Saturday, December 14, 2013

Quilt quilt quilt.........................

I LOVE to quilt. Who would have thought???   BUT even I am getting to the point where I will be glad to see the end of this marathon!!!!!

One more quilt DONE................

Customer quilt - DONE  
Since my assistant wasn't around - this is the OTHER side that you can't see. Another big one - but it is DONE!!!!  I think there are still THREE giant quilts in the pile, but only one more to do before Christmas. 
I had to laugh as I was quilting it. The owner of the quilt and I  must have done an exchange or something because I recognized a LOT of the fabrics!!!!!   I mean who else but ME would end up with that hideous brown print??????   Oh yes - this quilt brought back lots of memories of my scraps!!!!!!   

The next one is on the machine and started. It isn't big compared to the previous one. Should be done by lunch. 

Then I have one more to get done by Sunday night and then one more for Tuesday. Then there is ONE more that I want done by end of next week and I think I will be shutting the machine down until after Christmas. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

But I am already planning on when and how to get the rest done that is sitting there and let's not forget that I need to start on MY two quilts for January as well. No worry - I picked them out yesterday!!!!   I told you I have LOADS of time to think while I am quilting!!!!!   Loads!!!!!

Given the number of quilts waiting to be quilted in the new year (both for me and for customers) and the stuff on that shelf that needs to be done for OTHERS (and that includes quilting the top when I am done putting it together) - SO - if you need a quilt quilted - I am booking MARCH (I think!!!). Anything is negotiable (FOR A PRICE!!!)

Decided that I need to make a big effort to catch up on Bonnie Hunter -

So spent some time this morning getting some cutting done. Then next week  - because the quilting schedule is reduced (well that is because I have other non quilting stuff scheduled), but I should be able to work in more time for sewing.   

Although I have to keep in mind that I still need to finish that sample and then there is my secret project which is making good progress and let's not forget the Christmas basket - a basket full of stuff that I want done by Christmas. Oh shoot - there goes all my free time!!!!!

And let's not forget that this table needs to be cleared by Wednesday. No worry - there are two big quilts on it that need to be trimmed - customers are coming to pick up!!!!!!   The rest will be gone by Monday as well. 

Have done a bit of Christmas shopping but I need to get out and do the rest. I am feeling like today would be a good day EXCEPT it is the weekend. Am I CRAZY??????   I may venture out - best to go when you feel like it, otherwise - what's the point!!!!   What times do the store open?????

BUT I see we were left a warning this morning so we had better fix this situation as well.............

Ooops - my hired help just isn't interested. She wants a real tree and I do not!!!!!

This is what Berke's advent calendar "thing" looks like to date!!!!   I did a pretty good job of sorting out the pieces. There is ONE piece missing but it is probably in another bag and he will find it as he works through the other days of the advent calendar!!!!!    Hmmmm - what is it????

On that note - I have to make some lists (for shopping) and then get my butt in gear and trim some quilts, and then get to work!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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