Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Is there a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel????

Still working on a secret Christmas project. Well not so secret - I just don't want to post it in the VERY OFF CHANCE that the recipient will look at the blog. I am making good progress - but it is slow. I am very happy with the results and I can't wait to be done!!!!

Got two more embroidery clubs, one more Monday and FOUR more CDs in this particular book. Hopefully by the end of all that - I will be done????

Need to shift gears and get that sample for one of next year's quilt done. This will be the replacement class for Christmas Club. Not sure what the name will be, but I'll give you more details hopefully by the end of the week when the quilt is done!!!!   (I hope)

Not sure what happened, but during the month of November, attendance at Monday Motivators was sketchy!  However in December - we have FULL house every week. It is buzzing with everyone busy working on their projects. So much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am contemplating having another sewing day during the week - a Thursday???   Any takers????  It will be completely separate from Monday Motivators although I am sure there will be over lap between the two groups. It won't be every week - maybe twice a month????   A great day to do UFOs!!!!!   Well - I'll see what the response is - don't want to start if no one wants to come!!!    Let's face it - we could all very easily sew at home, but do we?????   NOPE - we don't. I need to be motivated by someone else!!!

I have also made a commitment to myself that I will teach NOTHING that requires a sample to be made (with the exception of my $10 quilts). The class will have to be a technique class or something that I have already made. I do not have time - let me rephrase that - I do NOT want to spend my time making any more class samples. Techniques yes - samples NO!!!!!!!!!!!  

And I have to tell you that the MORE you clean and tidy up - the MORE you get ADDICTED to it!!!!!   (what am I going to tidy up when the studio is tidy????)   Hmmm - I'm thinking paper crap!!!!!   Now if I ever got that all under control - it would be a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!

Found MORE KANSAS TROUBLES fabric. There was a mystery quilt pattern with it. However, I put the mystery quilt pattern with the other mystery quilt patterns and the fabric went on the shelf with the other KT fabrics. OK - so ONE project off the list!!!!!
Got the binding sewn on the scrap quilt - hand stitching that on - will be a next year project. Or maybe over the holidays????
OK - so I can's say NO!!!!!!!!!!    Diane came in to MM with a bunch of scrap fabric. The knit stuff was taken by our resident clothing expert - Elaine S. This was left. Cotton - little floral prints. These are PERFECT for scrap quilts. OH MY GOD - I scooped it up fast. It is now in my laundry basket of fabric to be cut into scraps!!!!!!
Here is one set of work tables (most of that stuff is already gone and the picture was taken one hour ago - I told you - I can't help myself!!!!)    There is some work on there that I would like to get done today - three quilts that need to have the binding stitched on. 
Again - these tables are already much clearer although there are a few things that I don't know where to store YET!!!!!
The cutting board and the ironing board. Both are in pretty good shape. The second iron on the ironing board belongs to MM and needs to be cleaned. There are THREE more irons on the floor that also belong to MM and those need to be cleaned and returned to MM storage. They will be gone by next Monday. There is ONE project on the cutting table that is my current project. Should I need to clear that table in a hurry - you see that long orange thing on the bottom right of the picture????   That is a big metal ORANGE tray. I can whip my current project (s) into that tray and whip it under the 2014 shelf. DONE!!!!!    

I am feeling better about this whole clean up thing already. And the best part - it took me about THREE days of stolen minutes here and there. The closets are cleaned up as well (more or less), although I didn't take any pictures yet. There is one more thing to do in the closets before I do that. But the important thing is that the MORE you have it organized, the less time that it takes to rearrange it. I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (I guess I could do a better job with the labeling!!)

Except for the lighting in the studio!!!!   I guess it is light changing time!  Last week I had to change one of the florescent light bulbs and I see that another one has gone over my desk!!!!   I don't mind to change the lights - it really isn't that big of a deal, but I can NOT get those light covers out WITHOUT breaking them!!!!!

Light bulb needs to be changed

And since you are NOT supposed to throw those tubes in the garbage, I might get ambitious and take them to the recycling center later today. I have a few electronic items that are toast that need to go to the same spot!!!   I try to save that stuff up and make one trip every once six months or so!

Shopping for clothes - me least favourite thing in the entire world. Well thanks to all of you - I have been pointed in the right direction??   I stopped at Mark's on my way home. I was checking out all the stuff - NO FLEECE. What they had had hoods and were sweat shirt style. Nope - not what I am looking for. Then I got poking around and found them.

I am NOT crazy about those puffy pockets in front and I think it would be too much of a pain to change them, BUT it is black, the pockets are in the front and it fits very nicely - more fitted than my old one. 

 Then I decided to GO CRAZY and try on a pair of jeans. I have been meaning to buy a new pair since I got home from my trip since my old ones are a bit on the BIG side. Not often you hear that!!!!!    Well - I tried on my normal size. Yep - they fit OK, but then decided to try one size SMALLER and they fit PERFECT!!!!!!    So SMALLER size pants it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!    And with my fitted new fleece - well I'll look smashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Just got to dig out a new pair of socks as well!!!!!   No need to buy those - just got to dig them out!!!!    Bare feet work just fine!!!!

I did not get to Wal-Mart - I figured forays into TWO clothing stores in the same week was plenty for me!!!!   I think I will keep the other jacket as well - I do like them and I can interchange!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. Had a look at the quilt of the day and it is even BIGGER than the one I did the other day!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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