Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sneak Peek

As we near the end of the year (OK - so there are still almost two months), but it is time to reflect on what we have accomplished this year and what we are going to accomplish next year.

In 2012, I kept a journal of what I had accomplished. I even categorized it - stuff I did for customers, stuff I did for me, etc. For some reason, I did NOT keep that same journal this year and I wish I had. It would be insane to go back and recreate it.

Now I think that YOU should get involved next year as well. I do NOT want anyone to make resolutions. We are beyond resolutions. I am giving you a heads up because I want each and everyone to SERIOUSLY consider my challenge.

Part of this is because I had to search through the OTHER stack of tubs this morning to find a couple of quilts (OK - the tops) to take to my curved piecing workshop today. There are some BEAUTIFUL quilts in those tubs. Someone asked me "why don't you give some away?"   And I would do that because????   They are mine - I enjoyed the piecing process and I will enjoy the quilting process.  When they are complete - I may give them away, but I will sure have a couple of amazing trunk shows!!!

And that is where I am going with this.

I have SO MANY TOPS that need to be quilted - I have decided to TYPE them on a piece of paper (my handwriting sucks) and I will tape it to the lid of each box. (or the front where I can easily see what is in each box). I have SCADS of projects that are close to being finished - many just need bindings, borders or backings made and then they will get added to this pile. There are numerous quilts where the blocks are made and just need to be sewn together. There are those that are not that far along. I have no idea what kind of numbers we are talking about, but if I guess there are 150 tops to be quilted, there are EASILY THAT SAME number (if not more) that are WIPS. I know - how the heck did that happen??????

Here is my plan for next year and I want EACH and EVERYONE of you to contemplate the same thing. What kind of goal can you set for yourself to help get out of this mess. Some of those can be HUGE - like quilting ONE quilt a week (well that would take me THREE years) to go through those buckets. OH YEAH - when you put a TIME QUALIFIER on those projects - it is CRAZY!!!!!    It could be as simple as finishing ONE project.

And how are your going to figure out what your goals will be???   Trust me - if you do not have a goal that is written down, you will NOT get it done.

Ask yourself these questions
1. Do I have a quilt that I promised to someone a long time ago???
2. Do I have a quilt that I promised someone to finish for them (not a gift)
3. Do I have something that I just LOVE and would love to see on my bed or my wall?
4. Do I have something that cost tons of money and I feel guilty that it isn't done?

Go through your stuff and see what you have that just NEEDS to be done. Or something that would take a huge weight off your shoulders.

OK - you get the picture.

Next you want to think about the time, money, expertise involved. Do you need to learn a new technique to finish the project. Do you need to buy more fabric, have you hit a road block with missing fabric, lost pattern or whatever.

At this point - we are NOT picking a project(s) to work on - I just want you to evaluate what you have.

I have some suggestions for myself - I am afraid to write them down (it will be embarrassing - VERY embarrassing), but I am going to write them down - heck - I am going to publish them on the blog so I can hold myself accountable to getting them done.

I will be setting up some sort of support group (both on-line and in person) to help you (and me) get these projects done. Something like a UFO day - or a day where you can get assistance to finishing the project or figuring out where you are on the project or learn the missing technique. There will be more information on that as I solidify it. But the goal is that we should be enjoying our hobby and with so much hanging over our heads - we can't. And your goal may be to get organized. Hey - I can help with that. While I have LOADS of UFOS, I am pretty darn organized!!!!!   I know where almost everything is - EXCEPT for the Winding Ways quilt top that I can't find this AM.

On that note - I was getting ready for my upcoming retreat and I have been throwing projects in a bag (OK - a couple of bags) and then I thought the other day that I should check to make sure that those projects were actually ready to be taken to the retreat. Good thing I checked - I might have had nothing to sew!!!!

I am NOT going to share with you the name of the project - you will have to wait until AFTER the retreat to see more of them. That is why this is called a SNEAK PEEK!!!!

Oh boy - this project was in the same state from the last retreat. I had to dig out and cut a LOT of strips and then sub cut the strips. I have taken this to the retreats MANY times - I hope this is the last time. Everything is now cut!!!!!

Oh Oh Oh - this one has been sitting around FOREVER, but it was complete and ready to sew!!!!

This one has also been sitting around for years. Here are some of the pieces. 
But there were a LOT of pieces that needed to be cut and marked. All done the cutting (I think) and the marking is almost done. 

Starting to cut the pieces and OH MY GOD 

Look what I have as scrap

I was missing some triangles so I could finish this mini quilt!!!!   Just need to cut some white and I am set to go. I can maybe make TWO of them. Got to find something to use as sashing - red or white?????  Or something else?????   (They are basically the same red - just the lighting changed the colour)

This is all ready for sewing - it's very scrappy so no need for more cutting. 

A cute box of scraps - NO this is NOT to make a quilt like Sandra's. This was ready to go

Hmmmm - I haven't gotten around to checking this one, but if I remember right - it is ready to be sewn together

Box of enders and leaders

Some scraps I threw in to have fun with. 

Oh crud - this needs to be counted (I did this morning) and more fabric needs to be cut. Will do that tonight. 

Part of this needed to be trimmed and MORE pieces cut. But it is ready to go. 

I was also going to take my Easy Street (Bonnie Hunter mystery from last year) and I think I still have TWO more projects that I have to check before I go. I HATE cutting or doing any prep work at the retreat. I like to sit and sew. I will be READY - OH YES - if we get snowed in for a month - I won't run out of work to do!!!!!

And how many quilts does that make????  I think I am taking about 15 or 16 projects to the retreat. Some are big, some are small, some are almost finished. And I haven't even made a dent in any of the shelves where these projects reside. Do you see what I mean?????   There is a significant problem going on here!!!!!

Oh yes - Heather sent me a picture of her quilt that she brought to show n tell the other night.

I just love the colours she has used!!!!

OK - so YOU have a job to do. Start thinking about your projects - start thinking about WHAT you want done. This is going to be like AA - we are going to have to PUBLICLY announce what our problem is and how we are going to fix it!!!!   Yes - you can follow along at home (silently), but I bet those that plunge in are going to be more successful and at the end of 2014 - we can have a HUGE party to celebrate!!!!!

I have made GOOD progress over the last two years at completing things, but I want to ramp it up a bit by focusing more. And I want you to join me.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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