Wednesday, December 25, 2013

SANTA - Just ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ACK - I really really just need ONE MORE DAY and everything would be completely done!!!!!   I would even have time to relax. Please Santa??????

Well we are actually doing not bad (I'm even posting this blog - am I out of my mind????)

Anyway - I made EXCELLENT progress on an IMPOSSIBLE task to finish (OK - some projects hadn't even been started) on those E|IGHT or whatever the number was.

I got FOUR things completed yesterday.  I have THREE that NEED to be done today - the other one can wait. I was up until midnight stitching my heart out and I am back at it this morning!!!!!!   I WILL get them done. So cute - they have to be done!!!!   And I want one!!!!!

Of course - if I had really focused I might have completed more stuff. BUT NO - I had to fiddle with some repairs............

Beautiful Christmas ornament that a good friend gave me in 1985. 

Alas - it is just so broken now - the plastic it was made from has just deteriorated

This little guy needed his head glued back on

But we had to keep him - he is an important one - see it says "my third Christmas - 1998"

While I finished the first of the four projects yesterday, I was able to work on Bonnie Hunter mystery.

All of Part B of Clue One - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clue ONE - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I got to the last of the pieces - I have FOUR sets extra of the blue, so I just cut more orange triangles. They will be spares. Also somewhere along the line, I messed up. I used the same fabric on both points (for each square) but at the end - I had two odd pieces. That means that somewhere in the pile is another odd one!!! Bonnie made all of her odd, but I did NOT. 

The ice was weird. All the signs were iced in one direction. In any other direction they did NOT get iced. 
Hard to see in the picture, but with the sun shining - the trees were just beautiful
Little Sammy soaking up some rays in the backyard

M preparing her vegetarian shepherd's pie for Christmas dinner. Smart girl - then she doesn't have to cook on Christmas day.  I also got part of the prep done - OK - so I wasted a LOT of time in the kitchen, but we were having family time and that as important as getting these items done!!!!!
Berke's new car!!!!!!!!!!!    This was the car from his Lego advent calendar (that I make up). And of course - the PlayMobil elf (from M's advent calendar) had to take it for a drive!!!!!!!!

Love how M loves tradition. Had to read The Night Before Christmas to her. From the book that MY MOM read to me. It isn't very political correct any more - dear God - Santa was smoking a PIPE - INSIDE THE HOUSE no less. I love IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

On that note -

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day. This little elf must get herself BACK to the sewing machine.   Thank god my kid doesn't get up until 9 or 10 on Christmas Day. I LOVE HER - she NEVER got up early!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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