Thursday, December 12, 2013

99 chevrons to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I interrupt my insane day to bring you an update on Celtic Solstice!!!!!

I am behind. No excuses (well Christmas is coming and customers want their quilts and a store wants  a queen sized sample) but other than that - NO EXCUSES!!!!

Remember - I am piecing the components as enders and leaders UNTIL my Christmas crunch is over.

So - from part one - this is still waiting to be sewn

BUT the stack on the left is BIGGER than it was this time last week. Still need to cut some (OK - MOST) of the orange/blue units

I decided to take an afternoon interlude (in light of the looming cut off deadline to post the blog) and get SOMETHING done this week.................

200 background squares - CUT

The green rectangles - CUT

The yellow squares - CUT

Thank goodness that did NOT take a lot of time to cut.

And LOOK - ONE CHEVRON IS SEWN and trimmed. Only 99 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there is the issue of those little cut off triangles. Bonnie mentioned it and she is tossing them. ACK!!!!!   I can't do that even though I (like Bonnie) have BOXES of those darn little things.

My little cut-offs


Here are my little cut-offs from East Street - I changed the colours around last year. ALL those cut-offs are sewn together, trimmed and are now four patches. I have yet to decide what I am going to do with them. 

Am I crazy?????   Oh yes - because look - these are from cut-offs from another project. Same size as above.
Going to finish the rest of that one block (they just need to be sewn together - the triangles are trimmed - had to wait until I got more red/white combination). Then it will make a mini. Ooops - the blocks aren't quite in the right position - I was playing with them on the wall and didn't get them back to normal.

One must be careful what one wishes for. While it is nice to share this project with all of you, it is more fun to share with your real friends!!!!!    And this year - there are more and more people that I know participating in Celtic Solstice. I told them if they got pictures to me by 4 PM - that I would post them. I got Mary's. She is DONE!!!!    DRAT - going to have to sew my eyes out to catch up to her!!!!

Mary's Part One - DONE

Mary's Part Two - DONE   (I could have used her picture and said it was mine!!!! - But I am honest!)

I know that Jan has jumped on board and is working like mad to get hers up to date. Anne is done part one and working on part two, Linda is working on both parts?  She may be done one of them by now.   I think that is it. Well I had better get these last customer quilts out the door so I can stay in their league!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here - got loads to do.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. If the thread painting won't cooperate tonight, I'm going back to this. Otherwise I'm at about the same point

  2. Enjoyed visiting your Blog! I'm amazed that you are piecing all your cutoffs! That is an awesome task. Great work!

    1. Thanks - I just call it insanity!!!!!

  3. I only have one chevron done and 99 to go too....ugh clue 3 tomorrow:-( I hate being behind! I'm also saving my cutoffs, but I sew a seam before cutting, so they're instant HSTs squares! I hate to throw away good fabric.

    1. Hmmm - maybe I will sew that seam before I cut as well. Just takes a bit more time NOW and not sure I have the time!!!! Good luck with the 99 chevrons.