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Christmas Club reveal

Yes - this post should have happened a LONG time ago. The important thing - I AM at last posting it. I told you yesterday that procrastination is one of my ENEMIES!!!!!

I wasn't able to attend the Christmas club meeting in November as I was away at the retreat. And then we couldn't meet in December because of the weather!!!   Well we will plan to have a show n tell in January to see what we missed in December.

But here is what the ladies were working on...............   (from the November meeting)
The sunflower was from a class that Linda took at CreativFestival with Jennifer Houlden - you create little bargello panels of gradated colour and cut your fusible petals out of them, orienting the petals to enhance the colour change in the finished piece.    Hey - I bought that pattern !!!!!!

Marlene brought her wall hanging and she has made progress on the thread painting, having done several of the trees and some work on the house

   Helen Anne is working on a shawl  (hopefully it is done by now)   (a Ravalry pattern called Art Deco) and has totally stopped quilting for the moment as she is doing it; it is an unusual and striking pattern and, as it is for herself and she can't wear wool, the yarn in it was interesting too (alpaca and mink, something else and the multi-colour is a pure silk

Hmmm - I am AFRAID - VERY AFRAID to go to that Ravalry site. I love to knit and I had better get my knitting projects out of the way before my fingers SAY NO to knitting (I have a bad feeling that is going to happen one day)

The snowman wall-hanging and the three advent calendars (see the pictures below) are part of an East Toronto Quilters Guild community donation to The Red Door shelter for Christmas. 

I think I have this panel as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully these cheered up some person's home for the holidays

Beautiful angel advent calendar

Oh Christmas tree advent calendar

Thanks Linda for taking the pictures and passing them along.   I know Mary has completed her wall hanging as well. I know I posted a picture of it when we had the iron man challenge. Hmmmmm - when was that??????        I noticed that there wasn't a LOT of work done on the current project?????  

Yesterday was a  LAZY day. I decided to take the day off. And why????   Just because................

But I also saw this in an e-mail which I thought was wonderful.   It was posted on the Life-Time web site. Honestly - you should look at it and PICK AT LEAST ONE THING to give yourself. I think I have PLANS (even before this came out) for EVERY ONE of those items. YES - they are important and haven't I been preaching about some of them for months - especially the goals). Hey - I wonder if new slippers counts as NEW SHOES??????  

Anyway - enjoy the list and hopefully you will find something to inspire you (as if my nagging hasn't been enough)

10 Healthy Gifts to Give Yourself Post-Holiday

When all the gifts are unwrapped, the dinner is done and you're beginning to look toward the New Year, think about one more present you need to give--the one to yourself! With the winding down of the holiday season, it's a good time to imagine what commitments, tools and supports might help you ring in a happy and healthy New Year. Consider what you'd like to accomplish and also what you need to de-stress from the busy holiday weeks. Below are my ten suggestions for healthy gift ideas I highly recommend to my clients (and myself!) post holiday.

A Day Off

A day off can mean so many things: a day off from working out, a day off from eating perfectly, a day off from your typical life, etc. I’m a huge fan of routines, but I do believe that sometimes we are over-regimented and overcommitted to our lifestyles. Maybe you indulge in a complete spa day or keep it simple with a day off at home where you can just relax, take a bath and breathe. The goal is to give yourself full permission to play hooky from your normal life, responsibilities and expectations for the day.    

Self “Discovery” Book

What are your goals for this new year? Maybe it’s to save more money, better your relationships or even learn to eat more healthily. Whatever the goal, arm yourself with a book you’ll enjoy learning from. Reading is one of the most rewarding pastimes, yet many of us don’t make the time to do it. Commit to reading at least one book post-holiday on a topic that intrigues you and will enhance your wellbeing.  

Access to an Expert

When I ask my clients about their ultimate healthy “wish lists,” many mention how much they would appreciate a year of personal training or nutrition coaching, etc. Having an expert as a coach can be a true benefit when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals. They’re there to help you implement the “how” and support you along the way. Maybe you’ve tried a new fitness routine or eating plan and haven’t seen the success you wanted. Alternatively, maybe you want to do an ultra endurance event (marathon, etc.) but have no idea where to start. Arm yourself with an expert this year to help do the thinking, planning and coaching as it relates to your goal. 

A Commitment to Yourself

With the new year approaching, now is the time to start taking personal responsibility and make the commitment to embrace a healthier way of living. We often find it easier to commit to others and put them before ourselves. Commit to making more time for yourself whenever you can to help maintain your health.  One way to fully embrace this could be participating in Commitment Day.  Commitment Day happens on January 1st and is a nationwide, family-friendly New Year’s Day 5K. More than a 5K, however, Commitment Day gives you the opportunity to start the new year off right with the goal of embracing a healthy way of life throughout the entire year. Once you cross one finish line, you’ll be more than ready to discover your next one, whether it be another 5K, a gym membership or other healthy behaviors. Registration for Commitment Day is now open.

New Shoes

I’m always surprised to hear how infrequently people replace their gym shoes. If you’re a regular exerciser, be sure to replace your workout shoes at least every six months. A new pair of shoes after the holidays can be a great motivator to get you going on your New Year fitness routine and gives you the opportunity to make sure you’re taking care of your feet. You can preserve your shoes by only wearing them indoors at the gym or club, especially during this time of the year when most states have snow on the ground.  

Relaxation Tools

Purchasing tools that encourage you to relax can be a great gift for yourself. For my clients who need regular massage but are terrible at getting them done, I encourage them to get into a monthly membership. Buying a yoga mat or meditation audio book might be just the tools you need (strategically placed in your house as a reminder) to embrace new relaxation habits each day. I often commit to a monthly date with my sister on the weekends to get a manicure or pedicure done just because I know I’ll feel amazing and relaxed afterward. Find out what helps you manage stress better and give that gift to yourself throughout the entire year.

A Health Workshop

Workshops are fabulous learning experiences because they provide education along with showing and practicing the “how” in an easy, low-barrier experience. Yoga workshops, cooking classes or fitness-related seminars are all great examples of ways to gain more knowledge and inspiration without a big price tag. Find some friends or relatives to come learn with you, and make a day out of it!

Fitness Technology

We use technology every day to make our lives easier and more efficient. That can hold true for our health as well! Certain devices can encourage and track our healthy behaviors and activity. There are all sorts of options depending on what your health goal is, but arm yourself with at least one device this year to help keep you on track. If your goal is to move more, an activity monitor or FitBit might be a nice gift for yourself. If your goal is to get more sleep, a Zeo sleep monitor can help you track towards your goal. Take some time to determine what’s most important for you and choose a device that will make the process easier.

A Gratitude Journal  

gratitude journal is something I re-buy for myself each year. There’s something so powerful about taking the time each week (or even each day) to record what you are grateful for. I always pick something beautiful that I’m going to want to open up frequently. Whatever your style, the real gift comes with the process of recording and the difference it will make in your life. Reflecting on what you’re grateful for increases overall happiness and mood and gives you quiet time to look at the bigger picture of your life. 

A Planned Vacation  

I can’t speak enough about how imperative it is to take time off. Research has shown that almost 60% of Americans don’t take their full vacation allotment each year. Don’t let that be you this year! Work stress can make it feel like there is never a good time to be away, but if you plan ahead, you’ll be more likely to stick to it. Your time away could be anything from a luxurious beach vacation to a simple stay-cation at home. It could be a full week off of work or a long weekend. The point is to commit to it--for your health’s sake.  
Have these inspired you? What gift will you give yourself for the new year? Share your ideas, and happy holidays, everyone!
Written by Anika Christ, Senior Program Manager of Life Time Weight Loss
This article is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Use of recommendations in this and other articles is at the choice and risk of the reader.

Isn't that just WONDERFUL advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!      I am so excited about 2014 - well NO - actually I am EXCITED about each new day and what new things I will discover!!!!!  

I went to the library yesterday morning because there was a book that the library said I still had out and it was now ONE WEEK over due, but I was CERTAIN that I had returned it. A quick phone call to the branch that owned the book and a system verification and VOILA - I was RIGHT. The book was logged in properly and the fine was taken off. Whew - bad enough that I already one book in the house that I can't find and will have to pay for.

While I was at the library, I saw a book that I have on my HOLD list. It is the latest Kathy Reichs book - Bones of the Lost. Well I saw it on the lightening loans shelf. That is SEVEN days - I don't normally take out those books because one week sometimes is not enough for me. Yesterday I thought - what the heck. Nothing pressing today so I will get the book. I finished it this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!    A good book, but VERY DISTURBING subject matter.

Didn't get much sewing done, got a few errands done and I think I am ready to work today!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh yes - I have managed to download music, pictures and podcasts to my iPod, managed to download an audio book from the library onto my computer and Berke helped me get the audio book to my iPod. That damn Apple and their proprietary systems - they do NOT make it easy UNLESS you happen to buy the book from iTunes - then it is easy as pie. However, people in the know (Berke) managed to get past them and now the book is on the iPod waiting for me to listen to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Sammy does NOT like the fluffy snow - it gets in her paws and causes her pain when she walks. So we finally bought her boots. Well that isn't going to work either.

We tried putting two of them on her last night and then she tried to walk (without using her two front feet). It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!     The darn things just don't stay on - but we will keep trying. 

I have to say that the forest looks better this morning. Many trees that were bent over are slowing going back up, including my Japanese Maple in the back. It doesn't look too bad this morning. The temperature is up and the ice is dropping like crazy in the forest. I would almost recommend a hard hat to walk there. And I think almost everyone has power back or will soon. It has been crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am off to sew.   Oh yes - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new phone.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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