Tuesday, December 24, 2013

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS................

I am AMAZED at how productive one can be when they focus!!!!  

Oh yes - I am going to wait to put the borders on that other quilt. I think I want more of one fabric that I purchased at The Hobby Horse. They are located in an area that got hit pretty hard by the storm and I see a note on their web site that they are closed until further notice. While I don't imagine that the store is damaged (let's hope not!!!), but I bet there are trees down on the road to the store and on the property itself. I don't think they have power either!    So that project will have to wait.

So back to the Christmas presents. I made AMAZING progress yesterday. I need about one hour (at the most?????) to get this one complete. Then I can cross TWO off the list and let's see - hmmmmmmmmm - YIKES - there are still SIX things in the basket that I would love to get done. However I will do what I can and then I will make my next deadline for those I do not get done - NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!!!!    Yes - I am going to keep working at these. I want them done!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad that I took the time earlier to get things organized and I must say as I am working away that I am pulling out a couple more things to add to that 2014 shelf. YES - there isn't room at this point in time, but there will be very soon. Oh I am excited!!!!!!   Let's see - NO new samples to make EXCEPT for a new $10 quilt or two. Wouldn't that be something to get the sample done BEFORE the class starts. And let's be realistic - I am going to allow myself to start a couple of new projects - already pulled the patterns. And why was I going through the patterns????   Well - I was looking for something that I need today and I found it, but not before I saw a LOT of other stuff that I wanted to make!!!!!  

And I am such a LIAR. The last time I went to Ruti's, I said "If I have to come back - I will just have to kill myself!!!!"   Well guess where I was yesterday?????   I was pulling fabric for the next project (to work on today) and DRAT - I didn't have everything I needed so off to Ruti's to find something PERFECT. I just told them to ignore me and pretend I wasn't there. Susannah said "Christmas is the same day EVERY YEAR".  Really??????    Who knew!!!!!!

On my venture out, I drove down our street.

Appears to be just ONE tree that went down on our street

Then I drove a bit further and YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    This street is just around the corner from us.

Almost every tree on this street was damaged

Trees blocked the road and this poor tree split apart on both sides

Look at the ice here

When you see it up close - it is beautiful!

Look at how much ice is on each needle!!!!!

 While I am sewing the secret project I am making excellent progress on the Bonnie Hunter mystery.

Almost done the first clue - need just TWELVE more of these units!!!!!!

I feel very lucky that we have electricity and never really lost it. Many many people have been without power for DAYS and it is in the middle of winter. I know one thing - if I lived in the country - I would definitely have a generator - a BIG generator. My parents have one (and there is one at the retreat house in Bracebridge). And there is nothing more satisfying than hearing the generator kick in when the power goes off. However - that is not practical in the city. But my parents have lost power on numerous occasions and that generator kicks in and they are toasty and warm.

To everyone without power (and of course you can't read this) - I hope your power is restored soon!!!!  We have people around us who are hosting people from areas without power. Berke was displaced from his house because it is full of family friends who have no power so he slept on the couch last night.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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