Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mixed UP!

NOTE TO SELF - NEVER take those pain killers from the dentist. I thought I would be smart and take one in the morning (with my big breakfast) and I would be fine all day. WRONG!!!!!!   While I wasn't nauseous, I was EXHAUSTED. I was in the middle of chopping vegetables for dinner (that went in the slow cooker in the AM) and I had to have a 2 hour nap!!!!  Then back to chopping the rest of the vegetables! I probably didn't even need to take the stupid thing. What a DOLT!!!!!

Oh DEAR - Barbara so kindly reminded me that Bonnie Hunter's mystery starts NEXT WEEK. I was getting excited to see the first clue and..............   Well I have an extra week!!!!    Thanks Barbara!!!!   (good thing you let me know, otherwise I would have been frantically trying to find the clue tomorrow morning)

I really must be mixed up because I was CERTAIN that I had a guild meeting tonight. And that meant that I had a few books to read and some other stuff to get ready. Then I receive an e-mail reminding of us of the meeting which is NEXT WEEK!!!!   OK - does that mean I just gained a week??

No, but it would have been nice.

I decided since I was reading the books, I might as well continue.

Lots of inspiration and I will be making one of the projects. NOW that I actually have time to do that!!!!

Art studios - no projects in this book, but just interesting to see how people set up their work spaces. Lots of painters in this one and a number of great ideas. It was fun to read how other artists like to come home and enjoy the process of unpacking from a workshop. A calming effect - I can relate to that. And many spend a lot of time cleaning, tidying, sorting and organizing - JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!

Then it was time to get some work done even though I did not really feel productive.

One of the issues with tidying/cleaning up is that you discover something that is ALMOST done and well - it won't take long to get it complete. (My problem is that I have way too many like that) I think that is why the 2013 shelf is still as full as it was at the beginning of the year. I find something that is almost done and then BOOM - I have to work on it and not always to completion or it goes on the shelf!!!!

I found this project in the stash room and I had moved it to the current table.  After some discussions over the weekend (about 15 minutes of play - basically making fabric from scraps), I decided that this would be a good project to work on when one isn't feeling 100 percent.

By the way - I am making progress in cleaning up - I have been shifting things around and there is less on the floor in the storage areas and that is always a good thing.

A box of shirting materials  (this is what is left from the HUGE quantity that I had). We have made a number of quilts from it - I really must count how many in total. 
For some reason I was serging those bits together so it went FAST
While not the same as 15 Minutes of Play - the idea is the same - I really tried to keep them in rail fence configuration
There was enough fabric in the box for TWO quilts - the one on the left has 90 blocks and the one on the right has 110 blocks. 

And there was mere scraps leftover

Which I put into the bag with the other scraps. This will make a good 15 Minutes of Play exercise. Then to find something creative to do with the MADE fabric

Then I got busy and FINISHED this top. I just LOVE IT!!!!!   And yet most of the fabric in it is hideous on its own

Dug out the tin of leftover binding pieces and selected enough to make the binding (this picture was taken AFTER I removed my scrappy binding pieces) - Loads left for the next batch of scrap quilts

Scrappy binding - DONE

I have fabric out to make the backing - just have to measure, cut and sew. Then it is ready and I am really really going to try and sneak that one on the machine. It is going to be tight because I have lots to do and I am behind.

When we driving up to the retreat house last week, we stopped at a quilt store along the way. Thimbles and Things in Orillia. One of the things that I saw were these and I purchased one. I would LOVE to get the rest, but alas I do have a budget. Each one is a separate pattern.

Holiday House by Zebra Patterns

They are so cute!!!!   And there is a piece of printed fabric in each pattern for the windows.  Got to save up my money for the rest.

On that note - I have loads to get done today. The next quilt is already up on the design wall and I am going to try very hard to get it done by tomorrow. I have sit n sew and I know some of the ladies want to use the wall.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(and only ONE more week (not day!) to wait for Bonnie Hunter mystery)  

Don't forget that you should be thinking about those CRITICAL projects that you want to get done next year. I will be getting back on track with that topic soon. But you must seriously think about what you are going to do!!!!

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