Thursday, December 26, 2013

Celtic Solstice - Part FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my - again the EVE of the release of the new clue and I am working like crazy to get more work done on Celtic Solstice!!!!   I LIVE for deadlines!

I broke down and decided that I wasn't making enough progress (and being able to keep up) by doing this as enders and leaders so I am just sewing!   I did manage to get all of Clue One done completely as enders and leaders.

Clue One - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clue Two - all cut, one chevron DONE and working on the others. I think I will mark them all tonight - then they will be ready to sew. Because half of these go one way and the other half the other - this is best NOT done as an ender and leader!!!!     I need to FOCUS!!!!
Clue Three - partially cut (haven't counted how many I have cut in the tray). 10 are trimmed and a couple more waiting to be trimmed
Clue Four  - OK - this is BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I got a couple units made, some pieces cut and ready to go - need to cut more orange. 

Now for the other crazies around here that are also working on Celtic Soltice - here is their progress and most of them are in really good shape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary - Clue Three - DONE
Mary - Clue Four - DONE   (she is ALSO DONE Clue One and Clue Two). I posted her pictures last week and I cannot find them this week!!!!!

Anne - she has steps 1 and 2 complete and two blocks done of each of steps 3 and 4. She was going to be working on them today so I am sure she will be done or pretty close to it!

Evelyn has steps one, two and three done as at this morning. I would imagine that step four is now done as well.

Jan - I am not sure if she was able to get any more done. She was affected by the recent ice storms that we had and I know that she was without power for DAYS (yes in the middle of winter). Hopefully she will surface and get caught up. I don't think it will take her long. 

Looks like Linda is NOT TOO FAR behind. She has lots of pieces cut and ready to sew!!!!  

Tish got all of Clue Four done

And working on the others!!!!!!!!!

Today I heard that my friend Kathy (who used to live nearby, but now lives in IRELAND) is also doing this quilt. How fitting for her to be working on Celtic Solstice which was inspired by Bonnie's trip to Ireland.    She has part one done and was travelling over the holidays so is a bit behind!!!

Wow - that makes EIGHT of us working on this somewhat together!!!!!!    I LOVE IT!!!!!!  

On that note - I am out of here. Going to mark those little squares so in the morning when I am not brain dead, I can get sewing them together. So nice to have this "quiet" time  - no deadlines - no customers. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Elaine,
    Greetings from BC - I'm at home sewing solo; although eight sounds like more fun!
    Such a lovely colourful variety.

  2. How nice to have a bunch of friends working on it together!

    Less than 4 hours to the next clue now...