Saturday, December 21, 2013

Colour BLIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Based on recent incidents with my BROWN quilt, I swear my eyes are going bananas!!!!

And it gets even worse!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, M and I zipped around town and picked up a few Christmas gifts. Then she went shopping with her best friend's mom to buy presents for Caroline. Made a stop at one of my favourite haunts - Value Village. I love browsing this store to see what things people have discarded for whatever reason. I had a 30% off coupon so why not take advantage of it!

I always start with the books and while I have yet to find an earth shattering book, I have picked up some decent titles. And there is NO ONE there to hassle me for buying books!!!  I even bought a book for a friend. Hey if she doesn't want it - it cost me practically nothing and I will just donate it back to the store.

Here are my books - did NOT have that issue of Scrapbook and cards (yeah). I LOVE LOVE LOVE mind puzzles - need to do more of them and THIS year I am going to get into that scrapbooking if it kills me!!!!    The book I bought for my friend is NOT here. And yes I will tell her where I bought it. It is NOT a gift - just something I saw and thought she might like. 

Then I check the games (always on the lookout for used Scrabble games  - I want the game pieces - not the game), then the puzzles and yesterday for some reason I had the urge to do a jigsaw puzzle. I love doing them and bought two. As I was buying them, I remembered that I have TONS of jigsaw puzzles already at home, but no worry - these did NOT cost a lot. I think I even have one already started rolled up on one of those puzzle mats. It is time to dig it out. Yes it is mindless,  but a great exercise for quilters - matching all those colours and shapes!!!!
My two puzzles. 

So I got SEVEN books and two puzzles for less than $20 (including the tax!!!!)   Not bad and will keep me busy for hours!!!!    As IF I NEEDED that, but I really do NOT want to fill my days with sewing and quilting. I love doing so much more - so I intend to do that this year.

Zipped through the kitchen wear and do dad stuff - just looking to see if anything catches my eye. Didn't' see anything. Then onto the bagged craft items - nope, nothing there today. On to the linen section - NOPE - didn't see any fabric or quilt related items either.

Finally I zip through the women's sweat shirt area. No idea why because I NEVER find anything, but my friend Joyce is always finding great stuff so I do it as a learning process?????   I think she is taking us on a "training" trip to a Value Village so we can see how she shops!   Pretty funny!!!

BUT - there are regulars who head to Value Village EVERY DAY. As I approached the cash, the woman at the cash was a bit flustered and trying to make a phone call (to a fellow employee). I said I wasn't in a hurry and she could take her time. After she got off the phone, she pointed to a woman (with a full face burka)    (I am not prejudiced, but think it is important to mention her dress because we don't really know who this person is or what she looks like!). Anyway this woman comes into the store EVERY DAY. She searches through the jewelry (and maybe other stuff), but apparently she is looking for real gold and silver jewelry which she would buy and then resell?????   But she is scratching the silver stuff (to see if it is plated or real) and damages it so no one else will buy it.    Oh boy - I'd be keeping a GOOD EYE on that one. So the manager went over and talked to her TWICE before she moved on - I did NOT notice if she left the store or went somewhere else.

And what was really interesting - I had to buy a gift certificate and while I was waiting for the manager to process them, it was the end of the shift for quite a few workers and EVERYONE of them showed him the inside of their purse or bag!!!!    I always wondered if they had to do that because I am sure some interesting stuff comes in and does all of it make the shelves?????

Once I got home - it was back to THAT quilt. Honestly the quilt is amazing - just my extremely limited choice of fabric and the very specific colour caused me no end of grief!!!!    I got the two remaining blocks together and then I had to replace one of the fabrics in another block because it was too dark.    This is a class I am teaching next year - trust me - it will be well worth your while to take the class - you will learn a LOT!!!!!  

After dinner, I managed to whip that top together. YES - the quilt top is in ONE PIECE!!!!   It does not have borders, but it is together!!!!!   I was going to preview it to my group this morning, but with the horrible weather out - I think we are going to postpone that. So..................    here is the quilt.

I LOVE the quilt and I really do love the colouring even though it gave me tons of grief!!!!!

I will work on the borders, binding and backing today and get it completely done!!!!!!!!!!    I will be teaching this a year long project at Sew Sisters in Toronto. Judy and I are still working out the details, but it will start in February - on the third Saturday.   More details to follow - but if you are interested, call the store and let them know. If there is enough - we might we even start in January. God knows - I am ready!!!!!!   I have become VERY intimate with this quilt.    I am also making another one - a smaller version and this is my palette for that one................


The pattern is by Marti Michelle - sets B and D (for the big one) or A and C (for the small one).   Anyway - like I said - if you want a great learning experience for the year - call Sew Sisters and get on their list for this class.

As I was sewing the quilt I was working on the Bonnie Hunter mystery as enders and leaders. And I got this done...............

Clue ONE - Part A - DONE!!!!!!    All 96 of them. 

Then I started working on the second part of Clue One (never mind she posted the FOURTH clue yesterday!!!)   Progress is being made and right after Christmas I should be able to catch up.

But I am sewing away last night and thought to myself - WOW - I chose a weird orange colour that was quite different from the rest. I didn't remember doing that, but OK - whatever................

A weird coloured orange

BUT THEN for some reason, I turned it over and I had a GOOD LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

That yellow is the WRONG side of the orange!!!!!     Oh boy - good thing I had only sewn about 4 of that fabric. 
    DUH - How dumb can you get!!!!!    Well I had a good chuckle out of it!!!    When in doubt - questions it!!!!!

Update on the Block of the Month - this project has really grown. More importantly the people working on the quilt have really grown. They are following my VERY LOOSE instructions and doing a SUPER job. I am so proud of all of those that are working on it. Here is a picture that Ellen sent to me the other day..............

Got to love that classic blue/yellow combination.    AWESOME job Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to make a decision about my hair!   The only thing worse than figuring out what to wear or what to buy is what to do with my hair. Should I keep it short and I am BAD about booking appointments to get it cut. Should I grow it long, should it be coloured, blah blah blah...............

Well for the moment it will stay the way it is, but at the mall, I saw these cute little head bands so I bought one!!!!!

And I'm wearing it and LOVING IT!!!!!

Now here is something to keep in mind. At the CreativFestival, I wore a headband with a BRIGHT ORANGE bow on it.

My orange bow

Well it was close to Halloween. The days are long and you need something to brighten up those long days. Plus it was like an ice breaker - I had so many people ask me where I got it - they wanted one too!!!!   I think we need to do more silly things - life is supposed to be FUN, but until we start having fun - life isn't going to just become fun - we have to make it fun!!!!!   People remembered me!!!!!    OK - so they remembered the BOW and it was easy for people to find me!!!!   I am getting comments on my Christmas bow!!!!!    Yep - I may keep my hair long and wear bows all the time. I had a teacher in Grade Three????   that ALWAYS wore a bow in her hair - every day!!!!!    Funny the little details that you remember about someone!!!!!    Mrs. Parkinson. A very nice lady!

How are the plans for 2014 coming along?????   At spin class yesterday, Liz was chatting about making life changing decisions. NOT New Year's resolutions, but LIFE CHANGING decisions. These do not have to be health or fitness related - can be related to sewing/quilting like I have. But WHY WAIT UNTIL JANUARY - if you want to change something - start NOW!!!!!!    Even if it is ONE SMALL THING. I LOVE my critical list of three things and sometimes I don't get all three done that day - but then I will do it the next day. The thing is - I am going through things that I have put off for a long time and getting them done. And I am feeling so much better - getting these monkeys off my back so I can enjoy life without feeling guilty that I am not doing what should be done!!!!!

Plans have changed for today - I won't be going to our final show n tell for the year for Christmas Club. The weather is pretty crappy outside and they are even predicting an ice storm with potential power outages. HOWEVER that won't stop me from sewing. Look at what I got yesterday..............

A treadle sewing machine. Haven't had time to test it out, but should the power go out - well I might just be sewing my heart out by candlelight!!!!

In case you are wondering - our decorations are now up!!!!    Except we are missing three stocking hangers!!!!!!

THE Christmas tree

M and I had fun decorating and remembering all the places we acquired the ornaments including those that she made for us over the years.

I love this picture - this was taken at day care. Wasn't she a sweet little thing????   And notice she is sitting in the TIMEOUT chair!!!!    But she assures me that she was NOT in timeout when this was taken. Hmmmmmm - I wonder!!!!   (OH MY GOD - see that is the Virgo in me - always doubting!!!!!    I CANNOT HELP IT!!!)

So while all those trees are so pretty with the colour coordinated decorations - they do NOT evoke the memories that our tree (and many others) does. I will try to take a picture of M's little tree (I am NOT running upstairs again and taking a picture of her tree), but I tried to buy ornaments if I traveled somewhere and NOT that I am a huge traveler, but it is cute. And we got friends and family members to give her an ornament as well.  (or as she says an orDament - drives me crazy!!)  I think we should buy a tree on sale this year because this tree is about full. Oh shoot - I will take the picture now.............

It is very hard to see - but I should have helped her put those ornaments up as they have loads of memories for me since I bought some of them. So many good times and good friends/family. Thanks to everyone who participated in the tree - it is gorgeous. YES - I am going to buy her a bigger tree for next year. 

And how does one get all this done in ONE day - well I never wonder why I am so TIRED at night. My FitBit is working over time these days. Here are my stats from yesterday -

FitBit details  (which you probably can't see)

Over 20,000 STEPS - yes - 20,000. And the day before, I was within 500 steps of 20,000!!!!!  I don't even have to try and I get 10,000. Almost 9 MILES, 30 flights of stairs and 36 VERY ACTIVE minutes. And even with all that - I KNOW that I have been over eating lately. So - time to cut back or exercise even more!!!!!!   I REFUSE to put on any of the weight that I have recently lost. Just not going to happen!!!!!  

Oh yes  - one more thing that Liz talked about in spin class with our goals is ACCOUNTABILITY. If you tell other people, write them out or publish them on a blog - you are NOW ACCOUNTABLE to others to make those things happen!!!!!    That is why I try to NEVER talk about something UNLESS I know for sure that it is going to happen - trust me, my brain is spilling over with plans, but I don't want to put them out there until they are finalized!!!!!!   I feel like an idiot when someone asks me about something that was just a mere whim!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. And I might even attack that laundry basket of projects to be done before Christmas. OK - I have no choice but to attack that basket!!!!   But I also want to put the borders on that quilt.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (drive safe!)


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