Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Play date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So one of the things that I have wanted to do for ever is make collages. Seems the only way to make that happen is to SCHEDULE some time. And get a friend to help!   Tish came over yesterday morning with supplies (yes - I have stuff), but anyway - we spent the entire morning just playing.

Here is all the stuff laid out!!!!!!!!!!!!  

And this is what Tish made - that little girl is her mom (oh dear - was it her mom or an aunt?)!!!!!    Isn't that so cute!!!!!!!!    Anyway - this is the type of stuff I WANT to do

And this is what I did. VERY LINEAR. 

 As you can see - I am going to need a LOT of help. I think my therapy should be to try and make a small collage EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   At some point, I will get bored of linear and branch out into random?????    As I was rhyming off other "topics" I would like to collage, Tish politely told me that I NEED to be spontaneous!!!!    ACK!!!!!!!!!!     Thanks for the great time - had loads of fun, painting, gluing and chatting. I felt like I was in kindergarten!!   And I LOVED every minute of it.

Well the rest of my day did NOT go as planned. I had to run a few errands and they took a bit longer than planned. Tish had a couple of AMAZING picture books that she used for collage. The images in them were wonderful and she had picked them up at a thrift store. I decided to stop by Goodwill on my journey and see what I could find. There were a ton of books to look at and the books she had were ONE OF A KIND!!!!!  BUT I snagged this book which isn't' that bad.

A book on Waikiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But look at the great pictures for collage inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the cash prepared to pay the grand sum of $3.50, BUT it was 50% off day so I paid $1.75!!!!!!!!!    Not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we had company arrive (I knew they were in town, but didn't realize they were coming today) so I scurried home and visited with them. I'll chat about Teresa and Vince tomorrow. I am in a rush today as I have to go for eye appointment.

But after dinner, I did manage to get some work done on Bonnie Hunter mystery. Got all of CLUE TWO marked and ready to sew. While I listened to more of The Power of Habit. That book is quite the eye opener and I hope to use it to create NEW useful habits in my life. I haven't got to that part yet. But since they are talking about advertising, marketing and all the psychology that goes with that - I just LOVE these kinds of books.

Clue Two - marked and ready to sew

 Also managed to get some more satin stitching done on my Christmas wall hanging.
Although you can't see it in the picture, but outlining stuff with satin stitch just makes them pop!!!!!!

This still doesn't do justice to the way the satin stitching makes those green bars stand out. But you get the idea - I HAVE to finish those edges - not for functionality, but FOR THE LOOK!!!!!

However - I have run out of that particular shade of green (GREAT!) and I will see if Fabricland still sells it since they are close to the optimist. This will make the FOURTH day in a row that I visit Fabricland!!!!    Thank god this is a DIFFERENT one - the people at the other store are starting to wonder about me!!!!!!

And if you haven't read Secret Daughter - you SHOULD!!!!!!!    It is a really good book and WOW - so many messages in that book. I am sorry I missed the discussion at the book club.

On that note - I am out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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