Thursday, December 19, 2013


I LOVE embroidery club!!!!    We had so much fun yesterday - great laughs - great stories - inspiration - encouragement - I LOVE those girls!!!!!   There are usually eight of us madly stitching and some of the projects that have surfaced are fun!!!!  

The best part - I am ALMOST DONE MY PROJECT!!!!   I need about 1/2 hour to go and I should be done!!!!   And thanks to the embroidery ladies for helping me stick to the stitching!!!!    Can't wait for new dates in January!!!!   (HEY - I get to start something new - OK - so I get to dig out a partially finished project!!!   but it will be "new" to me since I haven't worked on it for a long time)  And thanks to Nancy - I may get my butt in gear and join a knitting group???  I know - not that I need another distraction, but I have so much that needs to be knit up and that I WANT to knit up and this way I could be surrounded by experts and still get something done!

Although I should leave my credit card at home. Nancy said she went to the club because she had a tub of yarn to use up. Now she has FOUR tubs and she is knitting all the time!!!    Well I think I have four tubs already so I better get it used up!!!!

So I am working on this sample quilt. And I am getting desperate!!!!   The colour palette is EXTREMELY limited.

Here is the colour palette 

At first glance you think brown. WRONG. This is more taupe????   Trust me it is VERY HARD to find stuff that goes with it. I do have one or two warmer browns in the mix, but NOTHING and I mean NOTHING really goes with it!!!!!    I am hitting TWO places today to try and get what I need. And I was making such good progress as well.

But when I got all the blocks done - I had to make a couple of changes and that is when I decided that I need a couple of LIGHT MEDIUMS to made the secondary pattern stand out and ONE block was just too dark. Wish me luck with that.

Made good progress on Bonnie Hunter mystery, however when I got to the end of what I had cut for the Part A of Clue one - shoot - I was missing TEN units (for those in the know - there is another six sitting on the cutting table waiting to be trimmed)

Clue One - well almost half of Clue One

Cutting the pieces for the second half of Clue One
 I do plan to give it my undivided attention once I get this sample off the wall. WAIT - I still have that UNTOUCHED laundry basket of stuff that has to be dealt with before Christmas. OK - so Bonnie has to wait until after Christmas for my undivided attention.

Tish brought her Block of the Month (well she has aptly named it CHUNK of the Month since it technically isn't a block!!!!!)  Well said Tish!!!!!!!!!!!!   Helen Anne has offered to take pictures at the next guild meeting so you can get an idea of the various colourways. They are ALL stunning.

Tish - Block of the Month
 The bird feeders has brought out all the furry creatures in our back yard

Little bunny - well it will be a fat bunny after eating all my bird seed!!!!!

I USUALLY do not just buy fabric willy nilly anymore.

However - I am going to blame this one on KAREN!!!!!!   She was making these gorgeous blocks out of this striped batik. And when I was at Ruti's in Streetsville - look what I found..............

Gorgeous striped batik

The one that Karen was using had more colour variation - turquoise and orange and something else. I wanted more subtle. This is an older fabric and just what I wanted. I haven't put it away yet. Hmmm - does it go on the 2014 shelf or does it go in the stash???????    ACK - got to think about that one today.

On that note - I got a FUN FUN FUN day planned and although there is some fabric related stuff included - I am playing HOOKEY in light of the deadlines, but they are MY deadlines so I can forgive myself for one day!!!!!    Plus these things ARE on my planned schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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