Wednesday, November 20, 2013


(Sorry - I thought I posted this yesterday, but I got side tracked and when I opened up the blog this morning - there was this post NOT posted)

I have a secret desire. Well I guess it isn't that secret, but it is something that I really really really want to do and I can't seem to clear any time on my schedule to give it a try.

Collage. I don't know why, but I really want to make collages. And not with fabric - I know!!!!!  Who would have thought!   I have found a couple of kindred spirits and we are going to try and schedule some play dates to make it happen.

I was out shopping on the weekend (while at the retreat) - we went to our favourite drug store - Pharmasave in Huntsville. They have the most amazing selection of magazines and a great gift department. I was waiting for Mary to get her flu shot and I am peeking and poking into all areas of the store. And LOOK what I found.

OH collage stuff. How cool and I so want to do that. (Now the collage image is printed on these items - they are NOT individually collaged.)

This stuff is fabulous - I just love it all. Maybe because it has words on it????   I am not that keen on the figures which is a big part of this woman's stuff. Anyway there I am in the drug store with my phone - taking pictures (I hate when people do that and I didn't feel comfortable, but I wanted to remind myself - I even took a close up of the tag so I could check out the web site of the artist.)

Tag on items - see the artist's name - Kelly Rae Roberts

In the meantime, I had borrowed this book from a guild library to try and get me to schedule some time. When I got home from the retreat I thought I had better go through this book as it is due back at the guild this week.

"Taking Flight" by Kelly Rae Roberts

WAIT A MINUTE - did you see who the author is???????   OH MY - the same artist whose work I was just admiring at the drug store.

There are a LOT of words in the book (as opposed to pictures and words). Lots of inspirational quotes, lots of tips and inspiration saying JUST DO IT!!!!!   Some guest artists have also contributed to the book with their inspirations. And then there are a number of projects.

I am enjoying the book, I don't think it is one that I would buy, but it a good book to borrow. I think I will pick ONE project from the book and try to figure it out!!!!

One of my favourite magazines is Quilt Mania. It used to be stocked at Chapter's, but no longer. They are at the mercy of the distributor and Quilt Mania often doesn't make it. I have no idea why  BUT it appears that Huntsville is the place to go if you want this magazine. Even the Independent Loblaws stocks the darn thing and I managed to snag a back issue that I wasn't able to get here.

Issue 96

Lynn managed to get me Issue 97 while she was in the US recently. But I am missing issue 94 and 95. I will have to see if I can find them on eBay or perhaps suck it up and buy the back issues from the magazine itself. Then I need to decide if I am going to get a subscription or wait until the magazines come out on tablet (which is coming!!!) ?????

I will get back to the organizing challenge and the retreat tomorrow. So much to chat about - so little time.

Yesterday was Monday Motivators. Always one of my favourite days of the week. Great friendships, great conversations and just great fun!!!!!   I decided to NOT take my machine since I had done so much machine sewing on the weekend. And I had a LOT of stuff ready for hand work so that is what I did.

Label on that teeny tiny quilt that I made 12 years ago!!!!!

Here is the front of the teeny tiny quilt

Label on another quilt

Made my EIGHT yo-yos made for the bunny tails on the spring sampler
And this is Diane's. I just love the colour of it. She was making a ton of them for Christmas gifts.!!!

Oh - I must say that I did MORE than just sew on two labels and make 8 yo-yos. I am working on a Christmas present and I just don't post it on line. It is hand done and I got a LOT done yesterday. Making good progress. Two pieces done - only seven more to go!!!!!!!!!

Well I was still very pumped up when I got home, so I fired up the sewing machine when I got home. Look at this scrappy quilt - it is coming along nicely.

Those blocks are going to get all twisted and turned - I just placed them like this for the picture. It may take a while to figure out the best way to place all the blocks. A Bonnie Hunter pattern. Free on her web site. 

Speaking of Bonnie Hunter - her new mystery starts this FRIDAY!!!!!!!   Here are the paint chips (thanks Linda) and I have started to pull my fabric - well the neutrals, but haven't made it beyond that point. I will dig out what we need for the first clue this week and go from there. I am excited!!!!  

And this quilt is ALMOST together. Just a couple more rows to complete at the bottom and then sew pairs (of rows) and then finish the top. I am LOVING this quilt. 

Then I was so tired I went to bed and had a great sleep. I did NOT sleep well the night before because of the high winds which I could hear and for some reason, it bothered me.

But I am having a great day so far which will be spoiled later by my root canal which I just can't wait to have!!!!!    Oh well - just suck it up, get it over with and move on!!!!!!!!!!!

I am guessing that all of your ironing supplies are tidying up, sorted out, cleaned, etc. I found out I CANNOT wash my ironing board cover, but I can spot clean it. So I need to find a cleaner for that and try and clean it. But the guy at the company said if the "dirt" on the cover wasn't transferring to my fabric - it didn't really need to be cleaned. I guess that is the "patina" of a well-used ironing board.

Have a great day!!!!!!!


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  1. I'm always in awe of the amount of work you accomplish. I hate to disappoint you but Bonnie's mystery starts NEXT week on the 29th, a week from this Friday. US Thanksgiving is late in the month this year because Nov started on a Friday. I'm looking forward to it, too. I just got Easy Street back from my quilter this week.

    Barbara in MD