Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Days!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy to report that my "cold" or whatever it was is finally starting to disappear. For the first time in over a week, my sinus were more or less clear!  Yeah!  I shouldn't say anything - don't want to jinx myself, but I wasn't really sick, but yet I was. Stupid!!!

What can I say? ANOTHER amazing day yesterday. So happy with my progress. I know there are many people who MUST work on ONE project at a time. And I applaud them. I wish I could be that focused. I CANNOT imagine what it would be like to have NO UFOs (unfinished projects!!).  Personally I like to have LOTS - then when I get bored of working on one - I can move to the next one. But not even that - sometimes there are projects that need something that I don't have at that moment or my brain just can't wrap itself around that - well then I can move to something else. Still being productive and psyching myself up to do whatever it needs to advance the next one.

Here's a peak at what got accomplished yesterday...................

Oh Yvonne - this is for you! We were chatting the other day about joining batting and I just so happened to have to join batting (not for the customer quilt, but the other one - just wait for it!)

Two pieces of batting that need to be joined

I use lightweight fusible interfacing to join them. You can buy the pre-cut strips from a quilt store OR you can buy yardage of the lightweight fusible interfacing and make your own strips (I cut mine to about 1 1/2"). Make sure there is a clean cut on both sides of the batting, then lay the pieces on the ironing board - side by side. Lay the interfacing over the two edges (fusible side down) and iron them together!!!!   It is FAST and works like a charm!!!!
Customer quilt - DONE
Detail of quilting

Then I got ambitious and also looking at what needs to be done. I almost fainted!!!!   Well not exactly, but there are a LOT of quilts to be quilted. Both for customer and for our community projects. OH DEAR - I had better bump up to 1 1/2 quilts per day!!!!    So I dug out this quilt from the community project bucket, found TWO pieces of batting that were JUST the right size, joined the batting and loaded the quilt. Got half of it done last night.

Next quilt on the machine!!!!

Got my article for A Needle Pulling Thread put together. Needs some major editing and of course pictures. But before the pictures can be done - I need to do a bit of work!!!   Oh yes - nothing is ever easy!!!!

Just in case you are thinking that I have abandoned my $10 Quilts - remember those seasonal samplers?????  I am still working on the TWO winter ones.

My forest of trees!!!!!

Marian came over for a bit and while she was busy texting and stitching!, I was busy making more blocks for my scrappy quilt.

Scrappy quilt

Oh yes - it is coming along nicely, but of course I ran out of fabric. Remember I only cut HALF the darks that I needed to finish the quilt. Got the rest of the darks cut and ready to sew. Obviously I can't count or do simple math because when I was counting my pieces left, I noticed that I had FIVE of the centers left so I needed MORE lights as well. I am sure I am going to need more pieces but I will sew what I have and then go from there. I am taking the remaining blocks to the workshop today. In the event I have to wait for a cutting table (the backgrounds are NOT cut on our projects), I will still have something to sew.

It is so sad and pathetic that I CANNOT be wasting a single moment!!!!

On that note - I have ONE thing I must finish before I leave this morning or Linda is going to kill me. She knows what it is!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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