Sunday, December 22, 2013


OK - so perhaps I am NOT the smartest person in the world. 

The weather people have been predicting freezing rain and an ice storm for the last couple of days. Yesterday was just fine. The ground was slippery in some places, and yes it rained, but the temperature was enough above zero that it wasn't a big deal. 

HOWEVER - the temperature dropped below freezing last night and we have ICE this morning. I never really thought much about it. We did lose power for a half hour in the middle of the night. 

Let's just say that Sammy could NEVER have a cell phone. That dog is TERRIFIED of beeps and of course when the power came back on, the alarm beeps until you reset it. It is NOT a big beep, but a beep none the less. As soon as I reset it - she settled right down. But the first time she heard it - she was out of the room!!!!   And never mind when I get a text - she hates that!!!!!!

This morning I thought - hey I might get some neat pictures this morning on the walk. Grabbed the camera (I know - who takes a nice big camera out into the inclement weather???  (It is still raining a bit) and the path was certain to be slippery. Oh well - I will be fine. 

Well - the forest was certainly different this morning. Have a look (sorry the pictures aren't the best - it was still dark and NO TRIPOD (I have one - just wasn't going to take it with me)- I think we did OK)

Layer of ice on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Some of this tree had come down and as I moved the branches off the path, it tinkled just like a chandelier would if you were dusting it!!!   (But who dusts their chandelier?????)

Path littered with branches

At the base of most pine trees - the ground was LITTERED with branches that have fallen. Some of the branches were HUGE

Path completely block by downed trees  (fortunately we were going on the path to the left of this one)

Can you see that tree in the background - the one leaning. Well it doesn't lean that way normally.   I know that sounds a bit pretentious on my part to say that, but I have walked that same path THOUSANDS of times (we have lived here over 10 years). The weight of the ice was pulling that tree over.

Same with this one - that was taken STRAIGHT on. A severe lean

Little Sammy is so pathetic - "help - how do I get over these trees???"

With me moving branches and taking pictures our walk was ONE HOUR today - normally we do that path in 25 minutes!!!!  

However the scary part was that tree branches were crashing around us. Branches were falling and we are not talking LITTLE branches - I mean BIG branches. At one point, the ice from a falling branch hit me. Fortunately everything was just falling - not being tossed around. But pretty scary and little Sammy was NOT happy. She stuck to me like glue!!!!!

We could have turned back, but what was the adventure and excitement in that?????   I think I might go back and get more photos. Despite the fallen trees - it really is quite beautiful and would be more so when you can actually see. Those pictures were taken between 6:30 and 7:30 AM so still not really day light.

Here are the cedars in my backyard - they are supposed to be standing up straight

This next group I took from the house..................

Tree at the front of the house
Same tree

Closeup of branches

Look at that ice!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the HUGE pine tree right behind our house. Not a single branch had fallen - that is why I didn't think the forest was that bad until I got away from our house

Ice on the trees

Same cedars - different angle

My poor Japanese maple - this is supposed to be right up against the house
Ice on the bird feeder

Yikes - that is crazy!!!!!!!    I think I will stay put today!!!!!!   I did get out yesterday and got everything done EXCEPT one thing that I completely forgot until late last night and we still have to do groceries!!!!   

I did NOT get any borders on that quilt yesterday. I know - how did that happen?????    Well - I went shopping and when I got home, I decided to dig out that laundry basket. Grabbed the first thing (which was actually on the 2014 shelf until I decided it would make a good Christmas gift) and it is ALMOST DONE.    Had a bit of figuring to do - this box had been sitting since 2002.  YES - 2002!!!!!!!!!!    But now it will be done in about one hour.   I wanted it to be completely done by Christmas, but that isn't going to happen and no fault of mine. I ordered parts of it over a month ago and it still isn't here, so the recipient will have to wait until the new year to use it.  Sorry - no picture of that!!!!!!   (I know the timing of that sounds a bit weird, but it was on the shelf - I ordered something for something else that will work for this - OH - it is just complicated. Trust me - when I can tell you the full story - you will understand what I mean)

And I got the secret project parts DONE for that project that I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. Yes - there are a LOT of secret projects going on here these days. Now I have to finish the rest of it - it also will be given in two separate parts, but that is OK. At least the big part got done. I'm OK with that. 

AND I dug out another project from the laundry basket and I made good progress on that while we watched a movie last night. OH YES - I am DETERMINED to get the stuff in that laundry basket DONE!!!!!     I have shuffled it so many times and so many items were supposed to be Christmas gifts last year, the year before, the year before that and well you get the picture - it is time to STOP that procrastinating habit and stop it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     And the sad part - so far, the two projects I have taken out of the basket - about 3 hours each and they are DONE!!!!!!!!!!   That is sad because I know there are many more like that. BUT - the important thing - they are going to get done and we are NOT going to repeat history!!!!

While I sewed my secret projects, I did get more of Clue One done on the Bonnie Hunter mystery. 

Twenty units complete - 72 to go!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry - right after Christmas you will get to see all those secret projects. I am VERY EXCITED that I am making such good progress. 

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!   (and stay safe)


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