Sunday, November 3, 2013

What did you do with that extra hour????

For some reason, I had WEIRD dreams last night. No wait - I REMEMBERED my dreams last night. Normally I do not. And I had TWO that I remember - the first one I was some place weird with shady characters - I've been there before. Don't ask my why!!!   Anyway - this girl was going to SEW a tatoo on my leg!  Oh yeah - she had this HUGE needle and she jabbed it into my leg - just under the skin. It HURT a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I think I woke up at this point.

Then back to sleep and this time my dream was about someone who made a mess inside my car. Now this was probably because it looks like someone threw something at the back of my car. I was quite upset because the inside was a mess.

Then I woke up. And now my sinus was killing me and the only way to make that better is to get up and let gravity do its job. I look at the time - 4:30 AM. Almost time to get up anyway so I get out of bed. I get downstairs to the studio and turn on the radio. OH CRAP - it was the night to turn the clocks back - but I did NOT turn back the clocks in our house. Oh well - I am up - I am pumped. Let's just get to work.   You'll see in a minute what I did this morning.

Yesterday we had our workshop and it was amazing. Everyone was so pumped and ready to sew!!!!!!!!!! Have a look at what they did............   (now the big problem - but also the benefit of seeing the other colourways is that I want to make one of each!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Maria - Christmas theme - I just LOVE it

Some finished blocks

Flo with brights (I have those same brights!!!)

Some finished blocks

Mary with New York City prints

Some of Mary's finished blocks

Elly did an autumn theme

Some finished blocks

Sybil did Asian themed - I did NOT get pictures of her blocks

Joyce W did batiks and got lots of strips done

A couple of her finished blocks

This is mine (on the design wall at home) - my flannel from that scrap bucket!!!!   Pretty neat!

Daphne was working on the diagonal quilt

Joyce R also worked on the diagonal quilt
This is Judy's little box of treasures!!!!!    Pre-cut 2 1/2" squares. Oh boy - Maybe I need one of those??????

Judy's blocks in progress - WAIT A MINUTE - what's that little thing on the right of the picture?????
It's a MINI iron. It was so cute!!!!!   I want one - HEY - I had one!!!!   Where is it?????

Oh shoot - I searched in my ironing supplies and there is NO little iron. I know I had one and I probably said - OH this is too small so I gave it to a guild for a door prize. I know I did!!!!!    Well - it was perfect for ironing those small seams on those blocks. Matter of fact - I don't think I saw Judy leave her chair ONCE all day. That is her secret to getting lots of sewing done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are Judy's blocks - all 9 patches for the quilt they were working on - DONE!!!!!
Some of \Karen's finished 9-patches

Callie - excited that her block measures 6 1/2". And she should be bursting with PRIDE as she has never sewn before!!!!!   Oh yeah - I think she went home hooked!!!!!    Way to go Callie!!!!!!!!!!!  
This is her fabric - I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alas - it was time to come home. BUT - I had work to do!!!!!   I did manage to get ANOTHER bag of scraps, BUT it was teeny tiny - how could I resist????

Teeny tiny bag of scraps!!!!!!!!!!!
Community project quilt - DONE

Quilting detail
This is my helper. Just so I don't forget her - she likes to lie EXACTLY where I need to walk in order to quilt!!!!   I try stepping over her!!!!   

Then we popped out for a quick dinner. And when I came back I saw my project bags from the day strewn on the floor.  Hmmmmmm - why would that be??????

OH YES - there was a box of muffins in there - see the box at the top right of the picture????
Well either the packaging was so well done or we arrived just as she was getting into it - she didn't get into the muffins!!!!!!!   That Sparky is just such a scavenger!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - so you want to know what I did with my extra hour this morning?????

Well - it goes like this - I have an article that I need to submit to the magazine - A Needle Pulling Thread. This article is on baby quilts. And YES - I decided that in order to show some of the details/features I want to talk about  - I need some baby quilts. Soooooooooooooooooo...................   I am in the process of making not one, not two, but THREE of them and I need them done ASAP.

So at 4:30 AM - I am loading a baby panel and digging out the batting
Then I start with this bundle of flannel FQs that I had in my "TO DO" basket
And three pieces of yardage

Well - it required a bit of calculation, but obviously I am NOT good at math regardless whether I use an envelope or a calculator. I was going to cut a LOT of pieces for one - way more than needed.
Which is batter - the envelope or the calculator
Fortunately, I was careful when I cut and didn't go ahead with the number of pieces I had originally calculated. I got a Hopscotch cut (The Quilt Patch). 

Even better - all the blocks are completely made (20 blocks). They are laid out and ready to sew the top together 

Quilt number two is all cut - just 3 1/2" squares
Still have some yardage left (well I barely used the yardage - that will be for borders, bindings and one backing). What to do with these leftovers?????   Oh yes - don't worry - I already have a use for them. 

I knew my four (OK - so I push it to five) bobbins were almost done. And when they are done - then I have to clean the machine, change the needle and rewind five bobbins.

My "prewound" bobbins

I have it down to a science now. While the bobbins are winding, I take the bobbin case out and using tweezers, Q-tips and a brush - I clean out all the lint. Then I change the needle. And by the time that is done and the supplies are put away (ONE must stay organized), the bobbins are done and I am ready to sew again.

And what a difference it makes to put a new needle in the machine. Yes - FOUR bobbins or if you are pushing it - FIVE. THEN clean that machine and change the needle!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes - was at Ruti's the other day and saw this BORDER print in the sale bin. Because I want to work on the border print box soon - I couldn't help but buying this. I know - defeats the purpose of using up the scraps. OK - so it was a weak moment!!!!

Border print with quilt stores and quilts on it!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - so if ANYONE has that little iron and wants to get rid of it - think of me!!!!!!

And on that note - I MUST get back to work. I have to put all that ironing stuff away. There is a box of dryer sheets in there and it stinks!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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