Wednesday, December 11, 2013

That's a BIG quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am doing great!!!   It is like an assembly line down here - quilt goes on the machine, quilt - quilt - quilt - quilt comes off the machine, gets trimmed, packaged up and picked up!!!!!   Once I get through this week, I will evaluate what is left (which is mostly my stuff, community projects and stuff that isn't due until the new year). Oh my - I won't be quilting on Christmas Eve????   No - but I will likely be sewing!!!!

When I did the clean-up, I found stuff that I would LOVE to have done by Christmas and so there is a laundry basket heaping full that is screaming - get me done for THIS Christmas!!!!   I will do my best.

No time to take a photo this morning of the tables, but one is completely clear - the other is FULL. I gathered all my paperwork and everything that still doesn't have a home and put it on the table. I will be working on that over the next couple of weeks to try and deal with it all. Then and only then, will I feel like I have accomplished my mission!!!!!   I think it means I am going to have to spend one hour every day - doing paperwork - going through magazines, books, patterns, etc until it is all done!!!!   The important thing - progress is being made and more importantly - I AM MOTIVATED!!!!!

Had a great spin class today - almost reached 10,000 STEPS and it isn't even 9 AM!!!!!   I think Linda was trying to kill us with her endurance routine!!!!

Here is what I worked on yesterday..................

A HUGE customer quilt  

My assistant holding up the quilt!

I will get it trimmed and packed up later in the day. It is getting picked up on Saturday. Have to say that I am really getting into a rhythm. Not that I wasn't before, but doing it every day!!!!   Well - I certainly don't want to do a quilt every day in the new year!!!!!    The one I have to do today is not even 1/4 the size of this one!!!!   Should be easy!!!!   But we have embroidery club this morning so I will get more work done on my project. Then I'll work on the quilt.

Took me TWO hours yesterday to do my errands. I HATE doing errands. Well I hate the time they take, but so glad when they are done. Took the electronics to the recycling depot, returned items, dropped off stuff for people, bought a few more tubs (bought the WRONG size lid) so have to switch the lids today. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR   - should have checked better.

Well - it is going to be a super day!!!!!!!    Hope your organizing is going as well as mine is. I wish I could transfer some of my energy to you!!!   However I am a FIRM believer that MOVEMENT creates energy. I want to investigate a bit more - I think it is called Kinetic energy.   Reading an awesome novel about ULTRAMARATHON runners. Now it is one thing to ride your bike 100 MILES - I wouldn't even flinch at the thought - but these guys are RUNNING 100 MILES. That is a bit much for me!!!!   Hey running 1 KM is out of the question for me!!! I am NOT a runner. But the whole premise of giving up EVERYTHING to train is pretty wild!!!!!

I hope you have a GREAT day.    Get organized - make lists - clean something!!!!


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