Monday, December 23, 2013

ICE STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am lucky!!!!     After I blogged, I opened the back door and "listened" to the forest. Seriously - the noise was unbelievable. You could hear tree branches crashing to the ground on a fairly consistent basis, ice was falling. It was very weird. But what was more scary - everything was CALM. Then all of a sudden ONE tree would start to sway a LOT. Back and forth, back and forth. Then twenty feet away another one would start to sway.   There was a slight touch of wind which could have caused the swaying, but I bet it was the weight of the ice.

I decided to NOT go back to the forest. However later in the day, Mary came over for a few minutes and we went out. The number of fallen branches was even more than in the morning. And we walked just a short ways from the house and were out maybe ten minutes and in that time, at least THREE massive tree limbs came down. We watched them fall. The noise was pretty creepy.

I took these pictures when we were out.

This is what has accumulated on the pine tree needles. There is a SMALL bundle of pine needles in this chunk of ice. But that chunk is as big as Mary's hands!!!!     This is off the BIG pine tree right behind our house which was the only one that did not take a beating during the storm.

Look how THICK that ice is!!!!!!!!!

Ice on a branch

More ice


Even the leaves got ice!!!!

Seed pods - coated in ice

Pretty, but TREACHEROUS   (I went out for a bit this morning, even more branches down, more parts of the path completely blocked and the footing is very ICY)

Ice on the cedars

Weird ice shapes on my neighbour's trees

Last night was the creepiest of all. I listened again to the forest from the back door. While it wasn't raining, it sounded like it was. The ice was crackling, the forest was practically vibrating!!!!    It was pretty creepy!!!!

Yesterday I was taking pictures of the birds at the feeder and then noticed that the feeders were frozen over - even the sunflowers so I had to go out and clean that all up. But then the birds were happy............

Ice coated the sun flowers in the bottom section and the birds could NOT get to it!!!!

How cool - look at that bird trying to land - the one on the right!!!!

Ah - that is better - now we can get to the bird seed. The bottom part is frozen over and the birds could not get to the feed.

The cardinal was very shy and wouldn't go on the feeder

He was a ground feeder yesterday!!!!!!!!
Oh dear - better learn the names of all these birds!!!!! -    I didn't recognize this guy from any of the birds on my chart!!!!
And let's not forget the squirrels - they were out picking up what the birds missed!!!!    Saw three of them yesterday!!!!

And what was even stranger - the fish were swimming around the heater in the open water of the pond. Oh dear!!!!!

Don't forget that you can click on any of the pictures to get a bigger version of the same photo.!!!

Then I got silly trying to catch a drop of water as it melted off an icicle. This was the best I could get.........

And LOOK - I got a second drop - bottom right!!!!!

I spent the entire day working on secret projects. YES - got the first one done. Can't go any further on it until something comes in that I ordered so it got wrapped as is. Then I got to work on the next one. The first one was pretty much cut out - I had to cut a bit more and sew it up. The second one - well - I had to start by making up the pattern!!!!!!    I had an idea and then of course my brain goes crazy with arranging the colours and such. But I got it all cut up, some parts sewn together and it is looking awesome!!!!!!

I am NOT used to working on my own stuff for an ENTIRE day. HELP!!!!!   I feel like I should be doing something for someone else??????   But nope - this time is just for me!!!!!!!!!!    And I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!    I could very easily get used to this!!!!!

Oh yes - I am still working on Bonnie Hunter mystery (Celtic Solstice).

Still on Part B of Clue One, but ONLY 42 more units to make. I am over half done!!!!!!

Well back to the sewing machine. I have SIX things I would love to get done for Christmas and there is TWO days left. Hmmmmm - well I am good, but I am NOT that good.

On that note - I had better get busy!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Love your pictures. Weather is 55 degrees F. Here in Valdosta, Georgia.