Sunday, December 1, 2013

The OLD and the NEW - TAKE TWO.......................

Amazing how life gets in the way. There are SO MANY distractions!!!!!   Just looking at my desk - there are so many things to do. Phone calls to make, e-mails to answer, stuff to read and process - well it goes on and on!!!!!  

I am trying to find some way of recording my 2014 goals that is practical especially since some of mine are weekly or monthly. Checking options out online and some people suggest putting a DAILY reminder in your Google Calendar. So you would get a reminder EVERY DAY about your goals. I think that is a bit much as it will become an annoyance and I will shut it off or disregard it.

I think I might try setting a weekly reminder (on Sunday AM). These are the goals for the week. I would prefer to NOT have a separate app for the goals!   It would mean one more thing to keep track of. And as much as I like Google Calendar, there are some limitations to it. I find the TASK function is a bit weak.

Well back to the Old and the New.

Just a refresher - here is the old (well it is older than me - it was made in 1955!!!!   OK - so not MUCH OLDER, but OLDER).

Signature quilt from St. Agnes Church - made in 1955 (making it OLD)

Here are a couple more blocks from the quilt.................

Interesting how many just used first initials!!!!    NOT a good idea when documenting something like this, but who knew that anyone would be looking at it all these years later and commenting on it!!!!

One more block

Remember what I said last week - some old things are treasured (like this signature quilt) and should be kept. Other things are old and treasured, but SHOULD NOT be kept. Now what could that be???????

How about this.....................

ACK - I know! This is MY fleece jacket. I don't even remember when I bought it. It has been years!!!!!!!!!!!!!   That jacket has been everywhere - on all my bikes trips, to Europe. It is COZY, it is COMFY, and.............

while it is NOT falling apart (a testament to the good quality????), it is discoloured, it is just getting ugly, BUT I can't get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see the problem is I can't find a replacement for it. I did buy a new one in St. John's this summer. Do you know how hard it is to find a fleece jacket with just a zip - no hood and NOT a sweat shirt. Well while I like the new one, it is red, not black (OK - so I HATE change), it is longer, there is a strap thing on the new one and every time I sit down, I sit on this stupid buckle and it drives me nuts!!!!!     ACK!!!!!!!   Now if I were the creative person that I say I am - I could just MAKE a NEW one. I even have the fleece. Years ago, I purchased some very high quality outer wear fleece and it is still sitting in a bucket waiting for someone to do something with it. Hmmmm - I could get my mother in law to make it. She is good with clothing.

Yes - I have loads of other jackets (well not loads, but I have a few others), BUT they are not fleece. I told you I HATE CHANGE. And I like this jacket because it has pockets for my phone or whatever. I can't stand to wear a sweater without pockets!!!!!!    Plus this jacket brings back good memories of Salt Spring Island. Can you tell, I don't like change!!!!    It is not that I don't like change, I just hate shopping for clothes and will go with comfortable. Imagine what this jacket will look like in TEN years. OK - even I am getting disgusted by it, not so much for the look, but the colour is getting very bizarre. Plus it is WARM - and even though I am of "that" age, I find that I am still cold and will wear this darn jacket year round!!!!

ACK - maybe I better dig out that new piece of fleece and get working on something!!!!

But how about these NEW things................

New fingerless mitts. I love these (thanks Donna). In the winter, my hands often get cold and I love wearing these - they keep your hands warm, yet you can still work. This is my second pair (of course I still have the other pair, but these are in my favourite colour!!!)

And how about NEW SOCKS!!!   I normally wear WHITE athletic type socks. But I loved the Hudson Bay colours so I had to have a pair. 

Technically the socks are meant to be worn LONG - well long for me. 

There is NO WAY I can wear socks above my ankles. I hate the look and the FEEL????   ICK ICK ICK!!!!!    Give me ankle socks any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!    So I just folded them down and they are WAY more comfortable!!!!

Even though I say I am NOT particular in how I dress, I guess I am!!!!   I just HATE shopping!!!!   (My friend Elaine bought the socks - well I did go to The Hudson's Bay near me and they did NOT have them in stock)

I snagged a NEW ELECTRONIC toy the other day. I wonder how long it will take before I KILL this.

It is called a FITBIT. Mary has one and she has been raving about it for months. I started asking at the gym and Maria and Alwin (who I NEVER thought would have one) both of them were raving about the darn thing. Well if you can't beat them - join them. So after MUCH research, I got this one. It helped that the gym was having a Black Friday sale on them.   I raved to my friends about it and LOOK....................

A bunch of us got FITBITS. 

Mine is currently charging as I type and it should be ready in another hour. Then I can see how active I am in a day. How many steps and how many stairs. That should be interesting. And you can log on and connect to your friends and see how active they are. It is crazy, but seems to be quite the motivator to getting people to move more!!!!!!!!

Speaking of which, I could have used the thing yesterday. I came home at lunch time and was a SLUG the entire day. For some reason, I just wanted to be warm and snuggly, so I bundled myself up in a quilt and grabbed a book and read the rest of the day!!!!!   My FIT BIT would have been sounding alarms all day!!!!!!!!!

This is part of a block of the NEW quilt that I am working on. I managed to get more fabric yesterday. The colours are leaning heavily towards TAUPE and I don't really have any. I think I am good to go now. 

I found some pictures of show n tell as well.                
Claudette worked on this at one of my Sit n Sews. She finished it at home and is getting it FRAMED. I can't wait to see it completed. 

At our last Marti Michelle class this past week, we had these items for show n tell............

This is the SECOND Dresden Plate table runner that Cathy made. I have shown this before and said she made TWO, but in fact she had only made one and this is now the second one!!!   It is so CUTE!!!!!!!

Carol is making  a bag with her NEW YORK fabric. The pieced block (which she did an amazing job on) is going to be the pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job on the projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, we had our show n tell for the $10 quilts. It has been eleven years since we started the first quilt. 2003!!!!   And since then, we have worked on 23 projects!!!!!!!!!!!    We had a GREAT representation from all the years and with our helpers (Celeste, Catherine, Madeline and Berke), we (the quilters) got to enjoy them while they did all the work. Mark took pictures which I hope to share in a couple of weeks.

It was so exciting to see all the projects!!!!!!!!!!!!      I know that I worked on several to get them done for yesterday and I will continue to work on them. I will make finishing a couple of them as goals for 2014. There is NO WAY, I can finish them all in one year, so will pick a couple that are close to completion. My shelf for those projects is getting way crowded and I need to get some of them done to make room for the next round of projects!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. Got to hit the quilting machine again today. And I have some paperwork that JUST has to be done today.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hey, are you related to me? I have a fleece jacket that I've had for 12 years. The colour is still very black but the zipper broke and I had a new zip put in and they wrecked the front of it. it's all wavy now and doesn't sit flat and looks like crap. I might remake it but you know how that goes. I also hate socks, I'd rather wear footies and in the winter maybe really short socks. I don't have a Fitbit but a device from Phillips that works the same. Other than the biking, we are pretty much the same. Sisters in another era past?

    1. Mary-Kay - that is TOO COOL!!!!!! Yep - we must be related. Funny how there are things that we just can't rid of! And socks? Well don't get me started!!! How do you like the Phillips thing? I did a bit of research, but decided on the Fitbit because it was on sale!

      Have a great COUSIN Mary-Kay!

    2. Oh shoot - that should say - Have a great DAY cousin Mary-Kay