Sunday, November 24, 2013

What's in a NAME????

Yesterday we had our final reveal for this year's $10 quilts. BUT - I am NOT going to show you them today. As we were getting ready to leave, one of the ladies mentioned something about a quilt. HEY - I have heard this story and the quilt was on display until the end of the month. I had time, the quilt was close by and I had my camera. Let's go and check it out.................

Here is the story about the quilt.............

100 year old quilt returns home

Isn't that the most interesting quilt story??????

Well here are my pictures and my story about the quilt.

The quilt on display (yes - let's not freak out about those lights on it. The quilt is only on display until the end of November. Then it will find a home in some historical place in Georgetown. I HOPE they preserve it properly. 

Here is the center square. Notice the No. 1 in the top right hand corner. Hmmmmm - does that mean there were other quilts?????

Two of the blocks

Most of the work looks like it was done by the same person???   But the thread used in this block appears to be thicker. More strands??  Was it the first block?

More blocks - and I recognize some of these sir names!!!!  

As I was standing there admiring the quilt and taking pictures, a lady walked up and said "so this is the famous quilt". We got to chatting and some relative of hers had written the story (I think that is what she said). BUT she was looking for two names on the quilt. Her AUNT and UNCLE. And yes - there they were - the bottom two names on the above square.   How cool was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Because they were children at the time, their names were spelled out in full.

All the stitching was done in stem stitch

Notice anything about the names????   Well this block is probably an entire family since all the sir names are Cole. But notice - Mr., Mrs. with their initial and then sir name. The children's names were spelled out in full.   I did see Miss on several squares. 

Oh my - look at the Ward family. Mrs. didn't even warrant her first initial!!!!!   Cora, Flossie, Floyd, Roy and Dan!!!!    They must have been the children. 

Anyway - this quilt was a treasure to view and thanks to Chris for mentioning it in class. If you have a chance, the quilt is displayed at the Georgetown Public Library. It is IN the library (downstairs) so you can only visit when the library is open. It is definitely worth a visit.

And it makes you think of the women who made it to raise money. So freaky how it came back home which is another reason for LABELLING quilts or putting some kind of identification on them. You never know what will happen.

That brings me to MY signature quilt story. And I am happy to say that I found this information within two minutes of searching this morning. Meaning it was organized and I knew where it was!!!!!

Back in 2000, the Presbyterian Church celebrated it's 125 years in Canada. As part of that celebration they had a Millennium Quilting Exhibit. This exhibit traveled across Canada from June 2000 - December 2001. The display was at one of the churches in Oakville and I stopped in to have a peek. I can't remember who was with me - Elaine S I think.

Anyway - we had a great look at all the quilts and then I noticed a signature quilt (there was more than one). I read the blurb attached to the quilt. Hey - this quilt was made in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. That is where I grew up. What are the chances?????   OH MY GOD - I shouted - my GRAND PARENTS names are on this quilt!!!!!   Well everyone was excited and came to look - OK - it wasn't that bad because there were not a lot of people around, but still I was EXCITED!!!!!!!

Now in those days, I NEVER carried a camera with me and I do believe that phones had NO cameras in them. I went back the next day and took pictures of the quilt.

My grandparents - Bert and Peggy Mills!!!   

Of course, there were lots of other names on this quilt that I recognized. I took a picture of the blurb, but it came out very blurred. But I think the quilt was made in 1967.   I seem to remember my grandparents at several different churches, so I didn't even know they belonged to the Presbyterian Church.

I can't seem to find a picture of the entire quilt, this is the best I can find.

Oh yes - that is M. When she was a CUTE little thing!!!!    I believe the quilt was four blocks wide and 5 or six long. 

When I went home the next summer, I contacted the church in North Battleford (after the exhibit was over) and my parents and I went to see the quilt. They were excited to see it as well.   I just hope that the quilt is being well taken care of. I would LOVE to have that one. I should write them a letter to express my desire to have it should they ever want to get rid of it which is probably not likely!!!!

I just think it is so cool and NO ONE is making them today. Hmmmmm - what do you think????   Everyone is hot on embroidery today.  What if we made a signature quilt?????   I WOULD LOVE IT!!!!!!    Now to think of a format. Should everyone just sign a piece of cloth and we embroidery it????   What if everyone embroidered a small piece of fabric (2 1/2" by 4 1/2") - thread colour of your choice?????   Wouldn't that be a cool thing????????  

Well speaking of silly looking pictures of your kids, I was trying to get some pictures of the dogs last night.

Sparky looking all regal like. OH MY GOD - whose head is in the background?????    

Little Sammy with her STRESS bear. She did NOT want to look all cute and put her ears up!!!!
Then it was time to search through my orange buckets of fabric for something for the upcoming Bonnie Hunter mystery. And I actually found THREE fabrics that I will likely NEVER use as yardage. They went into the laundry basket of fabric to cut into strips. I am getting excited about that basket!!!!!

And here we are - my fabrics for the Bonnie Hunter mystery. See the paint chips with the fabric. I think I did not bad. I am not sure that I have enough - I did NOT check for quantity - I'll add as I need. I may have to shop - this mostly came from my stash with one green that I bought yesterday. 

The mystery quilt - all tucked in its project box until FRIDAY. I cannot believe I am excited about this.   And I have the date right this time!!!!!   I know Linda and Anne will be working along with me and COUNTLESS others. Is it Friday yet?????

Well there you have it - I have six ladies coming for Sit n Sew (the last one of this year) and I have to run out and get lunch for them before they come. And I am still in my PJs. I have ONE hour!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!



  1. I have signature blocks that were given to my Grandparents when they moved from their hometown in the 1930s. My Grandma made 1 quilt but had enough leftover for a 2nd quilt. She never got it made between raising 5 boys, the war and nursing my Dad who had contracted a crippling disease. I have to find the right fabric to go with the blocks and get it made.


    1. Mary - that is awesome. Can you bring them when you come this week????

  2. Hey, I have one of those quilts. It is from St. Agnes Anglican Church in Long Branch. It was made in 1955 and the circle that has my name in it, was done by my grandmother. I will have it with me tomorrow for Show and Tell at MM.

    <3 Margo