Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Close enough!

I had  a busy day yesterday, but also a painful one. Somewhere along the way I have developed a tooth ache!!!  This is NOT a piece of food stuck in my gums or between my teeth - this is a genuine tooth ache!  ACK!  I was in denial in the morning, but ended up calling the dentist - got an appointment later today and living on drugs!!!   OUCH!!!!   I hope it is nothing serious - anything requiring a needle is serious!!!!

But I was busy despite that.

I got ready to put the binding on the baby quilt. OH NO - the fabric that I was going to use is NOT as nice as the fabric that I used as the inner border. DRAT - in my quest to purchase ONLY what I need - I only had enough for the two inner borders and NOT for the binding.

I bought that blue fabric at the Hobby Horse and that meant a bit of a hike to get there (compared to running to Ruti's). As I left the driveway, I thought I would pop in to Ruti's just to see if she had anything that would work.

What do you think?????????????

What I bought at the Hobby Horse

What I bought at Ruti's 

Not bad and not even the same company

And the bindings are made and on the quilts - hand stitching happening. The girls at Ruti's must have thought I was crazy - but hey I got what I needed and in about 20 minutes - the other option would have taken a LOT longer. I was dancing around the store I was so happy!!!!!

I have loads more pictures to post, but I have embroidery club this morning and had a bit of tidying to do. We are eight this morning so needed to clear a few tables.

I was reading through that book on organizing your quilt room.

Organizing quilting room book

So far I haven't really learned anything new, but I am getting affirmation for EVERYTHING that I have done and everything that I keep doing. OH YES - the leftovers from the baby quilts are already put away!!!!!  That is a HUGE factor to keeping the sewing area clean. That used to be my down fall - I never put stuff away when I was done with it. Oh boy - if only I had pictures of that disaster!!!!

Would I recommend the book????   Oh yes - if you want to get a handle on your sewing room - this is a good start. She does flip back and forth a bit which is annoying. I would prefer a MAJOR step by step hand holding process. BUT the best is to read the entire book and then start back at the beginning. Or you could hire me!!!!   I'll come help you!

One comment that I love in the book - when you run out of storage, you MUST stop collecting. (that isn't an exact quote - but that is the gist of the comment). HAH - I have definitely reached that stage!!!!   (OK - a LONG time ago)

But there are a couple of areas where I think "are you kidding me????"   Like the part where she says to install a section of that comfort floor (like in front of your cutting mat). OK - great idea, but then she shows covering that flooring up with a DEEP SHAG rug. Oh yeah - that is practical in a sewing room!!!!!

I did buy some of those foam things for the floor by the long arm. I soon got rid of them. They were slippery and a PAIN to keep clean. Do you know how much dust and debris collects in a sewing room?????   I try to vacuum once a week (or at least run the swifter) and there is scads of dust. It needs to be EASY for me to do that or it will never get done and I will be swamped in dust!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. Got lots of binding to stitch today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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