pieces. Using them as enders and leaders and hope to trim as I go!!!!   (rather than do it all at the end)
Got the binding on another Monday Motivator quilt - it is in the back (green) on the left of the table. I didn't take a picture of it, but I gave it to someone yesterday so they could hand stitch the binding down. The radio - we talked about that already - it is in the garage waiting to go the recycling depot.  You see I am trying to keep this set of tables clear so that when I need some space to work - it is there with NO effort!!!!

ONE of my biggest problems is that I am a shuffler. Rather than DO (or finish) a project, I will often shift it to a new space. It goes from cutting table to ironing board to work table and then they all rotate back again!!!!!!   Rather silly and so I am trying really hard to deal with those projects that are in that perpetual shuffle!!!

Cutting table is in the perpetual shuffle loop!!!!

Sewing table area stays pretty clear!
More blocks done for the winter samplers!!!!!

I've actually done other stuff, but no time to take pictures. I'll get them up tomorrow.

Here is an area that I really really want to clear up. These are all finished quilts. OK - maybe some of them need labels. Well they need to be sorted, labeled and then they will either get hung up or stored away. I want the table underneath to do some scrapbooking or art stuff. 

So the other morning or maybe it was evening - with DH away and M flitting in and out, I have no concept of time!!!!   Anyway - I am cutting away and then all of a sudden - BANG!!!!!!!!!!!    I hear something metal has fallen. WHOA!!!!    What the heck was that and it was LOUD and it was CLOSE to me.

I check around the studio - nope - don't see anything, I check in the stash room - nope - nothing there either. I continued working and about an hour later, I bent down to pick up something and AHA - there was the source of the noise. A metal tin in fact had fallen off the shelving units under the cutting table.

Fallen tin!!!!   

What do you do with your leftover bindings????

Left over binding from the third baby quilt

Well - I bind a LOT of quilts so I decided to keep the bindings.

I now have an entire BIG tin full of them. This is super because I am going to use those bindings scraps for the binding of my scrap quilts. 

Berke loves car. It is that simple - he would live, breath and eat cars if he had the choice. So he needed a job and what kind of job does he get?????   A valet downtown!!!!

He stopped by the other night all dressed up in his snappy uniform. (M - next time - get him to take off his coat and have him wear the tie!!!!)

I asked him if the staff has had to peel him off of any cars yet. Nope - but he has just SAT in a couple of them enjoying the moment!!!!   A perfect job for a car fanatic and pays pretty decent as well. Or so I hear.

Speaking of cars - did you know that only 1 in 10 cars sold these days is a MANUAL. I have always driven a manual car. Unless I had a health issue, I would ALWAYS buy a manual. They are cheaper to buy, more fun to drive and LESS LIKELY to be STOLEN. Think about how many people know how to drive a MANUAL!!!!     Berke had to prove that he could drive MANUAL before getting the job.   Now if he could just do an alignment on my car I would be happy.  Can't get in this week - too many people getting snow tires put on.

I like to walk in the forest with my girls and this is a HUGE source of my energy, my creativity, my calmness and patience. Just being in nature - well it makes a huge difference to me. And if I didn't have the forest - well I would find a park or some other place. I guess it is just being outside in nature.

MY sanctuary (if only it were really mine!!!!)

Well on that note - I have tons to do today (I know - what else is new). But honestly - taking my sewing machine to Monday Motivators has pumped me up. So much so that I am NOT getting anything done by hand!!!!!  

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. My oversized ironing board between my living and dining rooms is clear because I use it - the whole thing - often and it's easy to fold up and hide behind the dining room door if need be. It's the dining room table and other furniture that's the problem in there...