Tuesday, December 17, 2013

HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How close are we to Christmas???  Oh dear - I'm not even going to go there!!!!

I am making good progress on my pile of pants!   TEN PAIR are in the give away bag. TEN PAIR!!!!!   One of the pants I came across was about 6 sizes TOO BIG. I have no idea why they were in the pile. I have no idea when I last wore them, but they are GONE!!!!!   I think there are about 6 pair left to try on. I might just get ambitious and keep going with that closet cleaning. I mean how many pair of pants or shirts does one person need?????   And how many do they wear of what they have????

Monday Motivators was a hoot yesterday. It was like a zoo!!!!!    We had many guests and we just threw caution to the wind and let everyone come who wanted to come!  Many of us did hand work so there was room for all of us.

It was also our DATE SQUARE bake off. Oh yes - somewhere down the road, there was a discussion about date squares and so a number of people brought date squares for the group to sample. I put a sample of each square on plates for everyone.   We had SEVEN samples.....................

Look at all those date squares!!!!   YUM!!!  YUM!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's just say that Jackie DID NOT go out and get lunch yesterday!!!!!!!!!    Some of the date squares had lemon, some had cranberries, some had ginger or orange. They were all WINNERS. Now I took a sample as well, but NO I did NOT bake date squares. I did a swap with a great baker friend and she made them for me in exchange for something. At first, the group accused me of BUYING them - but NO they were home made, just not by ME!!!!!!!!

Hey - I wasn't the only one - one person's husband made her date squares and another lady had a friend make hers as well.

It was an awesome LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I hear soup is the next thing!!!!!!!!

I spent part of Sunday afternoon getting everything ready for Monday. I had quilts to trim, and paperwork to get ready. I also cleaned one of the irons that we keep at the church.

YIKES - it was filthy!!!!!!!!

I didn't take a picture before I started to clean it - but it did NOT look too dirty. It was disgusting!!!!

And I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to report that we got the short batting problem fixed and the quilt will be delivered to the customer this morning. Let's just say that my feet are tired!!!   Very tired - I think I have developed plantar faciitas. Oh poop - that is from NOT wearing proper footwear with all that standing.

So ALL CUSTOMER STUFF IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!  I have TWO CLASSES - short ones - mostly just show n tell, and that sample. The REST OF THE TIME before Christmas is MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was like Christmas around our house!   I had ordered some stuff on line and both boxes arrived late in the evening when I was busy quilting. And My TABLET CAME HOME!!!!!!    and I got my plush backings that I had to order from my favourite quilt store in Moose Jaw - The Quilt Patch!!!!!!

I am happy to report that this morning, the studio is cleared up of the orders, the packaging, the quilts - everything is in its place!!!!!!!!!!!! My calendar is cleared up to work on my sample!!!!!   I have FIVE blocks left and then sew on the borders, make the backing and binding and it is DONE!!!!!  

There are a few other commitments intermingled in there and of course - more paperwork. I know - you are wondering why so much paperwork????   Well - there is just the usual household stuff - dealing with insurance, bank stuff, bills. There is all the quilting groups that need something from me. Block of the month that has to stay up to date, making lists for Christmas presents, the library and my books, the stuff that comes in the house in the mail or picked up by me. Oh yes - there is a LOT of administrative stuff. It is NOT my favourite thing, but I am going to try and keep on top of it.

Did you pick a piece of clothing and sort it out??????    How about focusing on the pants - they were easy!!!!    Then the rest needs to be sorted - sweaters, jackets, shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, short sleeve T-shirts, etc. Yes - I think I am going to do that this afternoon. I feel the URGE - I have an hour I think between commitments - might as well start some where. !!!!

I am NOT going to show you the customer quilt until tomorrow. I have a whole blog to post about that quilt and I will do it later today or tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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